Outdoor Baroque Style-Stacking Leisure Chair

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PP +Powder coated ateel tube


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Q:Transparent plastic, it is best to use what material to make the mold?
Very suitable for mirror polishing requirements of the mold transparent plastic, if the mold is a little polishing is not good, is very obvious
Q:Is the seat of the new idea l wrapped in plastic or non-woven fabrics?
But the import Tiguan has shorter wheelbase, larger front bumper and fender domestic Tiguan not "OFF ROAD" function in off-road performance is superior to the domestic Tiguan, while domestic Tiguan emphasizes fashion and comfort.
Q:What are the manufacturing processes of plastic stools, the techniques and procedures used, and some details
The temperature control of the barrel temperature, injection molding process to control the temperature of barrel temperature and nozzle temperature and mold temperature etc.. The first two kinds of temperature mainly affect the plasticization and flow of plastics, and the latter mainly affects the flow and cooling of plastics. Each kind of plastic has different flow temperature, with a plastic, or as the source of different grades, the flow temperature and decomposition temperature is different, this is because the average molecular weight and molecular weight distribution caused by the different plasticizing process in different types of plastic injection machine in is different, so the selection of materials the cylinder temperature is not the same.
Q:Plastic children bicycle seat belts to Leggings
Use the belt to secure the baby and the seat. At the same time you use the car safety belt fixed to the baby, the vehicle safety belt through the conduction hole seat (usually 9 months to seat 12 years old are the conduction hole, the picture blue label), so it can prevent the vehicle safety belt scratched baby's neck.
Q:Classic Fawkes hatchback seat screw screw plastic cover how to dismantle?
There are holes in the hole, there are screws, it is two blocks together, and two pieces are to be taken out, but also to remove the direction of the rod (plate below) on the 4 screws (13).Fawkes's classic car door locks, the trunk, the tank cover is the same, which control the lock on the above lock, unlock when lock, unlock all the above. To unlock the lock, opened directly from the position of the oil tank cover arrow.
Q:Baby table chair to buy good solid wood and plastic good?
The plastic is so light that it is dangerous for the baby to stand up. Solid wood or good?.The glamour of woodmensal, solid wood, solid Naizang genuine goods at a fair price. Of course, no matter what kind of chair, must be accompanied by an adult.
Q:How do I clean crayon marks in plastic desks and chairs?
Hair dryer method:Use the blower at the crayon mark, blow for a minute, and then wipe it with a damp cloth.
Q:What about the materials for the public seat
Coagulation. Strong water absorption, easy weathering, poor sense of touch, can be used in conjunction with other materials.(4) pottery. The ceramic material by firing into the kiln process due to limited, its size is not too large, easy to deformation, it is difficult to make complex shapes.
Q:Is the kindergarten desk chair good and plastic good?
No obvious water chestnut, will not hurt the child, wood preservative treated, it is very good
Q:The baby chair is wooden or plastic good good
Plastic, we all know that when the mother of the baby will use the mouth to bite the goods, if the baby nibbled barbs or eat some

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