SEM Brand Heavy Work Conditions Wheel Loader SEM657C

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• Engine conforming to National Stage II emission standards, optimal power system, improved lifting capability, higher productivity and fuel efficiency.
• Front and rear axle of unique design and SI axle Caterpillar technology, and wet brake system, featuring high reliability and durability.
• 19MPa hydraulic system pressure provides high efficiency and energy saving; single lever enables less efforts and convenient operation.
• Caterpillar PS bucket has small resistance and high load factor, which improves the production efficiency by 12%.
• Lengthened wheelbase, heavier counterweight, higher load capacity, and rear-mounted fuel tank, provides higher stability and the refueling is more convenient.
• Working pump and steering pump made by Caterpillar’s Wuxi plant, SAE/DIN standard high pressure hoses and optimized pipelines.
• Brand new design of cooling system meets the requirements for -20℃ ~ +43℃ ambient conditions. Optional cooling system for 50℃ ambient conditions is also available.
• Increased steering pressure makes more quick and easy steering.
• Vibration absorption device is mounted with the engine, which further improves the seal performance and reduces vibration and noise.
• The electric system is upgraded and adopts high grade waterproof and dustproof plugin guarantee system, which is more safe and reliable. The overall design meets the mandatory noise and safety standards in China.


Bucket Capacity2.7-4.5 m3
Rated Load Capacity5000 kg
Operating Weight16500 kg
Max. Drawbar Pull164 kN
Max. Breakout Force168 kN
Max. Gradeability30°
Min. Turning Radius (Outside of Bucket)6931 mm
Min. Turning Radius (Outer Tire)5867 mm
Cycle Time (Bucket lifting, tipping and lowering)10.4 s
Dump Height3096 mm
Dump Reach1267 mm
Wheelbase3300 mm
Standard Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)8176×3068×3440
ModelHFWD61561AG218 National Stage II emission standards
Rated Power162 kW
Max. Torque920 Nm
Drive System
Torque ConverterTR200
TypeSingle stage, 3 elements, centripetal type
Transmission TypeFixed axle power shift transmission
Speed Gears4 forward, 4 reverse
Max. Speed42 km/h
Front/Rear Drive Axle4WD, fixed front axle, swing rear axle(±12 °), turbocharging
Steering System
TypeCoaxial flow amplification steering
Steering Angle (left/right)38° ±1
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic System Pressure19 MPa
Operation ModeHydraulic pilot proportional control
Brake System
Service BrakeDual-circuit, built-in wet brake
Parking & Emergency BrakePneumatic internal expanding shoe brake
Fuel Tank273L
Hydraulic System230L
Optional Devices
Shanghai C6121 National Stage II Engine SC11CB220.1G2B1
Rock bucket with inclined cutting edge/rock bucket/ sand bucket/side dump bucket/log grab 
Coal bucket and long reach arm
Desert tires
ROPS/FOPS/Warning Light
Quick coupler and tools

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