White PVC work Boots American Style Black Men Women Rain Boots for Farming Fishing

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200 pair
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40000 pair/month

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1. Application of Industry PVC Safety Boot

Construction industry,Mining industry,Oil field,Chemical Industry,

Scientific Research,Pharmaceuticals Industry ,Marine Fishery,

Agriculture,Breeding Industry,Gardening,etc.


2. Specification of Industry PVC Safety Boot


SoleExcellent quality Rubber

FeatureDirect mould,cold sticky,goodyear is available

Size4--13 other size available

Mini Qty.500 pairs


PaymentL/C, T/T

Delivery time15days sample time,30days after sample of approval

3. Image of Industry PVC Safety Boot


White PVC work Boots American Style Black Men Women Rain Boots for Farming Fishing

White PVC work Boots American Style Black Men Women Rain Boots for Farming Fishing

White PVC work Boots American Style Black Men Women Rain Boots for Farming Fishing

4. Packaging & Shipping of Industry PVC Safety Boot




1pair/poly bag,12pairs/ctn 

Delivery Terms


Delivery Time

15 Days after confirm order

Payment Type

T/T,L/C,Papal,Western Union

Supply Ability

10000 pairs/week





5. Service of CNBM 

) You can select our designs freely.

) If you have special design , we can copy it for you.

)  OEM orders welcomed: follow your require for brand and design and size.

)  Many years shoes production experiences , Have our own export department

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Q:Which brand of safety shoes is better?
Before the factory has been used Bacou safety shoes, the quality is also good, a double a year basically no problem. Safety shoes although Bacou imported brands, but the relative price of domestic safety shoes, a few yuan, but comfort and quality, is really worth. Safety shoes, safety shoes buy must find the industry brand authorized dealer, safety shoes and footwear is high-tech products with high added value, requirements for raw materials, accessories, materials, machinery and equipment of the production process of safety shoes are very high. Check safety shoe and safety shoes.
Q:What's the concept of being charged with 200 joules? On the performance of steel shoes for labor protection shoes
Assessment time, must be bound to the surface, such as: impact area is standardized, the surface of no buffer medium, the surface does not bear displacement.
Q:Safety shoes PU bottom, adhesive bottom and molded bottom difference
Also called safety shoes, work shoes, toe cap is the plate, know how to use the PU sole? PU soles are not slippery, not wearable, and will be broken down by water.
Q:What are the detailed differences between safety shoes, 6kV and 14kV?
The new standard stipulates that electric insulated shoes are a safety auxiliary tool for electrical work. As a labor safety manager, this should be clearly understood. Often some electrical knowledge of the lack of managers, mistaken for 6KV insulated shoes or 5KV cloth insulation shoes, the scope of application is 6KV or 5KV environment, which is very wrong. In the electrical safety management, the insulating tools are divided into basic safety appliances and auxiliary safety appliances. The so-called basic safety equipment, refers to the insulation strength enough to withstand the use of electrical safety equipment, such as insulation rod, insulation clamp, insulation table (ladder). The auxiliary safety appliances are not sufficient to withstand the electrical running voltage. In electrical operation, the basic safety appliances (such as insulated pads and insulated shoes) can not be connected with the live parts. But it can prevent the step voltage from damaging people. Insulated leather shoes and cloth insulated shoes, mainly used in power frequency 1000V, as auxiliary safety appliances.
Q:Are helmets and gloves counted for labor protection? Labor insurance products?
It's labor protection articles, labor protection articles, work clothes, work masks and consumer goods used in other workshops
Q:The difference between safety shoes and protective shoes
National standards for safety shoes GB21148-2007, national standards for protective footwear, GB21147-2007, from the standard number you can know that the two are not the same, otherwise, the country does not need to develop different standards. Specifically, the national standards for protective footwear and safety shoes have many things that are similar, the main difference
Q:Is the steel head of safety shoes graded? How much do they usually bear?
An1 is suitable for operation in metallurgy, mining, forestry, ports, shipping, handling, quarrying, heavy industry and so on; An2 applied in machinery, construction, petrochemical and other workplaces; An3 applied in electronics, food, pharmaceutical and other industries; An4 ~ An5 is suitable for the textile industry and bench work, with labor protection shoes to free toe injury (Lao Baoxie), is the labor protection supplies.
Q:How long is the service life of safety shoes?
There is no hard and fast rule. It depends on the quality of the shoes, which are generally stipulated in the factory
Q:What are the differences between labor insurance shoes, S1P certification and CE certification?
The basic requirement is that the steel head (which can withstand 200J energy shock, 15000N pressure).This is the European standard, and its standard is EN ISO 20345-2004. It also has sister articles, protective shoes, standard EN ISO 20346-2004 and work shoes EN ISO 20347-2004CE certification is a European regulation, and S1P is a technical standard requirement.
Q:How about the size of safety shoes?
Safety shoes are different from the general leisure shoe size, when the choice need fine measurement of the size of your feet, the following two methods can be measured: physical measurement methods: measurement must take the correct posture: 1. legs parallel to the standing (do not sit, squat); 2. randomly in two feet. Then the measurement, put your feet flat on a piece of paper, stomping ground, pen points out about most broad points, and then use a little after 2 before and after the longest point. Finally, around 2 points and around 2 points together to correct the foot length and width. (Note: both feet should be measured, and take the maximum) formula, method, safety shoes, shoes code formula: (shoes code +10) X0.5= (theoretical longer) cm example: shoes such as 42 yards. (42+10) X0.5=26cm.

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