SDLG Brand 0.8-1.2m3 Bucket Capacity Backhoe Loader B877

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B877 is a small multi-function engineering machine newly designed with high cost performance and is widely applied in various building construction engineering, such as road construction and caring, cable laying, electricity and airport engineering, municipal construction and quarrying work, in city and countryside.
1. Low-speed and large-torque Weichai engine meeting the requirement of China II emission standard is provided, with low fuel consumption, strong power and high reliability.
2. Electrically-controlled shift transmission case of famous international brand is used, with four front gear positions and four rear gear positions and is easy and quick to operate; international famous brand of drive axle is configured and is provided with electrically-controlled differential lock with high traffic ability; closed wet double brake is used, with large bearing capacity, high reliability and is more suitable for various bad operating condition.
3. Load-sensing full hydraulic steering system is used, with light and quick steering and stable and reliable performance and is stable to operate; hydraulic system with confluent and split logic functions is provided to realize compound action of excavation.
4. Reinforced excavating movable arm and bucket rod are used, with high reliability; Movable arm swing has damping buffer, which can ensure a stable and successful operation; It is optional to equip standard bucket rod or telescopic bucket rod to meet various demand of customer.
5. The integrated LCD is adopted, which ensures high human-machine interaction; the centralized control is adopted for the electric apparatus of entire machine, which ensures convenient inspection and maintenance and high reliability of electrical apparatus element.
6. The cab is provided with full height glazing all round, wide visual field and standard air conditioning, which ensures a comfortable driving environment.
7. Many excavating or loading auxiliary appliances are provided to meet the various demand of user.



Operating Weight

8325~8625 Kg

Overall Dimension (L*W*H)

5865×2270×2240 mm

Loading Bucket Capacity

1.0 m3

Digging Bucket Capacity

0.18 m3

Rated Load

1800 Kg

Max.Tractive Force

82 KN

Max.Breakout Force

60 KN

Max.Dumping Height

2716 mm

Max. Gradeability


Max.Digging Force

60 KN

Max.Digging depth

4329 mm

Max.Digging Radius

5343 mm

Rated Power

70 kW

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