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Ceramic fracturing proppant is a product of ceramic particles with high fracture strength, mainly used for oil and gas field down hole support to increase oil and gas production. Its mineral compositions are aluminum oxide, silicate and iron - titanium oxide.

It is round, and has high strength, suitable for the fracturing of deep oil and gas stratum with high closure pressure, for the middle and deep well; it can be used to enhance the conductivity as the trailing proppant.

It is an alternative product of natural quartz sand, glass balls, metal balls and other low-strength proppants, has a positive effect to the oil and gas production.

Proppants are synthetic grains such as sintered bauxite ceramics used in the oil well drilling industry to hold fractures open around the wellbore to enhance fluid extraction after hydraulic fracturing processes. In Oil and gas deep well mining, the high-pressure lowpermeability deposits after closure fracturing treatment, the split rock containing oil and gas, oil and gas from the formation of cracks in the collection out of the channel.

Ceramic support material with high-pressure solution into the formation along with filling in the cracks in the rock, playing a supporting stress release due to crack closure is not the role, so as to maintain high conductivity, so that oil and gas flow, to increase production. Practice has proved that using ceramic proppant fracturing of oil wells can increase production by 30-50%, and also to extend the service life of oil and gas wells.

Sand and sand-based materials became the most popular type of proppant due to availability and low cost. However, a study of production rates published by the Society of Petroleum Engineers has shown that the additional strength and uniform size and shape of ceramic proppant provide higher performance than other types of proppant .

Wells that have been fractured with ceramic proppant consistently exhibit improved production of oil and gas in a variety of reservoir condition.

Our products have passed tests of STIM-Lab, Frac-Tech Lab and the authentication of Reservoir Stimulation Laboratory of RIPED-Langfang PetroChina. Being certified as one of the top network suppliers of SINOPEC and CNPC.

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According to the difference of boiling point of the group, from crude oil refining straight run gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil and lubricating oil distillate severity grading, a process that is crude oil. Then these semi-finished products in some or most of the two crude oil as raw material, processing, refining process, such as catalytic cracking catalytic reforming, hydrocracking and other backward, can improve oil product quality and the yield of light oil.
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Gold and crude oil prices have a positive correlation. The positive correlation between gold and crude oil prices is mainly caused by the following factors:(1) international gold and crude oil prices are denominated in the U.S. dollar, the U.S. dollar exchange rate fluctuations will lead directly to the gold price and oil price fluctuations.(2) high oil prices will increase inflation, inflation led to rising gold prices.
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Normal platform is no problem.First, we must understand the concept of spot crude oil investment itself is not a problem, but also legitimate. In nineteenth Century, the rise of crude oil on the spot, futures investment, and the development is very strong
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The most favorable for the European market in the afternoon and the morning of the American market, this time is the biggest fluctuations in the market, but also the amount of funds and the largest number of participants.
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In addition, the world's major oil consumption of individual economic cycle has an important impact on the price of crude oil. In the United States, for example, since 2003, along with the continued growth of the U.S. economy, the New York Mercantile Exchange WTI crude oil futures prices continued to shock higher. Crude oil prices have also risen sharply in several periods of rapid economic growth in the growth cycle. 2007 - 2008 U.S. economic growth cycle, into the downlink cycle. Although affected by short-term factors such as market expectations, the price of crude oil was ascribed to 145 dollars per barrel, but after the short-term shocks, the price of crude oil the final result of the economic cycle constraints, began to fall rapidly. 2008 WTI crude oil futures prices fell to $58.7 / barrel, down by 59.5%. 2009 global financial crisis stabilized, the U.S. economy gradually out of recession, crude oil prices will pick up. In 2009 the United States in the third quarter GDP quarter annualized rate of 2.8%, close to the pre crisis level of economic growth, the price of crude oil back to 70 to 80 dollars per barrel range, with basically the same as in 2007, the 3 quarter of second.
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[fed] once interest rates riseFor gold and silver: if the fed to raise interest rates, the result is very simple, then the bullish dollar, which is to suppress gold and silver oil, then in the short term long term funds need to sell as soon as possible. Conversely, bad gold and silver crude oil.
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Simply say:Because the oil inside the different sulfur content, sulfur content of sulfur content of crude oil or crude oil Brent, so the price is different.The two price, first, the New York Mercantile Exchange, the two is the London Brent crude oil futures prices.

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