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R134a gas, environmentally friendly.

Water output temperature: 38ºC~70ºC.

No contamination potential, the condenser coil is wrapped around outside the tank. Multi protection:

PTR valve, double high water temperature protection switches (Manual and Automatic).

Auto mode selection & Vocation mode.

Automatic weekly disinfect function.

Four-way valve for automatic defrosting.

Close refrigerant circuit, easy for plumber installation.

User-friendly LCD display for easy interaction.

15 Pa air outlet pressure enables a duct length up to 5 meters.

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Q:What do you need to pay attention to in order to make the solar water heater hot?
4, do not fill the water tank, solar water tank on the water is not full, to keep in the half box of water, so that when the heat collector in the sun to heat up half a box of water than a box of water much faster, you can use hot water faster.
Q:Solar water heater to maintain it?
2, solar water heater in the use of the process should pay attention to what problems? Pay attention to water time. According to the weather conditions, determine the amount of water, to ensure that the appropriate bath temperature. Regularly check the water heater pipe, vent and other components are working properly. The air conditioning is serious or the sand is big, and the dry area is periodically flushed the vacuum tube.
Q:How to identify the solar water heater is good or bad?
In the selection, we must see whether it is a regular factory production or assembly. It is understood that there are at least 10 brands of water heaters on the market is the assembly of goods, its quality and after-sales service, of course, can not be guaranteed.To see whether there is a vacuum tube of water heater security signs, which could make a few by filling superior vacuum tube yuanxingbilu.
Q:How to automatically control the temperature of solar water heater
2 the solar water heater drive mechanism is used for receiving the control signal output by the temperature controller to drive the shading curtain to be opened or closed according to a predetermined program. The solar water heater usually consists of a bracket 1, a water storage tank 2 and 3 tube, solar water heater with electric shutter automatic temperature controller comprises a cover body or in case 4, the driving mechanism and the shade is arranged in the cover body or the shell 4, the driving mechanism comprises a step the motor and the screw rod is connected with the step motor, the screw in the cover body or the shell side
Q:Power consumption of solar water heaterI am ready to decorate, want to do solar water heaters, about 240 liters, 3/4 people use
3: because the main power consumption of the solar water heater or electric heating, and are generally not more than 2000W, so the GB 2.5 mm2 copper (aluminum not basic enough (OH) 2.5 GB line can withstand the maximum power below 4000W), but the line on the market are often not up to the national standard, for the sake of safety recommended to install 4 square to the position; for reservation, suggest the highest position in the home, and at noon and afternoon sunshine place, if not both, the sunshine is preferred;
Q:Solar water heater without the sun how to do?
Solar water heaters do not have to worry about the sun:1, there is no sun weather, the water in the water heater is not heated, naturally not hot, but, if one day the water has not run out, it depends on the function of water tank insulation, good insulation, high temperature. On the other side. Such as Zhejiang in the winter is very cold, but the sun, three or four hours after the sun, the water temperature is also fifty or sixty degrees, is to rely on the preservation of the water tank.
Q:Solar water heater can not put hot water
3 water, water to the block (removable nozzle. Discharge scale can be put for a while.)4 if the automatic Sheung shui.
Q:Solar water heater for Hotel
The solar water heater in the sun but also saving energy, the problem is not the sun, cold weather, rain, is not to use electricity to heat, there is water, solar energy is the natural water pressure, and the pressure of tap water does not match to the addition of water pump
Q:Water storage capacity of solar water heater
1, home users: sprinkler sprinkler water 80 - 100kg/ people,2, factory workers, school sprinkler sprinkler water: 40 - 60kg/ people;3, hotel shower sprinkler water: 80 - 120kg/ people;4, bubble bath water: 300 - 500kg/ people.
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of solar water heater
Post cold phenomenon.4, in addition to rainy days, the use of solar water heaters do not need other costs, such as gas costs, electricityIn rainy weather, it is necessary to use auxiliary electric heating device, then you have to pay the electricity bill, in factIn rainy days, solar water heaters are still working, but the temperature of hot water can not reach the user washBath needs, but the water in the tank is warm, higher than ordinary tap water temperature, therefore, even ifIt is rainy day, it is also more than ordinary electric water heater.

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