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Europe pattern
simple design
beauty shape
best quality and polish

Description:Stainless steel cutlery
Material:s/s 18/0,13/0, 18/10
Polish: Mirror / Satin /gold
Package:PVC/color box /according to your request

Trade Term Fob SHENZHEN.


1.Material stainless steel 18-10,18-0

2.Elegant style for star hotel

3.Classic craftmanship

4.Dishwasher safe.

5.Suit for home,hotel & restaurant

1) Quanlity and patterns

We are manufactory of cutlery ,we have 10 years experience of sales and production

Our cutlery always are supplied for hotel and restaurant all over the world and high quality in 18-0 and 18-10ss cutlery.

2) Samples we can send you samples for free if you can pay the freight .

3)Logo all kinds of logo are available .


Regarding our factory Audit and more infomation, I will send them when you confirm order.You can know and check our company good credit and scale,production and so on.Also SGS,CE,etc

5.pattern include

table knife13/080220
table spoon18/0552003.0
table fork18/0452003.0
fish knife18/0452003.0
fish fork18/0401903.0
dessert spoon18/0411833.0
dessert fork18/0401853.0
cake fork18/0181402.5
coffee spoon18/0231402.5
moka spoon18/0151102.5
salad spoon18/0972703.0
salad fork18/0982653.0
sauce ladle18/0361803.0

table knife      







Dinner knife




Hand polish/mirror polish

Dinner Fork




Dinner Spoon









embossing logo/laser logo/Etching logo/silk-screen logo as your requirement


304(18/10) & 210 Can pass LFGB,SGS,FDA.


6000sets of 12pcs set ,3000sets of 24pcs set.


We can send you the cookware set free charge if you pay the freight.Or you have DHL,TNT,FEDEX account,etc do freight collect?


This item can be composed to set of 12pcs,16pcs,24pcs,48pcs, 60pcs Or as your requirement.

Payment Term

Western Union or T/T. 30% deposit before production, 70% balance before delivery.


1 For family used, wedding party, banquet, hotel, restaurant, supermarket, wholesale, retail shop, souvenir, promotional gift, gifts for business or anniversary activities and fairs etc . 

2 Clean it and keep it dry after using it 

Avoid to be damaged by something sharp or hard



1. High temperature resistance

2. Environmentally-friendly material

3. Hot sale, good price, unique design

4. Good service & professional manufacturer

5. Color fading resistant, deformation resistant

6. Practical and excellent design for your modern kitchen

7. Custom designs and OEM are welcome

8. Comfortable to hold,Classical style with exquisite technical and easy cleaning


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Q:What is western food knife and fork knife
This is the knife and fork generally eat western-style food main course and method, the dao is the most common here, if you go to normal dozens yuan can eat steak restaurant, are generally not only this kind of knife, because does not have a food what of, have bread there will be no butter knife, of course, if you go to the advanced western restaurant, is readily available, don't use is very shameful, generally in accordance with the order of the waiter is put to use is right, only with the position at the time of grace will not account
Q:The knife can cut the steak
The main knife can cut the steak. Advocate knife is versatility of knives, all kinds of main courses can be used.
Q:What is western food tool its maintenance method is what
Western food knife and fork is indispensable, and generally fork in the left hand right hand knife, this mainly is because we are more used to use the right hand at ordinary times, when cutting things more powerful and so convenient, western-style food in the sharp knife is not our usual kind
Q:The main meal of the restaurant and butter knife have what distinction
Is a knife to cut it. Generally three pairs of knife and fork to eat meat, regardless of whether or not to cut with a knife to use large knife, eating salad dessert or some appetizers, generally with a small fork and spoon, soup, with a large scoop. A knife for butter knife, designed for use in daub bread, absolutely can't use it to cut the meat.
Q:The use of the western knives
A, western-style food tool usage: 1 a knife. Western food knife has a good variety of, mainly have three: one is the carving of steak knife, the knife of the sawtooth obvious, mainly used for the steak. Second, dinner knife, the knife blade is not obvious or not, is mainly used to cooperate with the meal and cut some vegetables, fruit, or some soft food. Steak knife and dinner knife general parallel shaft on the right side of the dinner plate; If steak knife on the right side of the dinner knife, general descriptions should come before the other main course serve steak, and vice versa. 3 it is to take the butter with the butter knife, the knife is more smaller, generally put in butter, or bread plate.
Q:Western food in general is the use of steak knife or main knife?
Want to how how, don't pay attention to too much, how comfortable how to eat, follow one's inclinations do yourself. The hope can help you.
Q:Western food blade with black oil how to get rid of?
On formal occasions; The largest is the public to eat soup, fork to deliver up the food into his mouth, it's indecent, teeth just touching the food, the tip is round head, bite down 1 again, the blade itself. 2, do not put the knife and fork on the tooth or pan sound. Spoon placed horizontally in the soup pan, is used to cut the bun, picked up a moderate amount of disposable food into the mouth, heart up, fork pointed down means you want to have dinner; And the cabinet: the right hand knife, no longer a big: with little jagged that one used to cut meat, also said tableware can 収 go with soup.
Q:Western food knife correct method
Formal occasions, tableware as shown in figure. Is the left fork right knife. From outside to inside and use it every time, the outside fork is salad fork, minimum. Fish fork is among, not necessarily used, closest to the plate is eat dinner fork.
Q:What are the western-style food tools
Blade: operation main point is that from the raw material right into the knife, the knife by former back after a knife, the raw material under. The art of using saber is suitable for smaller slice shape, texture is soft materials, such as chicken, fish, shrimp, etc. Push-pull blade: the operation main point is that the central from the raw material into the knife, the knife after forward first, and back again, can be repeated 1 ~ 2 times, the final will be fragments of raw materials. This approach generally by raw material below the piece. The art of using saber is suitable for processing large ductile materials, mainly is all kinds of meat
Q:How to draw water powder metal knife
It is hard to say clear,... Want to see the light, background, etc.,...

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