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 1. Style:Stainless flatware 


 2. Material: 18/10;18/8; 18/0; 


3. Polished: Mirror polished by hand or by machine. 


 4. Logo: Your logo can be printed; silk printed; Embossed; Laser on the cutlery


 5. Safe: Dishwasher safe; LFGB and SGS certificate


 6. Usage: It is capable of the casual or formal dinner at home ,restaurant and hotel. 


 7. Sample: We can send you samples


 8. Sample delivery time: 3-5 days

FW0030801Knife(B)-blue18.8*1.640410+Strengthen porcelain
FW0030802Knife(B)-pink18.8*1.640410+Strengthen porcelain
FW0030803Knife(B)-green18.8*1.640410+Strengthen porcelain
FW0030804Knife(B)-red & blue18.8*1.640410+Strengthen porcelain

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Q:Met vendetta in pizza hut, I'm a knife or lun chair
Much safer or run away!Run bai, As far as possible
Q:What is western food tool its maintenance method is what
Western food knife and fork is indispensable, and generally fork in the left hand right hand knife, this mainly is because we are more used to use the right hand at ordinary times, when cutting things more powerful and so convenient, western-style food in the sharp knife is not our usual kind
Q:Buy a new knife serrated edge, is there any way to the calamity of?
Buy place can open Or you knife sharpener, such as, now rarely, generally in various community activities
Q:A knife is said that the main chopper in the western food
General points dinner knife Table knife knife Is usually the first two with more Are harder to, such as, used to cut the steak to eat food
Q:Sit high iron can take western food knife; Forks and spoons
(5) by high-speed rail passenger already carry these items into a railway station or on board a train, should take the initiative to pay the railway staff properly disposed of. Sit high iron cannot carry the above items, casually discarded dangerous goods in the station and the train. (6) by high-speed rail passenger or consignor violates the rules, in accordance with the law by the public security organs, railway administration institution for processing; If the case constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law
Q:Boyfriend and I just play with the knife stab in my belly, what should I do
Don't move. Pull the knife is not. Call 120 emergency. Site said 淸 chu. Or call 110.
Q:What is western food knife and fork knife
Western food, it is generally referred to as the western-style food, mainly derived from western countries, with a knife and fork feeding food and drinks. In today's increasingly involved both at home and abroad, the receptionist often are faced with the problem in western banquets. But as a result of western food and Chinese food there were significant differences in taste and appliance, therefore, master the basic knowledge of the western food, it is necessary to study western etiquette. The so-called western etiquette, mainly refers to when eating western-style food is based on rules and habits, familiar with western etiquette is a good quality and education level of important performance. Good want to eat western food, and do not lose poise, the tableware of western food, western food dishes to order, the taste of the western food, alcohol drinking and food requirements and so on, have a certain degree of understanding and cultivate the habit of consciously abide by the western etiquette norms.
Q:When using western food how to make the dinner fork, knife and spoon?
After the left fork right hand knife, knife and fork put together said finished, hadn't even finished points when open
Q:The use of the western knives
A, western-style food tool usage: 1 a knife. Western food knife has a good variety of, mainly have three: one is the carving of steak knife, the knife of the sawtooth obvious, mainly used for the steak. Second, dinner knife, the knife blade is not obvious or not, is mainly used to cooperate with the meal and cut some vegetables, fruit, or some soft food. Steak knife and dinner knife general parallel shaft on the right side of the dinner plate; If steak knife on the right side of the dinner knife, general descriptions should come before the other main course serve steak, and vice versa. 3 it is to take the butter with the butter knife, the knife is more smaller, generally put in butter, or bread plate.
Q:"The last supper," more than holding a knife in hand who is what's the point
Is Peter, meaning is: the knife is just Peter in the jewish behind (is that holding the purse), say the name of Peter's is keen, is already see the jewish is a cheater.

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