Safety Glasses CE and ANSI Certificate Free Sample

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Product Description:


uv protective safety glasses 
1.PC material 
3.adjustable frame 
4.CE, ANSI standard


Product Description

safety glasses specification:

Product name

anti fog glasses safety glasses 


1.Adopts good metarial for lens and frame, and vogue design fit for face

2.Aviailable in anti-fog and anti-uv coating.

3.Provide protection from chemical splash.

4.Various color and design for choose.

5.leg with cover or without cover can be choosed.


Transparent, Customized


safety goggles for eye protection


PC/Nylon frame with PC/EVA lens


anti-impact, anti-scratch, anti-uv, anti-fog, Customized

Supply Capacity

200,000pairs per month

Delivery time



1pair safety goggles in a opp bag, 12pairs in a inner box, 300pairs in a carton. Customized


1000 pairs


30%T\Tdeposit,70%abanlanceT\T or L/C,Western Union


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Safety Glasses

1, through the European CE EN166 certification and the United States ANSI Z87.1 certification, good quality,
2, PC lens, super nylon frame
3, more than 99% uv, four card lock design.
4, polycarbonate PC lens, prevent UV, prevent scratches, impact resistant. Any one can do anti-fog lens.
5, fashionable, color variety.
6, each glasses lens, stick protective film.
7. Packing: 12 PCS per Box ,300 pcs per carton

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Q:What other protective equipment should be worn besides sanding and cutting?
Professional inspection before the operation, confirmed welding, cutting and grinding equipment in good condition, in use comply with the corresponding equipment operating procedures. Special personnel shall be responsible for the maintenance and maintenance of welding, cutting and grinding equipment, and all welding and cutting equipment shall be inspected regularly.
Q:Snow mountain plateau workers can filter UV protective glasses in order to prevent what disease
In addition if it is long in the mountains high, sunglasses also have a preventive effect for cataract, because ultraviolet cataract is a risk factor, in some high altitude, long time high intensity of sunlight in cataract incidence was significantly higher than in other regions.
Q:Protective measures adopted by manual tungsten argon arc welding
The argon meter to be used shall be inspected regularly, and the damaged argon arc shall be replaced in good time. The outer sleeve, often check the torch nozzle, and the sandwich is intact, there is no damage, clogging, bulging phenomenon, various joints looseness and leakage, tungsten is bent, timely eliminate the trouble.
Q:But how to do welding
Local selection and chloramphenicol eye drops, Erythromycin Eye Ointment eye drops to prevent infection.
Q:Are those steam goggles and ice patches useful for protecting vision
It can relieve eye fatigue
Q:Why can't people see electric welding?
Because the high temperature arc welding welding produced when there are a lot of non visible light, their harm to the eyes. A lot of light no trivial matter will burn your retina, killing your UV lens, cause you after cataract, so if not work, don't look at the welding arc of light.If you need electric welding, you can wear a pair of anti ultraviolet black mirror, plus an electric welding mask. The welding end with some eye drops to such as hemp like manor. If there is no protective measures, the welding of the eye damage is great, I have an employee when the welding is not done protection, and the result of swollen eyes, had to stay in hospital.
Q:Filling workers, labor protection products
The specific protective articles are determined according to your actual situation. For example, protective goggles, protective gloves, safety shoes, protective clothing, dust or gas masks, protective earplugs and earmuffs, conditions can also be equipped with labor protection supplies, gas detection instruments or other high level.
Q:What is the reason for wearing an eye mask after a myopic operation
Therefore, it is recommended to wear a hard eye mask to protect your eyes while you are sleeping. Avoid crushing and involuntary damage.At the same time, many people have dark at night get up on the toilet or water experience, goggles can protect eyes hard, avoid touching or hit the chairs accident in the darkness, the eyes give security protection.
Q:How to prevent damage to human body by nuclear radiation?
The electromagnetic radiation line is divided into ionizing radiation line and non ionizing radiation line.1, ionizing radiation is caused by ultraviolet rays, (far), X (composed of rays and cosmic ray wavelength becomes shorter, more and more energy, different depth, through the organization of biological effects produced within the organization, make the material produce ionization.2. Non ionizing radiation consists of near ultraviolet ray, visible light, near infrared ray, microwave and so on. Longer wavelength and lower energy, photochemical effect or thermal effect is produced in the tissue, which does not ionize the material.
Q:What kind of protection do individual need when operating the slotting machine?
This is dirty and tiring work! For your family, for yourself.

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