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 1. Style:Stainless flatware 


 2. Material: 18/10;18/8; 18/0; 


3. Polished: Mirror polished by hand or by machine. 


 4. Logo: Your logo can be printed; silk printed; Embossed; Laser on the cutlery


 5. Safe: Dishwasher safe; LFGB and SGS certificate


 6. Usage: It is capable of the casual or formal dinner at home ,restaurant and hotel. 


 7. Sample: We can send you samples


 8. Sample delivery time: 3-5 days

FW0030801Knife(B)-blue18.8*1.640410+Strengthen porcelain
FW0030802Knife(B)-pink18.8*1.640410+Strengthen porcelain
FW0030803Knife(B)-green18.8*1.640410+Strengthen porcelain
FW0030804Knife(B)-red & blue18.8*1.640410+Strengthen porcelain

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Q:When using western food how to make the dinner fork, knife and spoon?
(1) the use of knife and fork, right hand when eating western food knife, fork in the left hand. When using a knife and fork, left hand hold the fork fixed food, at the same time move the right hand knife cutting food. Dining in the temporarily leave, want to put a knife and fork is eight, as far as possible to handle in the meal disc, blade inward; Or don't want to eat, the dinner knife edge, shallower upward, inward knife right fork left to put the vertical side by side, or a knife fork down on the horizontal side by side on the plate. The use of table spoon. Used to drink soup, eat dessert, not direct dip any other staple food, food and drinks. Spoon the entrance, with its front entrance, can't put it all in his mouth.
Q:Sit high iron can take western food knife; Forks and spoons
(5) by high-speed rail passenger already carry these items into a railway station or on board a train, should take the initiative to pay the railway staff properly disposed of. Sit high iron cannot carry the above items, casually discarded dangerous goods in the station and the train. (6) by high-speed rail passenger or consignor violates the rules, in accordance with the law by the public security organs, railway administration institution for processing; If the case constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law
Q:Mongolian people can take a knife on the train
Mongolian knife is very small, so anyone can take the knife
Q:Western knife fork spoon with the SOLA this logo printed on it?
sola in Japanese means the sky There is a cartoon is called "sola" maybe you ~ ~ ~ ~ it's a cartoon peripheral products
Q:Western-style food in the Lord and steak knife use difference?
Hello, steak knife is with serrate or blade is wavy, dinner knife blade is neat
Q:Western food blade with black oil how to get rid of?
Three steps, and then use it to pick some jam a knife and fork parallel to put on the pad plate edge, butter on bread above to place, used to drink soup or scrawled food, there are three kinds of different specifications of knife appear at the same time, the fork pointed upward, said you don't have dinner, the movement wants light, fork Fork in the left hand. A knife and fork on the pad plate is eight. The spoon
Q:Western food knife correct method
Formal occasions, tableware as shown in figure. Is the left fork right knife. From outside to inside and use it every time, the outside fork is salad fork, minimum. Fish fork is among, not necessarily used, closest to the plate is eat dinner fork.
Q:Stainless steel western food knife can send Courier?
Express company has said no to express invoices and documents, our company also not express these, has never been on a mistake, they express company also never refuse,
Q:What are the western-style food tools
Straight blade: the operation main point is that the knife parallel to the raw material, from the right end into the knife, parallel move forward, a blade to the end, in the middle of the focus on his sword. The art of using saber is suitable for smaller shape, texture is soft material, such as aspic, butter, etc.
Q:Why only one side of the blade of the knife some sawtooth, on the other side is smooth??
Used to cut meat, western-style food inside should have mentioned three layer medium, such as this thing will be needed.

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