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pvc pipe
Water supply pvc pipe
Water discharge pvc pipe
Plastic PN10 and PN16 pvc pipe
DIN8077, DIN8078, ISO 15874 pvc pipe

Our pipes and fittings can be made according and conforming to the following International Standards:

1) American standard (ASTM Sch 40 & Sch 80, SDR 21, SDR 26, SDR41)

2) British standard (BS 3505, BS 5255, 4515)

3) Singaporean standard (SS 141, SS 272, SS 213)

4) Australian standard (AS 1477, AS 1415)

5) National standard (GB 10002, GB 5836, GB 14823, GB 13664)

6) International standard (ISO 4422, ISO 3633, IEC 614, GY 3050)

PVC Pipe Features

  • Non-conductive: Good insulation, assuring a safe system

  • Smooth surface:  Small friction coefficient to ensure the cables go through smoothly

  • Fire resistance:  Self-extinguishing, do not support combustion

  • Corrosion Resistance:  Resistant to acids, bases and salts, assuring a lower maintenance cost and a longer performance life

  • Impact strength:  Resistant to compression and impact, suitable to be buried in concrete

  • Easy Installation:  solvent cement and threading joining

  • Usage:Electric wires installation, Supply water, Irragation Water, Drainage

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Q:Should I clean out my hamsters tubes already?
I think that you should probably clean it out. Do it at night when he is not in the tubes so you do not disturb him. My hamster sleeps in an attachment that goes on the tubes and she does the same thing with the food, pooping, and peeing in there. She loves when I clean it out for her, I do it about every 2-3 days. If I do not clean it out and wait an extra day if I am busy or something she takes all of the bedding out of it and moves it to the regular cage area herself. So yes I do think that you should clean it, he will probably appreciate it!
Q:I broke off the little plastic part on my oil dipstick in the oil dipstick tube. How can i get it out? My dips?
if you had included the yr/make/model/ AND engine in this we could get very specific on what to do. so, generically, should cover all options on this, saying this in simple terms. if the piece is stuck in the tube, the tube can be removed. no need to drain oil. get some help. follow the tube down to where it plugs into the engine. it will have a screw at the base. or just a tapper fit with other brackets/clamps holding it in place. if the stem is held in place with a screw, you or help can remove it. remove screw, remove any support brackets/clamps, and simply pull. those usually have an o-ring at their base. might need to go to parts store and get another. once in hand, you can clear the tube with what ever. straightened out coat hanger. or the like. if the stem/tube does not have a screw holding it at it's base, it's prolly a tapper fit. and if the engine is an older one, could break during removal. that config, you may want to have a shop do it. that stem/tube brakes, gonna be more to do. not serious, just gonna need some special tools to get it out and repair the tube hole.
Q:Is there a safe & secure way to add plastic bubble tubes to a wire hampster cage?
yes use zip ties, they come in all colors and are very strong and nontoxic
Q:help hamster stuck in his tube!?
Ok my teddy bear hamster got stuck in a cardboard toilet paper roll and (i feel so bad for doing this) but I hit the end of the tube with the palm of my hand and he came out but i don't reccomend you do that. But I dont know it is cardboard or plastic if it is cardbord maybe cut it up if it is plastic hit it with a hammer.
Q:When a mechanic wants to empty a gasoline tank of a car,he fills a plastic tube with gasoline.....?
He makes use of the syphoning effect. you put in a protracted adequate plastic tube into the gas tank and suck as to hold the gas to fill the tube (upwards). earlier achieving mouth, very rapidly pass tube downwards pointing to floor, making particular the tube will now be decrease than the gas tank hollow, this variety, the gas trapped in tube will fall via gravity and it will create a vacuum effect which will suck the gas out.
Q:When you drill a hole, and put a circulatar piece of plastic with a little tube that fits into it...?
wall anchor -- they also have metal ones for mason or brick walls ..... If you are hanging things from the walls, look into those new wall hooks from 3M that paste to the wall and you can peel it off so that you do not damage the wall.
Q:What type of plastic are lip balm tubes made of?
plastic like recycle
Q:What does "DN" and "Dn" mean in plastic pipes? And de?
Plastic pipe, DN said nominal outer diameter, since 2002, the national standard provides DN plastic pipe nominal outer diameter, the abolition of the past Dn, De, de and other several forms of expression. Before that, use Dn, De, De to indicate nominal outside diameter, outer diameter, etc..
Q:How do you escape from a large plastic tube?
Use a blow torch. It's not sharp and it doesn't cut the plastic, it melts it so it's not against the rules.
Q:Does UV light penetrate through plastic pond tubing?
Your going to have two problems with 'plastic'. First it will block some or all of the UV and second the ozone that is generated will attack the plastic making it brittle and prone to breaking.

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