Red Color Outdoor Plastic Chair

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Feature of Plastic Chiar

Material: PP Plastic seat and back


Color: red,black, white, yellow etc


modern design and simple shape , light and easy to move, high quality and resonable price

It's widely used as garden chair, leisure chair etc.

Package of  Plastic Chairs

Standard export Package or as per your kind request

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Q:What's the standard for plastic for children's seats?
All front restraints must be equipped with pre - impact restraint devices to prevent the child from slipping or dangerous in the event of a collision or a child's own movements.Fourth, restraint system should not make children's body weak parts (head, neck, hip etc.) bear too much pressure, collision, children's head and neck should not bear the pressure.
Q:What kind of hard plastic material is used in franchised stores? Furniture, chairs, tables are often used.
PP grade plastic, yes, your home decoration if the floor, then choose peace of mind. Peace of mind, the floor is good, my home has just renovated the floor, at ease, the floor quality, prices are pretty good.
Q:What are the plastic materials suitable for making square seats?
Good chemical resistance ABS to do is to complete the square seat.
Q:Plastic daily necessities, plastic buckets and plastic basins belong to the category of trademarks
Plastic products, plastic buckets, plastic basin belongs to the trademark of seventeenth categories: not included in other classes of rubber, Guta gum, gum, asbestos, mica products and the raw materials, semi-finished products used in the production of plastic products, packaging, filling and insulating materials, non metallic hose.
Q:How is the plastic plate infusion chair made of?
Currently on the market are polyurethane, its composition and the other part of the transfusion chair is the same as well: transfusion suspender, seat pad, handrail foot, beams and fittings, recommended to find a good point of triumph furniture materials, stainless steel can be, plus a seat on the OK
Q:The armrest of computer chair is broken, what adhesive is best with?
Their own sticky words, even if the glue is good, and the effect is not very good glue, so that professionals to repair it, sticky very well, do not scrutinize, simply can not see is broken.If you have to do it yourself, you can do it with 502101.
Q:What about plastic chairs?
I tried 5 times, all units of logistics said it can not be separated from the chair, all successful.
Q:Which is more suitable for buses, leather seats and plastic seats?
From the bus fare, the plastic chairs fit.From daily maintenance, plastic chairs are durable and easy to handle.
Q:Rocking chair, swing room, there is no other materials, such as plastic?
You can use a soft cloth gently wipe, smear a little toothpaste.
Q:Do you want me to tear off the plastic wrapper on the computer chair?
Tear off the outer packing of the plastic film to protect the chair from being soiled before being sold. If you don't tear it off, it's uncomfortable to do it.

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