SSF, 99%, Prime Grade,sodium fluorosilicate,

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5000 m.t./month

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Product Description:

SSF Specifications: 
Sodium fluorosilicate(based on dry):99%min 
Iron:  0.02%max 
Free  acid(based on HCL):0.1% max 
Heave metal(based on Pb): 0.02% max 
Water-insoluble matter: 0.4% max 
Loss on Drying at 105C: 0.3% max 
Fineness(through 250 um test bolter):90%min 

It is used as antiseptic in timber industry,hygroscopic agent of acid-resisting concrete,solidifying agent in natural latex products, additive in plating with zinc,nickel,iron and filler in plastic and fluorinating agent in pharmaceuticals and drinking water. It is used to produce insecticide  in pesticide industry and sodium fluoride in man-made cryolite. 

CNBM Group, established in 1984 as a state owned company, we specializing in minerals and chemicals manufacturing, research and development, as well as marketing. The quality of our chemical products reaches standard of the best international level thanks to our professional technique, scientific management and perfect quality-monitoring & certification system. Our products go to every part of the country, and have been exported to more than 30 foreign countries and regions. 

At present, we focuses on the development and utilization of phosphate mines as well as production of Fluoride Chemicals, Phosphorus Chemicals, and Tin Chemicals. Our products line covers Sodium Silicofluoride, Sodium Fluoride, Magnesium Flourosilicate, Phosphoric Acid, etc.


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Q:What is the use of inorganic salts and organic salts?
The organics are compounds containing carbon, and the inorganic salts are salts containing no carbon. For example, we usually eat sugar is organic matter, salt is inorganic salt.
Q:What is the physiological function of inorganic calcium
Maintain cell osmotic pressure and acid-base balance
Q:are acids, bases, salts and oxides belong to inorganic compound?
Any carbon-containing compound is considered organic with the exception of carbonates, bicarbonates, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.
Q:Inorganic salt is not salty
NaOH (sodium hydroxide) dilute: basically with the thick Na2CO3 (I tasted, salty), more spicy (strong resistance to protein corrosive). Concentrated: very spicy in the mouth ( May have been a reaction) and then burned the tongue, was **, meat rot, 1 month can not speak, mouth pain and tongue numbness has a sense of spicy six months after discharge, speech becomes not allowed, the taste almost disappeared, The mouth left a scar (this thing on the protein reaction is not a joke ... ...).
Q:What foods contain inorganic salts?
Kelp, jellyfish, seaweed, moss; bones, soy products, lean meat, animal liver, brown rice
Q:Of the dissolved salts found in seawater, _____ % are minor inorganic salts, or trace. ?
it's definitly one of these: 99.28 .72 72 50 i think it's 99.28. lemme no if you get it right!!
Q:Inorganic salt through what way into the human body
You eat every day
Q:How can experiments prove that there are inorganic salts in the leaves of plants
The experimental leaves used to dry, crushed into powder or sintered ash, and then the analysis of mineral elements, we can learn.
Q:Magnesium can constitute chlorophyll, which reflects the nature of inorganic salts
norganic salt function (1), is the structural component of cells.Many inorganic salts are an important part of some complex compounds in cells.Example: Mg2 + is a necessary component of chlorophyll molecule; Fe2 + is the main component of hemoglobin; calcium carbonate is animal And the body of the bone, an important component of the teeth.
Q:Which foods contain calcium-containing inorganic salts
Calcium and inorganic salts are two concepts, bother you to go back and turn the chemical book and then ask, inorganic salt can eat

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