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 1. Style:Stainless flatware 


 2. Material: 18/10;18/8; 18/0; 


3. Polished: Mirror polished by hand or by machine. 


 4. Logo: Your logo can be printed; silk printed; Embossed; Laser on the cutlery


 5. Safe: Dishwasher safe; LFGB and SGS certificate


 6. Usage: It is capable of the casual or formal dinner at home ,restaurant and hotel. 


 7. Sample: We can send you samples


 8. Sample delivery time: 3-5 days

FW0030801Knife(B)-blue18.8*1.640410+Strengthen porcelain
FW0030802Knife(B)-pink18.8*1.640410+Strengthen porcelain
FW0030803Knife(B)-green18.8*1.640410+Strengthen porcelain
FW0030804Knife(B)-red & blue18.8*1.640410+Strengthen porcelain

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Q:Met vendetta in pizza hut, I'm a knife or lun chair
Of course is a knife . If a parry Not that they escaped Run bai, As far as possible.
Q:Sit high iron can take western food knife; Forks and spoons
Cannot carry. (a) sit high iron cannot carry inflammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive, radioactive, infectious disease pathogens and other material and firearms, ammunition, knives and other items may endanger public safety bus station. (2) sit high iron cannot carry knives outside the kitchen knife, knife, large fruit knife, knife, scissors, steel (iron) file, axes, hammers, such as slashing, blunt, shall be checked, shall not be with you. (3) take high-speed rail passenger should accept and cooperate with the railway departments at the station, the train safety inspection. Through inspection found suspicious objects, passengers shall take out and accept the further inspection. To refuse to accept safety inspection or passengers carrying the above goods, railway security personnel in accordance with the law prohibit the bus station. (4) sit high iron is strictly forbidden in ordinary goods consignment with dangerous goods, dangerous goods to withhold information or false to ordinary goods must not be checked. Baggage package shipper should consciously accept the railway safety inspection, and shall be subject to the real-name registration. To refuse to accept security check or false name registration to the shipper, railway department shall reject its baggage package. Baggage package consignee should be his own valid identity certificate, otherwise the railway departments shall have the right to refuse delivery.
Q:Western food blade with black oil how to get rid of?
Three steps, and then use it to pick some jam a knife and fork parallel to put on the pad plate edge, butter on bread above to place, used to drink soup or scrawled food, there are three kinds of different specifications of knife appear at the same time, the fork pointed upward, said you don't have dinner, the movement wants light, fork Fork in the left hand. A knife and fork on the pad plate is eight. The spoon
Q:Western-style food in the Lord and steak knife use difference?
Hello, steak knife is with serrate or blade is wavy, dinner knife blade is neat
Q:Get cat travels the energy of a knife
Mop learning forging operation, find the humanism blacksmithing recipes shopping forging [knife formula of energy] [copper ingot] x5 / brass buckle x1 sand round [bad] x2 get: [energy knife] of a knife Equipment after binding Right hand and dagger 8-10 damage at a rate of 1.6 damage per second: 5.9 durable: 27/27 attacks: + 2 equipment needs: level: 6
Q:The knife can cut the steak
If the steak is not thick like to the naked eye, only a thin slice of that kind of, advocate knife also will do the trick.
Q:Rules for the manufacture of western food knives
Don't understand, can you tell me you're going to west kitchen knife, or western knives? West KITCHEN knife is the cook in the KITCHEN, KITCHEN is UNTENSIL range, western food cutting tool is a table of people eat western food with the sort of, belongs to the scope of flatware. Then I will give you answer Western food knife and fork, flatware, modelling is to design, is the most intuitive appearance outline, it is very important, but the material and workmanship is more important, is the embodiment of the inner beauty is the ultimate value, the so-called skin don't save, MAO will attach how? It is for this reason. First of all, raw materials. Raw material is made of stainless steel (grade A) good forks and knives, forks, soup class materials of Japanese industrial system SUS304 (EN X5CrNi18-10) standards, ensure high rust, washable and brightness persistent, knife class materials are of Japanese industrial system SUS420J1 (EN X20Cr13) standard, to ensure that the sharp blade, reached 48-50 rockwell hardness, washable and brightness. (304 steel is benxi steel industry system call, also is 18 to 10 stainless steel because of the current international titles are not unified) forming the fork and spoon is an organic whole, with a stainless steel is 18 to 10. Knife is different, because the hardness of stainless steel is not enough, do not sharp edge, is not conducive to cutting, so the production of knife is made of two kinds of steel, the handle part is 1810 stainless steel, the blade part is with high carbon content, hardness enough 402 j steel, guarantee Sharp blade. Also, the production process. Each step by the mould, cutting, stamping, hot forging, grinding, cleaning, etching, and packaging should be monitored strictly by professional and technical personnel, make product quality perfect. Quality management. Every one of manufactured goods subject to acceptance by the experienced qc manager, and each production batch more
Q:There were a total of how many kinds of chefs use a knife, such as western food knife, boning knife
And regulate operation method is easy to grasp the circular segment is very safe Cutting specifications of vegetable very fast But easily broken Is the best instead of chopping knife tools 12 trimming knife Designed for irregularly shaped large fruits and vegetables The purpose is to repair them cut into the shape of a tidy useful This is mainly to some western food knife Chinese cultured is a kitchen knife walk the world Also need not too much is introduced and some are not regular shape of cutting tool are interested under the baidu yourself For example, massa luna knife Mandolin knife Various cutter for cutting shrimp dao Cinnamon knife, etc.
Q:Western food knife correct method
Formal occasions, tableware as shown in figure. Is the left fork right knife. From outside to inside and use it every time, the outside fork is salad fork, minimum. Fish fork is among, not necessarily used, closest to the plate is eat dinner fork.
Q:Stainless steel western food knife can send Courier?
Can!!!! Express might not send aviation, cargo airline is not expensive!Ok, don't let the Courier companies know that ~ ~ ~ ~

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