Suction Cup Splash-Proof Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker

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 1. The stand and suction cup two functions design makes it flexible to stand by your bluetooth devices, you can also suck the shower speaker on the bathroom wall or in mirrors.
 2. Marine grade IPX4 splash and shock resistant bluetooth speaker is your best companion by the pool, at the beach or even on the camping trips to stream the your personal musics.
 3. Phone hands-free allows you to answer calls and no need to touch your phone with a wet hand.  4. Auto FM function allows you to listen local broadcasting from 88.0 to 108.0MHz.
4. The output power:3W
5. Receive distance: 10 meters
6. The broadcast time: 4 hours
7. Frequency response: 100 hz - 20 KH
8. Signal-to-noise ratio: 75 db or higher
9.The distortion degree: 1.0% or less
10.The charging time: 3 to 4 hours


  • Mini Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker: allows you to play and enjoy your music in the shower.

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, Smart phones and any Other Bluetooth Media Players.

  • FM Auto-Scanning Radio Function from 88.0 to 108.0MHz allows you to listen local broadcasting. 

  • Built-in high sensitivity microphone allows you to take calls when your phone is not at reach. 

  • The unique hook and suction cup design makes it convenient to hang up in anywhere  especially in the shower room.  

  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery with the USB charging cable included, it also can be charged by any of USB port like your PCs or A/C wall charger adaptors.

Suction Cup Splash-Proof Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker/FM Radio

Splash-proof bluetooth shower speaker functions buttons, easy-to use controls

Suction Cup Splash-Proof Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker/FM Radio


1. Question: What is your product quality?

   Answer: 100% test before shipping ,one year warranty , very few defective rate .

2. Question: Can you put my brand name (logo) on the phone ?

   Answer: Yes, for samples order we can't print logo,if order over 3000pcs , we can do OEM your logo on back cover

    and box ,turn on picture and unlock slide sign , menual all of this with your logo on .

3. Question: which way to ship the goods to me ?

   Answer: By fedex , Dhl for small order ,big order by air or by sea .

4. Question: What payment method do you accept?

   Answer: T/T ,LC and West Union.

5. Question: if the goods has problem ,how to solve it?

  Answer : if goods has problem , it can send back us , we will repair to you


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