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It is a kind of solid resin coated moulding sands or core sands by using the high quality natural silica sand as raw sand, thermoplastic phenolic resin, urotropin and enhancer as other materials. It is used in the oil and gas fracturing process to support, prevent flow back and increase the production.

How resin-coated sand comes?

As the proppant's flowing back appears in some oil and gas wells after the fracturing, it will negatively impact on fracturing result and the flowing back proppant will destroy the equipment in the well and above-ground. For this kind of well, we should take effectively control measures to prevent the flowing back and ensure the fracturing result

Feature of resin-coated sand

It has the feature of low density (lower than silica sand), easy-pumping, anti-corrosion and high temperature resistance. Besides, it provides good performance of oil penetrating and water blocking.

That's of great significance to continuous stable and high production of low permeability oilfield exploiting and development in the mid to late. But its crush rate will increase along with the rise of closure pressure.

That will narrow the crack width with the effect of resin elastic deformation, grain crushing and rearrangement. Then it will affect the porosity and permeability of the generated cracks

Raw materials of producing resin coated sand:

Silica sand, resin, assorted curing agent, urotropine, calcium, KH-550, epoxy resin curing agent and O-type toughening agent.

Performance of Resin-coated Sand:

1. Low density. Because of low density, the amount of proppant used in fracturing was decreased in the equal crack size. And it can also reduce the carrying fluid consumption to reduce fracturing cost.

2. Good roundness & sphericity.

3. High crush resistance.

4. Low turbidity.

5. Low acid solubility. After resin coated, the sand acid resistance, alkali resistance and salt resistance are enhanced.

6. Good long-term conductivity. The RCS wraps most of the broken sand crushed under high closure pressure, even if the sand is crushed, the debris and fine powder are wrapped in a resin shell to avoid their migration, providing a good conductivity.

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