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Ceramic proppant is the key material in low-permeability fracturing of oil and gas wells exploration. It is used in the construction of deep well fracturing, be filled to the low permeability of the rock deposits in the cracks, fracturing close to the high oil recovery operations, so that oil and gas cracked rock, support for propping fractures not close because of releasing force, thereby to maintain the high conductivity of oil and gas, not only can increase the oil and gas production output, also can extend the oil and gas wells length of service.

Product Classification

1. By anti-Crushing Strength: 52MPa (7500psi), 69MPa (10000psi), 86MPa (12500psi), 103MPa (15000psi).

2. By volume density: low density, high density, medium density.

3. By the specifications: 6-12mesh,8-16mesh,12-18mesh, 12-20 mesh, 16-20 mesh, 16-30 meshes, 20-40 eye, 30-50 mesh, 40-60 orders, 40-70 mesh, 70-140 mesh, etc.

Users can choose different specifications of products according to their needs.

We has established a sound quality assurance system in accordance with ISO9001:2008. The ceramic proppants successfully passed the authentication of Reservoir Stimulation Laboratory of RIPED-Langfang PetroChina, STIM-Lab and Frac-Tech Lab. The products have been widely used in major oil & gas fields domestically and abroad, while satisfying the demands of oil mining in different conditions. As a supplier of WEATHERFORD, we receive high praise while the products are sold to Russia, America, Kazakhstan, and other countries, as well as CNPC and SINOPEC. The annual output of the six production lines is 210000 MT.

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Q:Spot crude oil in the country when it came out
This year, the domestic market is just to rise, crude oil market volatility is more intense, more profitable space
Q:What is the prospect of investing in spot crude oil?
We can analyze from the following angles First, there is no prospect of an industry in addition to its own, but also to see if it is in line with the laws of social development and national policy oriented, what kind of social development in accordance with the law and national policy oriented? This is the basis of the current human life and the international environment, we know that now is an energy society, and energy is the most important? In twentieth Century, there are two, the first half of the century, the most important is coal, the most important thing in the second half of the 20th century, crude oil, and for the present, the foreseeable future, there is no substitute for crude oil. While crude oil is not renewable, less and less, from the big trend, it is the world treasure and snatch, then Chinese the revival and development cannot do without oil, and the growing demand for investment, is also an urgent problem to face, as a result, spot oil investment the introduction and the rise, can be said to be inevitable.
Q:The U.S. crude oil futures is not a lot of varieties?
U.S. crude oil behind 01, 02, 03... These figures, refers to the delivery month, long-term trading futures derived from the spot, the spot forward transactions must involve long-term delivery month, the parties to discuss the price is around the delivery month, so each delivery month futures prices are expected to price in the market. This is not a different species, is the same species under different contracts
Q:What is outside the oil?
The transaction is outside the dollar in foreign transactions to fly, is set in the domestic transactions in rmb. Outside the capital is converted into dollars to foreign bank private bank account transactions. Risk of capital insecurity. The direct cooperation with the domestic bank, the funds are in their bank account, fund security.
Q:What are the factors that affect the spot crude oil?
3, international political factors (regional conflict, war)4, the relevant market linkage (gold, foreign exchange (mainly U.S. dollars), stock)5, speculation and international hot money,
Q:Theoretical basis of technical analysis of spot crude oil?
Hypothesis 1: market behavior inclusive digestionAn important point in the foundation of technical analysis is that market behavior is inclusive of digestion. Unless you fully understand and accept the premise, it is meaningless to learn technical analysis. Technical analysts believe that any factor that can affect the price of a commodity is actually reflected in its price. So, what we have to do is to study the price changes. The real meaning of this premise is that the price change must reflect the relationship between supply and demand, if the demand is greater than supply, prices will rise; if the supply is too much demand, prices will fall. The law of supply and demand is the starting point of all economic forecasting methods. Turn it upside down, then, as long as prices rise, whether it is because of what specific reason, demand exceeds supply, from the economic base that must be valued; if prices fall, from the economic base that will be bearish. In the final analysis, the technical analyst simply studies the fundamentals indirectly through price changes.Pie chart usually ignore the causes of price fluctuations, and the formation of price trends in the early or when the market is at a critical turning point, people often did not know exactly why the market is so strange action. It is precisely in this crucial moment, technical analysts often a phrase. So, with your increasingly rich experience in the market, the more you encounter this situation, the market behavior inclusive digestion everything, this sentence is increasingly irresistible charm.
Q:How much is a barrel of crude oil? Equivalent to the domestic RMB quotation
Us] 1 gallon =3.785 liters [British] 1 gallon =4.546 liters, Europe and other countries of the gas station, generally "gallons" to do, and China the gas station is "L" valuation. How much is a barrel of crude oil? As already known, a barrel of crude oil is about 159 liters. At present, the domestic market price of gasoline 6.20 yuan / liter, so a barrel of gasoline is $6.20 / L X159 liter =985.8 yuan /. 1, the exchange rate is equal to the weighted average of the exchange rate and the exchange rate.
Q:International crude oil price of $* per barrel, a barrel weight or volume?
International crude oil price is USD / barrel, a barrel is approximately equal to 159 liters, 158 kg
Q:How much does it cost to open an account?
Platform is not the same, the funds are not the sameTo tell investors is crude oil has many varieties, from low to high is the account of crude oil, crude oil futures, spot crude oil. The first two spend less, generally hundreds to thousands. You can fix and spot oil will need 1000-3000 yuan will be able to open an account, for investors, in sufficient funds, choose appropriate is the most important.
Q:ELA crude oil inventory, what does it mean ah, multi deposit, small deposit on the impact of crude oil
When crude oil inventories increased, indicating that excess supply of crude oil on the market, resulting in oil prices fell, the dollar rose, gold fell.

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