SEM Brand Heavy Work Conditions Wheel Loader SEM658C

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• Engine conforming to National Stage II emission standards, optimal power system, improved lifting capability, higher productivity and fuel efficiency.
• 19MPa hydraulic system pressure provides high efficiency and energy saving; single lever enables less efforts and convenient operation.
• Heavier counterweight, higher load capacity, and rear-mounted fuel tank, provides higher stability and the refueling is more convenient.
• Electronic controlled fixed axle type transmission produced with Caterpillar technology brings industry leading reliability and durability.
• Front and rear axle of unique design and Caterpillar technology features high brake efficiency, high reliability and durability.
• Brand new design of cooling system meets the requirements for -20℃ ~ +43℃ ambient conditions. Optional cooling system for 50℃ ambient conditions is also available.
• Increased steering pressure makes more quick and easy steering.
• Vibration absorption device is mounted with the engine, which further improves the seal performance and reduces vibration and noise. 
• Working pump and steering pump made by Caterpillar’s Wuxi plant, SAE/DIN standard high pressure hoses and optimized pipelines.
• Brake booster and brake chamber are moved to the central left service section of the machine, which is more convenient for service and maintenance.
• Luxurious cab, seat, air conditioner and optimized operation control system.
• The overall design meets the mandatory noise and safety standards in China.


Bucket Capacity2.7-4.5 m3
Rated Load Capacity5000 kg
Operating Weight17000 kg
Max. Drawbar Pull155kN
Max. Breakout Force168 kN
Max. Gradeability30°
Min. Turning Radius (Outside of Bucket)6931 mm
Min. Turning Radius (Outer Tire)5867 mm
Cycle Time (Bucket lifting, tipping and lowering)10.2 s
Dump Height3096 mm
Dump Reach1267 mm
Wheelbase3300 mm
Standard Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)8176×3068×3440
ModelShanghai SC11CB220.1G2B1 National Stage II emission standards
TypeIn-line, vertical, water cooling, 4-stroke
Rated Power162 kW
Max. Torque912 Nm
Drive System
Torque ConverterYJH340
TypeSingle stage, 3 elements, centripetal type
Transmission TypeElectronic controlled fixed axle type
Speed Gears4 forward/3 reverse gears
Max. Speed36.5 km/h
Front/Rear Drive Axle4WD, fixed front axle, swing rear axle(±12°)
Steering System
TypeCoaxial flow amplification steering
Steering Angle (left/right)38°±1
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic System Pressure19 MPa
Operation ModeHydraulic pilot proportional control
Brake System
Service BrakeDual-circuit, built-in wet brake
Parking & Emergency BrakePneumatic internal expanding shoe brake
Fuel Tank274L
Hydraulic System230L
Optional Devices
Perkins 1106D-E66TA National Stage II emission standards
Weichai WD10G220DE21 National Stage II emission standards
Rock bucket with inclined cutting edge/rock bucket/sand bucket/side dump bucket
Log grab/coal bucket and long reach arm
Desert tires
Quick coupler and tools

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