Sapphire Three-phase Power Frequency Furnace Heating Power Supply

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Application Scope

Sapphire furnace adopts three-phase AC power supply, which can output multiple sets of independent three-phase AC voltage-regulating power supply at the same time. The power supply is used for sapphire furnace which needs multiple sets of power supply, and it can provide sapphire furnace with the three-phase AC power supply of high precision and stability.

Product Principle

The power supply provides three-phase AC power supply for the sapphire furnace, and each set of power supply can individually power control. It adopts the cell box structure of higher reliability.

Technical Features:

1. Flexible operation and convenient maintenance: It installs LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitor panel and displays operation parameters in real time. The control parameters can be modified online and fault information can be automatically recorded, etc.

2. High control accuracy and good stability: It adopts phase-locked loop synchronous circuit and 16-bit digital trigger. It does voltage and current sampling by True-RMS calculation chip. It is designed of multiple software protection function for overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, feedback disconnection and lack of phase alarm etc. The power devices and circuit breaker etc. adopt international and domestic famous brands.

3. Advanced processing technology of transformer: Transformer adopts high-low pressure complete foil coil winding, step laminated and damping measures. It is with merits of low noise and loss, light weight with small volume, and saving installation space. It has strong heat dissipation ability to achieve 20% overload running stably under the condition of forced air cooling.

4. Digital communication control:It control the output power of power supply cabinet through the MODBUS communication mode and read the real value of output voltage, current and fault type, etc.


Main Technical Parameters

AC InputInput voltage380V ±10%
Input current400A
Working frequency50(60>Hz±5%
AC OutputOutput Voltage0~25V,0~25V,0~15V
Precision voltage regulator<1 %o,
Current0 〜6000A,0 〜6000A,0 〜1500A
Overload capacity1.1*ln
Main characteristicsWork modeCV CP
Heat dissipationWind cooling
ProtectionInput phase-deficientInput A、B、C three- phase, lose phase cause stop
Output overvoltage、 over currentOver threshold cause stop
Environment temperature5~40°€
Ambient humidity0 〜85% No condensation
Dimension(HxWxD) Size1600 x 1400 x 2200mm

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