SDLG Brand Wheel Loader with 3ton Loading Capacity LG938L

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LG938L is a high-end loader for loading and unloading loose materials, with high reliability and multiple purposes, and is widely used in building site, small mining, aggregate plant and municipal construction and etc.
1. It is equipped with the DEUTZ engine, imported with original packaging from Germany, meeting the requirements of Tier4i emission standard, with strong power and high reliability; Post processing equipment is provided, with active regeneration function.
2. The cooling system adopts radiator with independent cooling and double-row parallel structure, optimized terminal insulation design for heat emission compartment and hydraulic motor-driven fan. The fan speed can be automatically adjusted as per the system temperature, which provides the system with reliable energy saving property and high cooling efficiency.
3. ZF axis-fixed electric-liquid shift transmission case is used, with four front gear positions and three rear gear positions, high transmission efficiency and is also comfort to operate; SDLG reinforced drive axle is configured, with reasonable front/rear-axle load distribution,  large bearing capacity, high reliability and good stability for entire machine.
4. The entire machine uses special NVH technique of SDLG and three-stage damping system, new damping seat, better damping performance, which makes it comfort to operate for driver.
5. FOPS/ROPS cab is equipped, which has wide vision, fully-covered cab internal trimmings, good sealing performance, up-to-ISO-standard air conditioning and is safe and comfortable; Common cab is optional.
6. The self-developed digitized stepping dashboard of SDLG is adopted, which ensures high human-machine interaction; the centralized control is adopted for the electric apparatus of entire machine, which ensures convenient inspection and maintenance and high reliability of electrical apparatus element.
7. Load-sensing full hydraulic steering system is used, with emergency steering function and energy-saving and high-efficient properties; Pilot-control working device hydraulic system is used, with high operating efficiency and is light and easy to operate; Full hydraulic braking system is used, with stable and reliable braking property.
8. It is provided with optimized front and rear frame design and reasonable load distribution. Steering soft limit is provided to reduce impact. The overall fatigue life is up to 8,000h; The hanging is a tapered roller bearing and oscillating bearing composite structure, which makes it more suitable for bad operating condition.
9. Bucket is made of protruding type cutting board. The bottom antifriction plate is thickened, with little cutting resistance, high coefficient of fullness and high reliability; New shift bracket of SDLG patent is provided for auxiliary appliance up to ISO international standard.




Operating weight


Bucket capacity


Rated load


Max.breakout force


Max.dumping height(E)


Dumping distance(G)



7730 × 2520 × 3234

Max.tractive force


Max.climbing angle(H)


Total time


Steering angel(O)


Tipping load


Rated power


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Q:should i use a dozer or track loader to dig a pond?
Wow - big pond. When I come up against a pond, lake, call it what you will, I let my excavator make the choice of equipment and methods since he does earthwork all day long. And these are two very different machines which need to fit into the big picture - like where does the excavated dirt go and how do you get it there?. We had a stockbroker who used to run heavy equipment in college decide to put a 'fishin' hole' in his yard so he could come home, get into his rowboat and catch dinner - just like he did in Missouri. It was about 3,000 sq ft. He got a burst of testosterone, rented a wheel loader and punched a hole in his yard, then called me out. This was a mess - the removed dirt was just piled around it, it was down by the river, so it had layers of sugar sand and other strata falling inward, utilities in midair supported by 2x4's for resolution. A classic case of ready, fire, aim. Additionally, he got no floodplain approval. To make a long story short, had the project been planned and executed properly, additional equipment would have been in place to move earth around. The wheel loader was the right choice for digging it, but there was so much more to the project than punching a hole in the ground and going from there. Ultimately, it was filled in and returned to flat land. Nice idea - poor execution. Good Luck!
Q:Lee Loader Reloading Question? 7.7 jap?
I believe that since the Lee Loader only neck sizes the case, you could maybe use a .303 die. However, the Lee Loader makes no provision for trimming your cases, and when neck sizing you may experience problems with chambering. Particularly in different rifles of the same caliber. Many get dies from lee, for a press, that allows them to trim 30.06 brass, then reform it for the Jap. I think in the long run, reloading with a press will prove a better solution to your problem.
Q:What is the reason that the loader does not leave?
It should be the brake stem valve, the valve stem that is connected to the gas pipe on the gear change. Take it out and clean it with fine sandpaper. Just put it on it!
Q:How can you silence a muzzle loader ?
You if they will bore out a 50 caliber silencer for you. But they are very bulky and expensive as they are intended for use on the 50 BMG. The ones intended for use on the smaller 50 caliber firearms are not as big or expensive, but not cheap either. The front sight might have to be moved back to allow the barrel to be threaded. Do not use a die; it has to be done on a lathe. The loading process is made a bit more complicated. You would need to insert a tube into the silencer bore to ensure all the black powder goes into the barrel. The silencer would have to be removed and clean after a few rounds to prevent it from being too badly fouled to work as it is primarily an expansion chamber. The silencer will need to be at least 1.5 inches wide, so this might block the sights on your rifle and you would need to use elevated sights like a tang sight or a scope. As the pressure in the barrel drops far below max by the time the bullet reaches the muzzle, there will be no pressure problems. Ranb
Q:i need to get isi loader but i searched everywhere can you tell me some links and also i cant get isi dragonfa
can you be more specific. first are you using windows or Linux ? in Windows there is no such thing as isi loader there is something called ntldr loader or boot.ini file. in lunix there is lilo boot loader. or is it a driver you are looking for ?
Q:mod loader wont work on mac?
Mac isn't the best platform to get mods. Are you sure you haven't: Deleted Meta-Inf (the whole folder) Got a mod called MCmac. Lets 1.5 macs work better in the modding community? Your question is vague, so I cannot answer as well as I could. Maybe add some more detail?
Q:Home Depot - Lot Loader?
I have a standard but, newer set of washer/dryer. Our washer was around $350 but, I can wash a King Size comforter in it... It has a stainless steel tub and multiple was settings.... Our dryer is extra large cap. and can dry a very large load.... It was also around $300. It works very well for us... I've used the fancy front loaders and while they are nice- they have lots of fancy electric gadgets AND I think they suck up more energy than mine... I washed some sofa,couch covers and the entire cycle took an HOUR just to wash... In my washer it would have been done with the extra rinse in about 45 min! It also depends on how much laundry you do on a daily/weekly basis.. I have a family of four with two small children. So, we do a lot of laundry... I'll wait until my set breaks down in 15 yrs. and then look into getting the front loaders....
Q:If i buy a wii free loader will....?
constructive properties * Play ANY area of Wii or GameCube pastime on ANY Wii. * ordinary to apply. * No console substitute required. * Play video games in no way launched on your area. * Play community video games on your imported console. * a hundred% unofficial. Wii FreeLoader is truthfully ordinary to apply. only insert your FreeLoader disc and shipment it in the huge-unfold way. whilst thepersistent stops, eject the Wii FreeLoader disc and insert the sport, which then a lot and performs only like it could on its very own area of Wii. It’s so straightforward as that! Wii FreeLoader is a hundred% unofficial, and demands no differences on your console. besides as letting you play Wii video games from all areas, Wii FreeLoader additionally works with imported GameCube video games whilst performed on your Wii. It won’t paintings in a GameCube console
Q:good cheap muzzle loader?
Cheap Muzzleloader
Q:Why do people think that Front Loaders Cant wash clothes???
We have front loaders in our building and it does NOT clean our clothes properly. They have now installed top loaders also. Maybe it's the fact that not enough water is used and we are required to use only half the detergent. Even with bleach the stains don't come out.

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