Smoke Detector UL and EN54 approved

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Specification of Smoke Detector UL and EN54 approved

Technical Parameter

1-Working voltage: DC 12-36V

2-Working current:≤8mA

3-Alarm output: NC/NO

4-Working temperature:-10°c to 50°c

5-Alarm method: independent/networking




Usage of Smoke Detector UL and EN54 approved

1-Optical sensor

2- Digital Smart program analysis technology

3-Ceiling mounted

4-User-friendly design and easy to wire

5-Manual test function

6-Automatic reset function


 Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details : Carton Box,Gift Box

Delivery Details: 15 days


 Smoke Detector UL and EN54 approved 1


 Smoke Detector UL and EN54 approved 2



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Q:Smoke alarms keep flashing, and what's the sound?
Alarm for 10 seconds, to remind the user as soon as possible the scene: alarm for 10 seconds after the green light before disappearing is normal, the alarm signal alarm of different specifications will output different types of alarm: when the gas content in ambient air exceeds the alarm point, the green light before disappearing is normal, stable light emitting light, that work is in the state of monitoring alarm alarm: when the gas content in ambient air exceeds the alarm point: gas alarm
Q:Smoke LH-94 horn smoke detectors have five lines are the red, black, green, blue, yellow how wiring
Smoke detectors, also known as smoke detectors, smoke detectors, smoke detectors, smoke detectors and smoke sensors, are mainly used in fire protection systems and are also used in security system construction. It is a typical equipment which is changed from space fire protection to civil use.
Q:Now, which space program is the prototype of smoke detectors installed in office buildings and residential buildings?
Smoke detector is a typical equipment which is changed from space fire protection to civil use. In 1970s, NASA engineers designed the Skylab, but if the lab caught fire, it would be a big hassle.
Q:Why is the smoke alarm always ringing?
Household smoke alarm is usually installed in the living room or bedroom, study, and some families will install the kitchen or installation location is too close to the kitchen, the kitchen is a much more heat, humidity, smoke alarm installation place, here, not only may produce false alarm, will also affect its service life.
Q:I'd like to have five or six smoke detectors at home
Scenario 1: wireless smoke alarmsConfiguration: a wireless sound light alarm host, 5 wireless smoke alarms.Scheme two: wired smoke alarm, the alarm is set as a normally closed signal output, and then connected in series to the cable sound light alarm host, when there is a smoke alarm alarm, the sound and light alarm outside will call the police.
Q:What is the sense of independence smoke?
The independent smoke sense is distinguished from the switch smoke sense and the encoded smoke feeling, without external power supply, the 9V battery power supply alone, but at the same time it can not output the signal. Therefore, every independent smoke sensation is a tiny system, and it can be used to remind people when the fire is detected. As we know, so fire hosts must have people on duty, and the independent smoke limitation is very big, she is only suitable for use in small places, an alarm occurs, there must be 10 meters, otherwise it completely lost. Therefore, the independent smoke sense is more suitable for home, shops, other small areas. Coded smoke can protect about 50-80 square meters of space, but independent smoke feels best to install one every 30-40 square meters. If it's a separate room, there is no doubt that every room must be fitted with one.
Q:How to install the 12V cable smoke detector
This is simple, you can go to the computer digital city or electronic market, buy a 12V battery, you can solve the problem.
Q:Smoke alarm, red dot is flashing ah, or has been red ah?
To detect when the fire is red (some smoke, a variety of color lights, red alarm, smoke alarm) did not detect the normal working state of the red light fire is about 1 minutes in a flash.
Q:What sensors are used to detect cigarette smoke?
The company has recently launched a high sensitivity smoke detector sensitivity, sampling very early fire detector is 3-5 times higher than the air, the price is only airsampling very early fire detectors are few, and even 1%, due to the use of electronic screen technology leading, automatic elimination of dust and vapor is the high false positives the sensitivity of the smoke is the most reliable sensing probe, and also supporting the corresponding digital audio player, can play different tone according to the different concentration of smoke, you can also customize the tone for smoking.
Q:Smoke alarm and camera red light flashing difference
Acting on the principle is different ah.
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