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PP +Powder coated ateel tube


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Q:The plastic chairs are stacked together. How can they be separated?
You first step on the edge of the foot of the chair inside, and then pull it out:
Q:Is the material of plastic good or good ABS PP?
A BS is an acrylic styrene butadiene alloy product, P P is polystyrene, that is to say, ABS itself has certain characteristics of P and P, and compared with PP and many other characteristics. ABS is better than PP in toughness, slightly higher in temperature resistance than PP, and excellent in appearance glossiness in PP. Overall, ABS performance is better than PP, you can do with P P products, ABS can generally play out, and can do with ABS products, PP may not be able to do it.
Q:The injection machine hits the plastic chair, starts to be all right, after cooling has the white mark in the middle, moreover some colors have. Yes
Generally light colored products are not very obvious, dark products are more obvious.But with soft wooden things, it should be gone.Also note that the release agent should be added in time to check if the extrusion is smooth.
Q:What is the range of metal and plastic composites used in aerospace seats?
Carbon fiber composites are widely used in aerospace, such as rockets, missiles and high-speed aircraft because of their unique and outstanding physical and chemical properties. For example, made of carbon fiber and plastic composite manufacturing aircraft, satellites, rockets and spacecraft, not only large thrust, small noise, and because of its lighter quality, so low power consumption, can save a lot of fuel.The carbon fiber is widely used in aerospace, aviation, aircraft and spacecraft structures because of its high temperature resistance, light and hard mechanical characteristics. A structural material such as aircraft: the main wing, tail, body; two construction materials: aileron, rudder, elevator, decorative material, blade plate, truss, such as brake pads and helicopters; the rocket exhaust cone, engine cover; satellite structure, solar panels and antenna rocket and missile shell, etc.. At present, small business machines and helicopters carbon fiber composite material consumption has accounted for about 55%, military aircraft about 25%, large aircraft accounted for about 20%.
Q:The armrest of computer chair is broken, what adhesive is best with?
You can take a chair to decorate the house and ask him to fix it for you. I have had that experience.
Q:The IKEA white plastic chair is broken. Is that seat back sold?
However, you may consider consulting, after-sales service, payment, maintenance.Maybe they have a way of selling you one.
Q:Which is more suitable for buses, leather seats and plastic seats?
From the bus fare, the plastic chairs fit.From daily maintenance, plastic chairs are durable and easy to handle.
Q:Can I wash plastic chairs with caustic soda? There's a lot of grease on my plastic chair. Can I wash it with caustic soda?
Best not to use caustic soda, caustic soda is sodium hydroxide, can produce chemical reaction with plastic. Recommend the use of soda (soda, sodium carbonate alias). Hope to be adopted!
Q:How to repair plastic stool cracks?
Plastic parts appear (cracks) cracks, mainly due to the stress caused by plastic parts too large or stress concentration, the main factors are injection mold, injection molding, plastic parts and raw materials. Mold is generally open, and this does not say, and if the following methods can not be resolved, then we must consider whether it is necessary to change the mold
Q:Do you want me to tear off the plastic wrapper on the computer chair?
Tear off the outer packing of the plastic film to protect the chair from being soiled before being sold. If you don't tear it off, it's uncomfortable to do it.

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