ceramic proppants HD 30/50

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We are one of China's leading manufacturers who has owned patent technology in producing and exporting ceramic proppants used in the hydraulic fracturing process to increase the productivity of oil and gas wells. We can also produce ceramic proppants with different specifications according to clients' particular requirements.

The raw material is proportioned by the computer after being carried into storage bins, crushed into powder by the cylinder ball mill, blew into storage bin through pipes in which the materials are fully mingled, then carried to the pelletizing shop.

After spraying-pelletized by rotary granulators with 2m and 4m diameters, drying and dedusting, sieved by the multi-functional screen, the semi-finished product is sent to the storage bin and sintered by the rotary kiln, and eventually cooling, crushing, dedusting, rescreening, then packed and stored in the warehouse.

We constitutes a sound quality assurance system according to ISO9001-2008. The products have successively passed tests of the authentication of Reservoir Stimulation Laboratory of RIPED-Langfang Petro China, Stim-Lab and Frac-Tech Lab. Being certified as one of the top network suppliers of CNPC and SINOPEC. The excellent performance wins us customers from major oilfields and oilfield-services firms home and abroad, such as CNPC, SINOPEC, etc

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Q:What is refined oil, crude oil or refined oil expensive?
After a certain amount of crude oil processing, can produce in line with national, industry or enterprise specific quality standards of petroleum products. Oil, also known as crude oil, is a dark, sticky substance.
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U.S. disk: 20:30 (21:30) - 7:00 in the morning, the United States and the market price of the disk along with the news surface and a large influx of funds into the market, began to become active, suitable for investment to grasp the market to make a big market.
Q:Spot crude oil in the country when it came out
Spot crude oil investment in foreign countries in the last century, the first in the country began in February 14, 2014
Q:How to calculate the risk rate of crude oil
. So what's his risk rate? The occupation of the contract unit price x margin = Jiancang x hand x 3% =4000x10x2x3%=2400 yuan risk rate = 10000 / 2400 x 100% = 417% for fixed deposit occupancy rate of less than 70%, the risk will be liquidated, then liquidated when account surplus funds is occupied: margin x70%= 2400x70%=1680, when the capital account below 1680 yuan when forced open
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Take the payrolls data this month to explain it, when the data released before the market began its expected to start warming up, and when the data is released, the actual data is far greater than the predicted value, crude oil prices began to accelerate down. But after that, it began to return to normal.To know the economic data of crude oil, especially before the impact of the trend of CNOOC also has a certain limit. So investors should be prepared before their data, so as to make a profit.
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U.S. crude oil behind 01, 02, 03... These figures, refers to the delivery month, long-term trading futures derived from the spot, the spot forward transactions must involve long-term delivery month, the parties to discuss the price is around the delivery month, so each delivery month futures prices are expected to price in the market. This is not a different species, is the same species under different contracts
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CFX platform crude oil differential contract (based on WTI crude offer)Contract mark CLNew York commodity exchange (NYMEX)Trading hours Monday 6:00 am to 5:00 am (Beijing time) on SaturdayContract unit 1000 barrels (one standard hand)Quotation method USD / barrelMinimum price of $0.01 / barrelTransaction spread $0.05Margin $1000 (100 times leverage)
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However, since the second half of 2010, Brent oil rises, but the New York oil remains in the doldrums, the trend of mutual divergence, to 2011 1 at the end of the unstable political situation in Egypt, the gap between the two is $10. The New York oil futures market questioned whether still can reflect the status of the oil market.
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Crude oil, also known as black gold, is a thick, dark brown (sometimes a little green) liquid. It is the oil that has not been refined or processed. Oil storage in the upper crust. It consists of a mixture of different hydrocarbons, the main component of which is alkane, in addition to oil, sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, vanadium and other elements. But there is a big difference in the composition and appearance of oil in different fields.
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If the percentage is to count the words in general is this: platform quotes a percentage of X500X (0.08%) X2 (sale at a time, this is probably the price, easy to calculate quickly understand the transaction cost, your actual sale price is different)

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