Smoke Detector

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Product Description:

Quick Details of Smoke Detector

Place of Origin:

China (Mainland)

Model Number:




Product name:

Optical Standalone 9V optical smoke detector





Ambient humidity:

≤95% RH


CE, RoHS, and EN14604

Unit size:

140 x 41mm


smoke fire


Specifications of Smoke Detector

1.VdS,LPCB approval
2.DC 9V battery
3.10 years lithium battery
4.Loud 85dB alarm signal

Optical smoke detector ,under BSI approval, and can be calibrated into either UL, VDS, NF Standards. This smoke detector features UL-approved Photoelectric sensing components with precise smoke detection. and long life (18 months) 9V battery operation (9V UltralifeLithium battery model for 10-year life is available too).

The Technical Parameters of Smoke Detector


Power supply

9V DC Block battery/PP3

Static current


Alarm current



condensing or icing

Quiescent current


Operating temperture

minus10°C ~50°C

Alarm decibel

≥85dB at 10feet(3 meters)

Test button

to verify the proper
 functioning of smoke alarm

Low voltage warning

Smoke alarm beeps every
 40 seconds for 30 days(minimum)to indicate a need of battery replacement 

Smoke sensitivity

0.086dB/m to 0.140dB/m


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:neutral box, color box, double blister,Display box

Delivery Detail:25days


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Q:What sensors are used to detect cigarette smoke?
The company has recently launched a high sensitivity smoke detector sensitivity, sampling very early fire detector is 3-5 times higher than the air, the price is only airsampling very early fire detectors are few, and even 1%, due to the use of electronic screen technology leading, automatic elimination of dust and vapor is the high false positives the sensitivity of the smoke is the most reliable sensing probe, and also supporting the corresponding digital audio player, can play different tone according to the different concentration of smoke, you can also customize the tone for smoking.
Q:How many smoke alarms are installed in the 2000 square meter workshop?!
Beam system effects: when the beam is between 200mm~600mm, see the specification. When the area is greater than 600mm, the area separated by the beam is regarded as an independent detection area setting detector.
Q:How is the smoke alarm wired? And how is it encoded?
Generally, two buses are used for power supply and communication. Smoke detectors, temperature detectors, manual alarm buttons, input modules and output modules are connected on the bus in parallel
Q:What is the cumulative depreciation of smoke alarms?
(1) the double declining balance method is a method of calculating fixed assets depreciation according to the book balance of fixed assets and double linear depreciation rate at the beginning of each period without considering the residual value of the fixed assets. This is a method of accelerated depreciation:Annual depreciation rate = 2 / depreciation period * 100%Monthly depreciation rate = annual depreciation rate of 12.Annual depreciation = book value of fixed assets * annual depreciation rateWhere the fixed assets are depreciated by double declining balance method, the net value of the fixed assets shall be averagely amortized within two years before the depreciation period of the fixed assets.(2) sum of years methodAlso called the total life method, is the original value minus net fixed assets net value after multiplied by a year by year reduction in annual depreciation score calculationAnnual depreciation rate = total number of years of useful life / expected service lifeAnnual depreciation rate = (estimated service life - useful life) / estimated service life * (estimated service life -1) /2*100%Monthly depreciation rate = annual depreciation rate /12Monthly depreciation (= fixed assets - the expected net salvage value) * month depreciation rateUsually use average method like Shenzhen smoke alarm, relatively simple.
Q:Do you use a rice cooker or an induction cooker to trigger smoke alarms in your hotel?
In general, an independent, physical product, battery powered, or alternating current power supply, the battery for the preparation of electricity, the alarm can be issued when the sound and light instructions, known as independent smoke alarm. By bus power supply, the bus can be connected with a plurality of fire alarm controller, and the communication network, composed of an alarm system, police at the scene when the host has no sound, sound and light tips, the smoke alarm device commonly known as smoke detector. The smoke detector is encoded with address without address.
Q:What type of smoke detector is used in the power environment monitoring system?
Movable loop monitoring uses a dry contact, an output type of smoke, also known as a smoke switch, or a smoke relay (normally open / normally closed adjustable). Recommend a good homemade smoke detector: JTY-GD-DG311. DG311 smoke detector can access the following equipment: programmable logic controller (PLC), temperature and humidity sensors, intelligent switch signal acquisition display, analog digital collector, all kinds of fire input module, signal acquisition module, alarm host, monitoring equipment, etc. can receive switch the amount of passive contact signal equipment. At the same time, can be through the smoke detector linkage audio equipment, fan etc..
Q:There is a red light flashing in the indoor smoke detector. Is it detected?
When the smoke reaches a certain concentration, it will alarm
Q:What's the difference between a gas alarm and a smoke alarm?"
Ion smoke alarm has an ionization chamber, ion chamber used radioactive elements - 241 am (Am241), the strength of about 0.8 micro Curie around in the balance of electric field under normal conditions, when there is smoke into the ionization chamber will destroy this balance, the alarm circuit detects the concentration exceeds the threshold will alarm.
Q:Why is the smoke alarm always ringing?
After a period of time, the sensitivity of the detector Labyrinth will be increased due to dust accumulation, which will lead to false alarms or less smoke. This situation in some of the usual dust in the air is relatively large, especially at this time we should contact manufacturers.
Q:What is the sense of independence smoke?
Independent photoelectric smoke fire detector, referred to as "independent smoke detector" or "independent smoke detector", also referred to as "independent smoke feeling".Independent smoke JTY-GD-DG311 working principle: photoelectric sensor independent type photoelectric smoke detector with special structure design, production SMD chip processing technology, has the characteristics of high sensitivity, stable and reliable, low power consumption, beautiful and durable, easy to use etc.. The circuit and the power supply can be self tested, and can be simulated and tested by alarm.
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Location Fujian, China
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