Stacker with 5500mm Lift Height

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Product Description:

 Stacker with 5500mm Lift Height

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:TFA


Type:Powered Pallet Truck

Power:AC Motor


Load Capacity:1T - 5T



Load center:500mm

Lift height:>5000mm



Drive Motor:AC Motor


Controller Brand:Curtis

Lift Motor:DC Motor


Max. Load Capacity:2000kg

Max. Lift Height:5500mm


Warranty:12 Months

Color:Accept Customized Color


Battery Brand:Chinese Battery or Foreign Brand

Operation Type:Stand on


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:Standard Packing




HS Code:84271020


Production Capacity:3000 Units/Year

Product Description

Rated Load Capacity:1000-2000kg, lift height: 1600 -5500mm;
Main Features:
1)Speed Limited for high position,to aviod the possibility of products' overturning when high speed in high position;
2)Curve safe control,the forklift will reduce the speed automatic when turning,to aviod the ejection of operator and products from the vehicle by the high speed;
3)Regenerative braking function to reduce the operation cost;
4)Safe cutoff valve,to protect the operator and goods in well condition;
5)Shock Absorption of Pedal,to ensure the comfortable of working and reduce the fatigue;.
6)Reinforced Mast,to ensure the mast are not out of shape and lift the goods smoothly;
7)Ergonomics multi-functional operation handle;

                 Model No.

StandardPower Type
Operate Type
Rated CapacityQ(kg)100015002000
Load center C(mm)500500500
T   &
y  R
r   I
e  m
Wheel Type-Front/Rear
polyurethane tire
Front Wheel
Drive wheel
Rear Wheel 
Tyres No. -front/rear (X=Drive wheel)
2 /1X+22 /1X +22 /1X+2
Mast Type
Mast tilt angle-upward/downwardα/β(º)///
Lift Heighth1(mm)300030003000
Height--Free Lifth2(mm)///
Height---Mast  Loweredh3(mm)208720872087
Hegith-Mast Extendedh4(mm)356835683568
Hegith-Mast Extended with load backresth5(mm)385538553855
Mast Min Ground Clearanceh8(mm)808080
Overall Length -pdeal extended/closed11(mm)2710/22902806/23862870/2450
Length-to Fork Face --pedal extended /closed12(mm)1640/12201736/13161800/1380
Wheel Basey(mm)136015351665
Fornt Overhangx(mm)155179136
Overall Width Front/rearb1/b2(mm)1090/9001090/9001090/900
Tread   Front/rearb3/b4(mm)970/724970/724970/724
Fork Dimensionsmm1070*100*351070*100*351070*100*45
Reach Strokes(mm)550550550
Width across forksb5(mm)220~660220~660220~660
Aisle width for pallet 1000*1200-Pedal extended/ClosedAst(mm)3190/27703305/28853380/2960
Aisle width for pallet 800*1200-Pedal extended /closedAst(mm)3080/26603190/27703280/2860
Trurning radius-Pedal extended /closedWa(mm)2140/17202300/18852435/2015
FunctionTravel Speed -laden/unladen km/h4.0/5.84.0/5.84.0/5.8
Lift Speed  -laden/unladenmm/s70/12570/125100/135
Gradeability -laden/unladen%8/107/106/9
Drive Motor type
Driving Motor  (S2 60)kw1.5 /1.21.5 /1.21.5
Lift motor type
Lift Motor   (S3 15%)kw222
Lift Motor   (S3 15%) when h1>3.5mkw3.53.53.5
Battery  V/AHV/AH24/21024/21024/210
Service Weightkg181518351845
SteeringSteering type
Parking Brake model
Parking Operation type
Parking brake type

Stacker with 5500mm Lift Height

Stacker with 5500mm Lift Height

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Q:What is a forklift truck
In general paper goods factory USES a lot of, be in the forklift truck to add a clip to call a hug car
Q:Learn the forklift truck, will you be tired in the future?
The specific job is decided, the forklift truck general is inside the factory son, the person much worry! Hope to adopt!
Q:Is a forklift and a hug a car
To lift a car is to add a harness to the forklift truck Assemble in front of the door For holding the paper roll The handle and operation mode of the holding clamp are the same as the operation of the fork in the ordinary forklift truck
Q:What about the exhaust fumes of the internal combustion fork in the workshop
It is best to use in the workshop storage battery, diesel car should with exhaust gas purifier, you should buy the note your request with forklift manufacturer See if they have any specific way to use imported engine exhaust gas can be better, what kind of your forklift work environment?
Q:How do you drive the forklift
(1) check the vehicle Before (1) forklifts, the appearance should be inspected, and the fuel, lubricating oil and cooling water should be added. (2) check start-up, operation and braking performance. (3) check the lighting and sound signal to be fully effective. (4) the forklift should check the pressure and the temperature is normal. (5) after the operation of the forklift truck, it should also check the leak and replace the sealing part in time. (6) the electric cylinder forklift should check the contents of the electric car and inspect the circuit of the electric bottle forklift.
Q:What's the difference between a forklift?
Is a kind of special equipment operation operation certificate issued by the municipal pledges inspect bureau, a green book, the project may not write forklift 2 words, write the code N2 (on behalf of the forklift truck), the enzyme, called operation certificate, necessary to mount guard. Another kind is people club bureau (former labor bureau) issued by the vocational qualifications, junior, senior, this card is used to assess technical level of workers, country or large enterprise to review salary.
Q:The purpose of the forklift truck
High driving three to stack forklift High and low driving three similar to stacking forklift, driving three to stacking forklift is also equipped with a three-way storage head, channel width is 1.5 ~ 2.0 meters, the vertical height of 14.5 meters. The driver's cab can be improved, and the driver can clearly observe any high-altitude cargo, and he can also do the picking. High three to stacking forklift driving is better than the low efficiency and various performance in three to stacking forklift driving, so the model has been gradually replace low three-way stacking forklift driving.
Q:What are the advantages of various forklifts
Forklift truck on the market at present breed is various, but the most commonly used form of forklift truck is according to the power points internal-combustion forklift and forklift battery, including internal combustion forklift accounts for about 85% of the total market, battery forklift accounted for about 10% ~ 15%. The use of battery forklifts will increase significantly as energy conservation and emission reduction work. Diesel forklift Advantages: The characteristics of diesel fuel is cheap, big power, climbing ability, on the demand is low, long time operation, maintenance and performance is good, cheap accessories, so at this stage of internal combustion engine mainly diesel forklift, main type is 490 type a new wood.
Q:How can the forklift truck change the antifreeze fluid and find no drainage
After rinsing the old antifreeze liquid, open the water pipe and release the tap water
Q:Can a forklift drive into an elevator?
My friend, although it has happened, I still want to tell you that it's ok if you do the right thing. I don't believe that will be difficult for you. Remember to study forklift and elevator operation mode. This way, you have the bottom, more the next time convenient express

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