Steel Shot S460 /Steel Ball for Surface Preparation Made in China

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Steel Shot S70-S930,
Steel Grit G10-G120, 
Stainless steel shot SUS302, SUS304, SUS430,:0.5mm-2.0mm,
Steel cut wire:1.0mm-3.0mm,
Aluminum Shot,
Brown fused Alumina (Alumina Oxide),
and so on

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Steel Shot:
Steel Shot S460 /Steel Ball for Surface Preparation
Specification: S780, S660, S550, S460, S390, S330, S280, S230, S170, S110 
S780/SS2.5,S660/SS2.0 ,S550/SS1.7 ,S460/SS1.4 ,S390/SS1.2 ,S330/SS1.0 ,S280/SS0.8 ,S230/SS0.6 , S170/SS0.5 S140/SS0.4 , S110/SS0.3 , S70/SS0.2

Chemical Composition:
C:0.85-1.20%, Mn: 0.60-1.20%, Si: 0.40-1.20%, S: ≤0.05%,P: ≤0.05%

Hardness: Normal: 40-50HRC 

Packing: 25kgs/bag, 40bags/jumbo bag or pallet

steel shot is used for industrial foundry, forging plant, heat treatment shop, steel construction plant, container manufacturer, ship builder, auto and locomotive manufacture

1.Surface cleaning : Castings,forgings,die-castings,steel plates,H-shaped steel ,structural steel 

2.Derusting and descaling : Castings,forgings,steel plates,H-shaped steel ,structural steel 

3.Surface strengthening : Gears,heat-treated parts

4.Shot blasting : Steel plates,steel profiles

5.Shot peening : Steel plates,steel profiles

6.Desanding : Steel plates,steel profiles

Steel Shot S460 /Steel Ball for Surface Preparation Made in China

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