PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving 7KV-IN004

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Product Description:

Product Description of PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving 7KV:




Breakdown Voltage:7KV,


Colour:  red line,  green line, blue line and all kinds of color



Usage/Applications of  PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving 7KV


PVC fiberglass sleeving is fiberglass sleeving coated with PVC resin, with very good flexibility and dielectric features, it is widely used


as insulating and protection material for motor and electric appliance.



Packaging & Delivery of  PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving 7KV


PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving Sleeving


 PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving

 PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving


Production Line of  PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving 7KV

PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving


PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving


PVC Fiberglass Insulation Sleeving


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Q:What is the difference between a ceramic fiber shell and an aluminum silicate tube shell?
Ceramic fiber shell and aluminum silicate tube shell is actually the same kind of thing, just name different. Belong to the family of Portland, ceramic fiber tube and shell is a professional name, aluminum silicate segment is referred to as.
Q:What is the difference between the outer tube and the outer tube?
The inner rubber outer fiber sleeve is extruded from silicone rubber tube and applied to woven glass fiber and then treated with high temperature silicone resin. It has good insulation and temperature protection function.
Q:What are the uses of FRP pipes?
Increase the compressive capacity of the pipe;
Q:What are the uses of glass fiber reinforced plastics?
The automobile and the railway transportation industry: automobile shell and other parts, plastic miniature cars, large passenger car body shell, door, board, column, floor, bottom beam, bumper, instrument panel, vans, and fire tankers, refrigerated vehicles, tractor cab and machine cover etc..
Q:What's the use of a wax pipe in an electrician?
Suitable for wiring, insulation and mechanical guarantee of electric appliance, electric appliance, instrument, instrument, medical equipment, radio, TV set, electric fan, washing machine, etc.. The utility model can also be used for the wire and bushing of the decoration of hotels and families, and can effectively prevent the short-circuit of wires caused by mice and other household diseases.
Q:The use of soft glass fiber insulation casing line please do
But I suggest you still choose silk quilt, wool is more warm, natural, environmental friendly, healthy
Q:How about the 35 thousand volt transformer glass fiber reinforced plastic bushing?
Visual inspection. Large current transformer casing mechanical strength, the production method of the invention patent technology of high insulation dielectric loss less stable, leading to similar products, and stable operation, limit margin test proved that this product is no fire and explosion danger.
Q:How to distinguish between fiberglass cloth coated with silica gel?
Main use:A. electrical insulation: silica cloth has higher electrical insulation level, can withstand high voltage load, can be made of insulation cloth, bushings and other products.B. non metal compensator: silicone cloth can make flexible connection device of the pipeline, which can solve the damage of the pipeline thermal expansion silicone cloth has high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, high elasticity and flexibility, can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, cement, energy and other fields.C. anti-corrosion: silicone rubber coated glass fiber cloth can be used as a pipeline to save the internal and external anti-corrosion layer, good corrosion resistance, high strength, is an ideal anti-corrosion material.D. other areas: silicone rubber coated glass fiber membrane structure materials, can be applied to building sealing materials, high-temperature anti-corrosion conveyor belt, packaging materials and other fields. Color: silver grey, red, black, white, transparent, orange, etc.. Coating type: single-sided or double sided
Q:What are the main uses of high temperature casing?
Emotionally, we mainly refers to the high temperature tube glass fiber casing, the casing outside the glass fiber woven coated with silicone rubber is mainly used for the protection of pipelines and equipment, because it is wide, so we say, high temperature casing generally refers to the glass fiber casing
Q:What are fiberglass tubes, and what are they mainly used for?
Motor winding joints, electric mattress, rice meal fort, electric iron, general electric heating equipment, almost all used.
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