Single Crystal Furnace HF Switching Power Supply

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Application Scope


The power supply is comply with current trend of energy conservation and emissions reduction, and be specially developed for the new efficient heating power supply of single crystal furnace. It is a new generation product of thyristor rectifier power supply, with the merits of small volume, light weight and high efficiency. Compared with other thyristor rectifier power supply, it can obviously realize energy-saving 10% ~ 20%.

Product Principle


The new generation of DC switching power supply is constituted of HF transformer with high efficiency and power devices (like original imported IGBT and ultrafast recovery diodes, etc.). It adopts the phase shifting full bridge soft switching (ZVS) control technology, to improve the power conversion efficiency and increase the stability of the output voltage and current.


Technical Features

1. Control system: We adopt American TI company DSP processor, which is of high control accuracy and high reliability. It employs PI control technology with advanced hardware and software. If there occurs fluctuation in power grid voltage, it can automatically maintain the current output power constantly.

2. HMI: It displays parameters in real time such as output voltage, current and power, etc.. It works with function of data maintained when power fails and it is easy to inquire and maintain the record of failure time and fault type.

3. High efficiency and low pollution: We adopt the phase shifting full bridge soft switching (ZVS) control technology, to realize the IGBT open and shut off under zero voltage. It greatly reduce the IGBT switching loss, the noise pollution and electromagnetic interference of the power. The output voltage waveform is completely smooth, and it runs more safe and stable.

4. High reliability: We adopt the multi-unit structure of N + 1, and the multiple units work together in normal condition. Failure of one unit does not affect the present output power and it is more convenient to maintain normal operation of equipment.

5. Perfect protection: Overtemperature protection and output over-voltage or over-current protection, output short circuit and grounding protection, the limit protection of water flow and strike fire protection, etc.

6. Flexible interface: Input and output support simulation approaches such as switch, voltage and current signal, Modbus, MB + and Profibus etc. data communications control.

Main Technical Parameters

Rated power180KW
AC InputInput VoltageAC380V±10%
Maximum current350A
Working frequency50(60)HZ±5%
DC OutputOutput Voltage0-60V
Stable voltage precision<0.2%< font="">
Output waveSmoothing linear waveform
Main featuresWork modeCV CI CP
Power factor0.98
Type of coolingWater cooling
Input phase-deficientAuto-stop if happened
Output overvoltage and overcurrentAuto-stop when higher than setting value
Flow rate protectionDelayed-stop if water flow is less than setting value
Water flow rate≥35L/Min
Water pressure0.15~0.6Mpa
Pressure between inlet and outlet0.08~0.6Mpa
Environment temperature5~40℃
Ambient humidity


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