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They are the latest success of CNBM. Introduced in 2009 it quickly became one of our top selling products. The F3000 has an improved driver’s cab utilizing advanced technologies from the German truck giant, MAN. The power of the F3000 series comes from Wei Chai Euro III, IV engines or the Euro III, IV and V electric control engines Made by Cummins. F3000 series utilize technologies introduced by MAN in its front/rear axles and its suspensions, cooling system of the chassis, the intake/exhaust systems and the chassis structure/layout. Powerful, safe, reliable and comfortable, the F3000 is a refined product line positioned in the highend market of the truck manufacturing industry. The F3000 series has many optional equipments to customize from; it is a new generation of products that meets the toughest demands and requirements for all purposes under any working condition.

Chassis Model  SHACMAN PICKUP STJ1021C
Drive type4*2/4*4
Overall dimension (mm)
Cargo fence inner dimension (mm)
Curb weight (kg)1,480
Rated loading weight (kg)500
Total weight (kg)2305
Wheel base (mm)3025
Front/Rear suspension (mm)815/1165,1250
Front/Rear wheel track(mm)1443/1452
EmissionEuro 4
Engine modelJM491Q-ME (TOYOTA Technology)
Displacement (L)2.2
Intake formNormally aspirated
Max power (kw)76
Max torque (N.m)193
Fuel93# Gasoline
Transmission5 manual shift
Drive typeFront-engine Rear-driver (FR)
Body structureSeparate frame construction
Steering typeMechanical hydraulic power
Front suspension Dual wishbone typed independent suspension frame
Rear suspensionLeaf spring, not independent suspension
Tire 215/75R15
Equipments Three-point safety belt, Adjustable steering wheel,Loading sensing pressure proportoining valve, Double back lights/Front and rear fog lights/High mounted stop lamp,Light-colored interior,Central armrest box of front row, Knitting seat fabric, Electric  rearview mirror (with turn light), Tip of four doors are not closed, The front seat turn to 4 directions manually, The front headrest can adjust up and down, Electric windown with 4 doors, Telecontrol centrel door locking, Environmental air-conditioner, The radio + MP3 interface, 4 speakers, Steel rim,Aluminum rim, Cargo box wear-resisting rubber, Tubular rear bumper, Spray gantry, The tubular pedal ,The flatbed pedal

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Q:What is the deadweight of container trucks?
Because the maximum load of 20 feet container is 27.5 tons (30480 boxes), a group of 2 boxes can not exceed 55 tons, plus deadweight can not exceed 61 tons.
Q:Truck tire distance?
As you said in the road 4.5 meters wide, you can go through, because your truck width is around 2.5 meters (if the car could not quite convenient).
Q:Common trouble of truck starter?
The fault point in general are: Starter bearings (copper sleeve) wear gap is too large, the starter brush inside the starter is too short, too dirty, it is normal to the maintenance of common problems, if the starter has fault, the fault point may not start very much, different places may damage with a fault feature if the magnetic switch is damaged, you can try to use the pliers (a thick wire) anode connection starter magnetic switch with the ignition lock, ignition is usually with the sewing thread. If you can't start to coarse terminal connected to the stator wire with magnetic switch on connection), fault characteristics of the bearing clearance is too large is the engine sound started boring very heavy, and so on, wow, this question is too general, so much a fault will not end, said it had several. Don't understand. Just ask me,
Q:How much is the accumulator of a lorry?
There is a truck battery, there are two pieces, and if 1 batteries, that is 12V, if two batteries, that is 24V, the capacity of the general between 120-165AH, mainly to start using.
Q:Why do the rear brakes of pickup trucks use drum brakes?
The engine of the general car is front, and the front and rear weight of the car is generally 6:4. The front and rear drive may reach 5:5, and the normal start speed may be 5:5. When the brakes are braked, the weight will rise and the weight ratio may reach 7:3 or higher 8:2, so the front wheel brake effect is better, and the rear drum brake plays an icing on the cake.
Q:How much is the water temperature of the truck?
In order to ensure the engine working in normal temperature range of cars will be equipped with the engine coolant temperature sensor, usually in the car dashboard (water table) displayed separately, if the coolant temperature is too high will alarm.
Q:How do you claim depreciation for a minivan?
Depreciation method:Average year method can be adopted
Q:How does the truck run in?
Routine inspection of freight cars. Remember, the new truck must adhere to routine checks, early detection and troubleshooting, in case of future trouble.
Q:GTA San Andreas to grab a truck?
Personally, this task is relatively easier when the frame is low. If you configure high, you can set the frame rate limit ~!
Q:Trucks and cars are not two different concepts
A car is a vehicle that uses gasoline, diesel, or natural gas as energy and is powered by an engine. Automobiles are usually used as passenger carriers, goods and trailers, freight trailers, and for special transportation tasks or tasks, they are refitted or assembled with special equipment to become special vehicles.

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