Orizeal Commercial Outdoor Folding Plastic Chair

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PP +Powder coated ateel tube


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Q:What kind of hard plastic material is used in franchised stores? Furniture, chairs, tables are often used.
I am learning materials, should be PVC plastic ~PVC material uses, mainly for the production of this paper: Puri PVC card; PVC OEM; PVC wire; PVC curtain; PVC coated welded wire mesh; PVC foam board, PVC ceiling, PVC pipe, PVC Tijuexian and threading pipe, cable insulation, plastic doors and windows Plastic bags, etc..
Q:Imitation rattan plastic rattan rocking chair quality is good, or anti-corrosion wood shake rocking chair quality is good, which durable?
Wooden rocking chair is good and durable, plastic rattan rattan rocking chair for a long time aging easily rot.
Q:How do I remove stains from plastic stools?
Nonionic surfactants extracted from moving plants have good emulsifying, washing and dispersing properties. The movable oil pollution can be emulsified quickly, decomposed and prevented from being re deposited, and the sewage carrying capacity is strong, and the residue is eliminated thoroughly.
Q:Highchairs above the plastic plates containing formaldehyde do
Just buy back, do not worry about boiling with boiling water, or after the use of hot
Q:Plastic children bicycle seat belts to Leggings
Use the belt to secure the baby and the seat. At the same time you use the car safety belt fixed to the baby, the vehicle safety belt through the conduction hole seat (usually 9 months to seat 12 years old are the conduction hole, the picture blue label), so it can prevent the vehicle safety belt scratched baby's neck.
Q:What machines are needed for making plastic stools?
And gas masks,Plastic products in the production process is very bad for the body, I have a friend is open mineral water bottle cover factory, the child probably had leukemia, children under 6 years old or far away from plastic plants.
Q:What kind of pedals are the wheelchair good? Aluminum alloy or plastic?
But the price of aluminum alloy pedals is very expensive, and the cost of engineering plastic pedals is only 1/10 of that of aluminum alloy pedals, so most of the wheelchairs now use engineering plastics to produce pedals
Q:Quality inspection of PP plastic stool
In the seats, Mazar is the earliest, is the predecessor of stool, a stool in the back into a chair on the evolution. The title is called the civil stool stool stool. Originally used for riding on the horse and on the car, it is also called a horse stool and a stool. Commonly known as the folk name, and "Wu stool", because martial arts people sit like a bell, depending on what is not needed, hence the name. Stools are simple in materials and widely used, so they are larger than chairs. The shape of the stool is very rich, in the early days is rectangular, has been extended to the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty into a square, also appeared circular, fan-shaped, plum shaped, hexagonal stool.
Q:How to repair plastic stool cracks?
1, if the holding time is too long, plastic parts are subjected to excessive pressure, there will be a greater residual stress, easy to cause plastic parts and cracks, which can properly shorten the holding time.2, if the injection pressure is too large, the residual stress will also increase, this stress easily causes cracks in the plastic parts, which should be appropriate to reduce injection pressure.3, if the injection molding must use higher injection pressure, in order to reduce the residual stress in the plastic parts, can reduce the melt and mold temperature, mold temperature and improve the barrel, extend the cooling time of plastic parts, the molecular chain orientation can have time to recover.
Q:On the market of plastic material quality chair so bad why are so expensive
But the quality and material ingredients are available according to the regulations. Of course, do not rule out shoddy businesses. In our experience within the line, many manufacturers are real products for the management of the road.

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