Safety glasses poly-carbon plastic clear medical uv as nzs 1337 z87 s

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Product Description:

Safety industrial glasses EN 166 / ANSI PC lens,Wide Vision Multi Color

1 piece PC lens offer greater peripheral vision

Adjustable temples, available for any color

Anti fog and Scratch resistance lens

Meets or exceeds CE EN 166 F and Z87

Greater than 99% protection from UVA and UVB


SAFETY GLASSES  Technical Data

Lens List

Clear:    the clear lens use for either indoors and outdoors, provides impact protection.

Amber:  dark light environments, can improve the contrast.

Red:    indoor use, can increase the contrast, reducing the brightness of fluorescent      and halogen light and will not confuse the color.

Brown, green, gray and reflective mirror surface: outdoor use, light and glare on the   glasses to prevent sun damage and relieve fatigue caused by no infrared protection.

Product Name Polycarbonate rimless side shield medical ANSI & CE AS 1337 Safety Glasses  
Model No. HC200
Product Origin China
Brand nameCNBM
Material Lens Polycarbonate
 Nose Bridge PVC
 Arms Polycarbonate
Typerimless integal side shield type safety glasses
Weight 24.7 g
Available color Lens Smoke/ Clear
 Clear Silver/ Smoke Silver/ Smoke Green Mirror 
 Frame & Arm Silver
 MOQ: 2,400pcs for customised color
Mechanical Strength F ( 45 m/s)
Optical Class Optical class 1
Available Lens Coating  Anti-Scratch (hard coating)
 Anti-Fog (Anti-Mist)
Packing  1pc/ polybag; 12pcs/ inner box; 300pcs/ master carton
 N.W.: 15kgs / G.W.: 16kgs/ Volume: 8'
Production Capacity 50,000pcs/ month
Certifications 1. CE EN166 : 2001, EN170 : 2002, EN172: 1994 + A1: 2000 + A2 : 2001
 2. ANSI Z87.1
 3. AS/ NZS 1337.1 : 2010
 4. ISO 9001 : 2008


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Q:Do not use electric welding goggles, eyes are very red and tingling, will it be very serious?
I don't know how high your current is. It will be very serious for a long time. If you are not feeling well now, go to see a doctor
Q:Can an eye shield really protect your eyes?
It should be a better rest for the eyes
Q:Protective measures adopted by manual tungsten argon arc welding
When welding should choose appropriate welding parameters and assembly clearance, transport of arc, argon arc welding torch and workpiece angle control at 50 DEG ~80 DEG, the wire and the workpiece is 15 DEG ~30 DEG, length of tungsten pole is 3~5mm, the tungsten electrode tip from the pool should be 3~5mm.
Q:Can steam hot patches protect your eyes?
Well, the eye has a lot of blood vessels and nerves, and acupuncture points, so with an eye patch can be directly covered
Q:But how to do welding
1 cold compress eye: apply cold towel to the eye2., with fresh human milk eye drops, each sick eye drops 3~5 drops, after dripping milk, do not immediately open eyes, eyes closed for 3~5 minutes, every 2 hours drop once.
Q:What's the use of an eye patch? Can I protect my eyes
The eyepatches is only used to alleviate eye fatigue, but also can take a long time, a few minutes can be, because there are drugs and water components, a long time will cause the lens edema, especially not wearing it. However, the degree of deepening, but also because of excessive eye fatigue, or will play a role
Q:Filling workers, labor protection products
The specific protective articles are determined according to your actual situation. For example, protective goggles, protective gloves, safety shoes, protective clothing, dust or gas masks, protective earplugs and earmuffs, conditions can also be equipped with labor protection supplies, gas detection instruments or other high level.
Q:What is the reason for wearing an eye mask after a myopic operation
Therefore, it is recommended to wear a hard eye mask to protect your eyes while you are sleeping. Avoid crushing and involuntary damage.At the same time, many people have dark at night get up on the toilet or water experience, goggles can protect eyes hard, avoid touching or hit the chairs accident in the darkness, the eyes give security protection.
Q:What are the environmental hazards existing in an electronic factory?
Chemical hazards generally exist in three forms: solid, liquid and gas. Exposure to any form of toxic chemicals can be hazardous to health and life. The extent of the damage depends on the length of contact time and the strength of the chemicals. There are three main ways of chemical invasion: skin infiltration, respiratory tract inhalation and ingestion. For electronic manufacturing workers, the primary route is the first two. At present, there are hundreds of chemicals used in the electronics industry, which are harmful to the human body. Some will damage the brain and nervous system, some easy to cause cancer, some damage to liver and digestive system or cardiovascular, or reproductive effects, resulting in female irregular menstruation, male sexual function decline, or infertility.
Q:What is the reason for wearing an eye mask after a myopic operation?
After the operation, we must pay attention to protect the eyes, we must follow the doctor's instructions to wear eye patches, especially when sleeping. Postoperative protection is an important part of the recovery of myopia surgery, and must not be taken lightly.

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