ceramic proppants LD 20/40

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Ceramic proppant is the key material in low-permeability fracturing of oil and gas wells exploration. It is used in the construction of deep well fracturing, be filled to the low permeability of the rock deposits in the cracks, fracturing close to the high oil recovery operations, so that oil and gas cracked rock, support for propping fractures not close because of releasing force, thereby to maintain the high conductivity of oil and gas, not only can increase the oil and gas production output, also can extend the oil and gas wells length of service.

Product Classification

1. By anti-Crushing Strength: 52MPa (7500psi), 69MPa (10000psi), 86MPa (12500psi), 103MPa (15000psi).

2. By volume density: low density, high density, medium density.

3. By the specifications: 6-12mesh,8-16mesh,12-18mesh, 12-20 mesh, 16-20 mesh, 16-30 meshes, 20-40 eye, 30-50 mesh, 40-60 orders, 40-70 mesh, 70-140 mesh, etc.

Users can choose different specifications of products according to their needs.

We has established a sound quality assurance system in accordance with ISO9001:2008. The ceramic proppants successfully passed the authentication of Reservoir Stimulation Laboratory of RIPED-Langfang PetroChina, STIM-Lab and Frac-Tech Lab. The products have been widely used in major oil & gas fields domestically and abroad, while satisfying the demands of oil mining in different conditions. As a supplier of WEATHERFORD, we receive high praise while the products are sold to Russia, America, Kazakhstan, and other countries, as well as CNPC and SINOPEC. The annual output of the six production lines is 210000 MT.

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The API is a measure of the density of petroleum and petroleum products developed by the American Petroleum Institute (API). General oil quality is better, the higher the degree. Crude oil prices rose on the rise, with the dollar index.
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Futures delivery refers to when you buy the contract expires, investors need to be prepared to invest time for payment, before the transaction is margin, and members will exchange or futures trading to investors; if the investor is long before, you need to prepare physical goods to others, no real investors will the purchase of standard positions in the current exchange, also need to be ready for delivery of money.
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Unemployment is an economic data on the number of unemployed people in the United States to receive unemployment compensation.
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1, the New York Mercantile Exchange, light sweet crude oil futures prices on the New York mercantile exchange light sweet crude oil quality is good, also known as the "WTI" or "Texas light sweet oil, its price is the benchmark price of crude oil in North America, is one of the world's crude oil pricing benchmark price. Commonly referred to as "New York market oil price" refers to the New York Mercantile Exchange roughly next month delivery of light crude oil futures prices
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Hypothesis 1: market behavior inclusive digestionAn important point in the foundation of technical analysis is that market behavior is inclusive of digestion. Unless you fully understand and accept the premise, it is meaningless to learn technical analysis. Technical analysts believe that any factor that can affect the price of a commodity is actually reflected in its price. So, what we have to do is to study the price changes. The real meaning of this premise is that the price change must reflect the relationship between supply and demand, if the demand is greater than supply, prices will rise; if the supply is too much demand, prices will fall. The law of supply and demand is the starting point of all economic forecasting methods. Turn it upside down, then, as long as prices rise, whether it is because of what specific reason, demand exceeds supply, from the economic base that must be valued; if prices fall, from the economic base that will be bearish. In the final analysis, the technical analyst simply studies the fundamentals indirectly through price changes.Pie chart usually ignore the causes of price fluctuations, and the formation of price trends in the early or when the market is at a critical turning point, people often did not know exactly why the market is so strange action. It is precisely in this crucial moment, technical analysts often a phrase. So, with your increasingly rich experience in the market, the more you encounter this situation, the market behavior inclusive digestion everything, this sentence is increasingly irresistible charm.
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Some, in the flush software can view the international crude oil futures and international gold futures trend.The following figure (red circle):The choice of futures, in the upper section click, the choice of foreign exchange futures exchange interface, open the outer interface, continuous contract including crude oil, gold, various trades in outer interface, can also be through the exchange, click on the bottom of the options, see the specific contract market.
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The second step: familiar with technical indicatorsAfter understanding the terminology, the next step is to understand the technical indicators of crude oil. For example, commonly used technical indexes: stochastic KDJ, multi control indexes of MACD, BOLL, and Bollinger average index MA and so on, these technical indicators of learning, need to understand the principle of technical indicators, to master the use of indicators, but need to be flexible to use, not mechanically, because technical indicators are lagging indicators, and the premise is that history will repeat itself. And technical indicators sometimes deviate from the real market.
Q:What is the reverse point of crude oilDetermination of inversion point in crude oil dehydration
The inversion point is the condensation (maximum) moisture content of the oil and water mixture at the maximum apparent viscosity

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