SHACMAN Dump Truck Model SX3314DR366/8x4

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Dump trucks the latest class of vehicles to join our export family, introduced in 2011 they inherit the classic quality of our 45 years experience in heavy truck manufacturing. Beautiful, lightweight and comfortable, the M3000 exceeds our customers' expectations in all categories. Typical uses for the M3000 vehicles include construction, local and domestic distribution of goods, as well as short transport and services. Equipped with the narrow cab design and the latest lightweight chassis technology, it is a product of the highest quality. M3000 series includes covered lorry trucks, short wheelbase dump trucks, 6x2 lightweight tractor trucks and special vehicles to fit the various roles demanded and expected by the customer.

Chassis Model  SHACMAN Dump Truck Model SX3314DR366
Drive type8×4
ModelsDump Truck
Chassis Curb Weight 15,300
GVW(kg)  (kg)39,000
Max.speed (km/h)80
Min.turning  diameter(m)24
Min.ground clearance(mm)314
Approach / Departure angle (°)22/33
Max.length mm 10335
Max.width mm2490
Max.heigh mm 3450
Front / Rear overhang mm 1525/2060
Wheel base(mm) mm 1800+3600+1350
Track width(mm) mm 2036/1850
EngineWEICHAI WD12.336
Rated Output  (hp/rpm)336 HP
Max. torque (N.m )/rpm1500/1300-1600
Emmission StandardsEuro.2
Control typemanual
Gear ratio12-forward and 2 reverse speeds  

15.53 12.08 9.39 7.33 5.73 4.46 3.48 2.71 2.10
1.64 1.28 1.00  14.86 3.33(R)
TypeSingle plate,diaphragm spring
TypeFront / Rear Drum brakes
Service brakeWith dual-circuit  compressed air brake  
Park brakePower spring brake acting on front & rear wheel  
Auxiliary brakeWEVB
Steering wheel ZF Technology 8098 Integral recirculating ball
Air Filter Fleetguard filter
Cooling systemF3000 Cooling system
Chassis frame
TypeLadder Structure with Parallel straight  
Front SuspensionLongitudinal leaf spring  
Rear SuspensionInverted leaf spring stabilizator suspension  
Front axleMan 6.5T+6.5T
Rear axleDouble reduction driving axle with
inter-wheel differential and differential lock. 13000 Kg (each other)
Gear ratio5.73:1
Type12.00 20
Starter 6.2kw(24V)
Generator2.2Kw(28V 55A)
Tank capacity (L)500L Metal
Body size 7600*2300*1500  Floor: 8mm , Sides: 4mm
Body Capacity26.2 CBM
TypeMAN F2000 Middle Lengthened Flat Roof. With A/C

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Q:After the eight wheel dump truck and the first four, the four car capacity is
The latter eight wheels are 5.2-7.3 meters long, 2.3 meters wide, the standard height is 1.2 meters, and the standard capacity is 14.3 -20 square. If it feels too little, it can be heightened. As long as it doesn't turn over, you can.
Q:What's the introduction of single bridge 4108 dump trucks?
4108 single booster with 3.8 meters or 4 meters, box bridge with 153 shorten the bridge gearbox, with the "eight" gear 4110 "cold" supercharger, at least 4.2 meters with the box, 4.5 meters bridge, with 153 or 457 transmission box with Chester
Q:Heavy Howard from the oil pressure unloading is idle to 1 how to solve the pressure
Idling unstable performance: idle operation, the engine trembling, uneven speed. The reasons are: idle air hole plug, idle device malfunction, individual cylinder spark plug spark is too weak, the individual valve seal, intake manifold leakage, the ignition time is too early or too late, idle improper adjustment. The engine idle speed instability, should first adjust the idle speed, such as idle adjustment after the fault can not be eliminated, should check whether blocking the idle hole and idle air hole, such as the amount of pore clogging, use gasoline or acetone cleaning with compressed air blowing through the hole is not blocked; such as the amount, should be stable in the engine speed listen to a certain speed, the intake manifold or the carburetor, the lower gasket is leakage, such as leakage phenomenon, use fastening screws or addition and subtraction method to exclude the gasket. If the idle speed at the same time, accompanied by engine power down phenomenon, you should further check the spark plug operation, the valve sealing performance and ignition time is correct, if necessary, should be overhauled and adjusted.
Q:What do the dump trucks 6 x 2 and 6 x 4 represent?
The non drive is called axle, and the drive is called BridgeEither bridge or shaft has two endsThe numbers in front represent allNumber, the latter representation can driveCount (note not the number of tires, a wheel can also hold two tires)
Q:Heavy truck HOWO truck quality?
In the purchase of dump trucks must pay attention to its quality, the details are very minor.
Q:Ruiwo 340 horsepower, 6.5 meters from the truck size
The official quotation: 380 thousand dealer price: 350 thousand -38.5 million announcement number: BJ3318DMPJF-S driver: 8X4 engine type: Weichai 340E horsepower: 340 HP gearbox model: French 12JSD160T gearbox forward gear number: 12: 1520N - M wheelbase torque: 1800+3950+1350mm cylinder number: 6 capacity: 10L rated capacity: 15.975 tons maximum total quality: 30.87 tons of cargo (bucket) length: 8.2 m containers (buckets) form: rear dump
Q:Why is the hydraulic slow down of the dump truck fast? Is it short of oil?
Not lack of oil, is a normal phenomenon.Hydraulic jack, also known as hydraulic jack, is a plunger or hydraulic cylinder as a rigid lifting jack. Simple lifting equipment is usually equipped with lifting mechanisms for lifting heavy loads. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, portability and convenient movement. The commonly used simple lifting equipments are hydraulic jacks, pulleys and winches.
Q:Shanqiaolong after eight wheel truck weight tons
This is a false proposition, because of the large box steel plate thickness and length can affect weight, generally after the car 8 wheel truck weight ranging from 12.5~17 tons, if car can not estimate, only on the weighing scales.
Q:Which brand is good after the first four and the eight dump trucks?
Howard is now a luxury car with the wrong Luo beiben car;
Q:How about the high water temperature of dump truck?
Water tank blockage:1, external blockage, the use of water or gas will remove dirt;2, the internal blockage will affect the cooling cycle, and will produce pressure, there will be two kinds of results, one is leaking water tank, and the other is in high speed, the water temperature is particularly high.

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