Acrylic fiberglass sleeve with high quality

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Product Description:

FIBERGLASS YARN is made from different glass fiber filaments, which are then gathered and twisted into one individual yarn.

Characteristics :consistent linear density,

Application: Mainly used for weaving various reinforce, insulation, anticorrosion, heat insulation fabric and sleeves etc.

We can supply different shapes and roll weight, such as milk bobbin, 3.5kg big and 1.0g /0/5kg small paper bobbin






Yarn description










ECD450 1/2

ECD450 1/2

60 x 60





ECE225 1/0

ECE225 1/0

60 x 58





ECE225 1/0

ECG150 1/0

60 x 52





ECG75 1/0

ECG75 1/0

44 x 31





ECG37 1/0

ECG37 1/0

48 x 32





ECG37 1/2

ECG37 1/2

44 x 35




  Remark: The above data are only the representative products, there are different threads, such as 1/3,2/2,2/3,1/5……etc. Also have C-Glass yarn.  

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Q:What is the difference between the outer tube and the outer tube?
The inner rubber outer fiber sleeve is extruded from silicone rubber tube and applied to woven glass fiber and then treated with high temperature silicone resin. It has good insulation and temperature protection function.
Q:What are the specifications of PVC threading pipes?
Plastic pipe, PVC (PVC-U) plastic wire, tube (hard pipe). PE threading pipe (winding hose), plastic bellows (flame retardant bellows, wire harness casing, high density bellows, high temperature protective sleeve, etc.)
Q:What are the uses of FRP pipes?
Improve the load capacity of the product to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline medium.Such as desalination of glass steel housings, mainly used in reverse osmosis desalination, dozens of kilograms of pressure.
Q:Characteristics and application of fire protection sleeve of fire protection sleeve
Anti splash, multiple protectionIn the smelting industry, medium temperature of the heating furnace is very high, easy to form high temperature spray (so welding industry), cooling and solidifying slag formed in a pipe or cable, the rubber pipe or cable outer hardening, and ultimately brittle rupture. Without further damage the equipment and cable protection, multi coated silica gel casing after fire, can achieve multiple safety protection, high temperature resistance can be as high as 1300 degrees Celsius, can effectively prevent the molten iron, molten copper, aluminum melting hot melt spray, prevent surrounding cable and equipment was damaged.
Q:What is the role of yellow wax tubes
Insulation used to package the wire, such as wire line is not a part of the ear head exposed, we can work with beeswax first set to the wire clamp wire up to the ear, and then exposed to the ear line wrapped in yellow wax tube
Q:HS how to give components inside the components attached to the material?
Specific in their own fumble, press the K button, all the shortcut keys are out.... The advantage of this software is faster, better sense of material, light and shade more soft, but the effect is still a little worse than VRAY, especially in the simulation of lights, lighting or basic enough.
Q:How about the 35 thousand volt transformer glass fiber reinforced plastic bushing?
Making the capacitor core: using glass fiber winding to the splicing mode according to the ring, the core system is good, in the vacuum tank, water treatment, after dehydration in core casting prepared resin and curing agent, and curing tank;
Q:What are the main uses of high temperature casing?
Rationally, the high temperature casing refers to the high temperature protective sleeve, which includes ceramic bushing, heat insulating sleeve, fireproof sleeve, heat-resisting sleeve, hasp type high temperature bushing, high temperature resistant insulating sleeve, silicone rubber fiber sleeve and so on
Q:What is a high temperature resistant insulated fire protection sleeve?
Characteristics and application:1. safety protection to protect the health of the workersAlkali free glass fiber itself has very strong tension characteristics, will not wrinkle broken, anti sulfuration, smokeless halogen-free non-toxic, pure oxygen combustion, good insulation, followed by organic silica gel after curing, strengthens its safety and environmental protection, effective protection of workers health, reduce the incidence of occupation disease. Unlike asbestos products, they are extremely hazardous to the human body and the environment.2. superior performanceThe organosilicon structure on the surface of the casing contains both organic groups and inorganic structures. This particular composition and molecular structure make it characteristic of organic compounds and inorganic compounds. Compared with other polymer materials, the most prominent is its high temperature resistance. The silicon oxygen bond (SiO) as the main chain structure, C-C bond is 82 thousand and 600 kcal / mole, SiO bond card / 121 thousand in silicon molar, so its high thermal stability, high temperature (or radiation) molecular bond doesn't break, do not break down. Silicone is not only resistant to high temperature and low temperature resistance, can be used in a wide temperature range. Both chemical properties and physical and mechanical properties vary little with temperature.
Q:What's the meaning of GRP cable sheath ncbb100x5?
NCBB means glass fiber reinforced plastic cable protection tube, also a kind of GRP sheath. 100 * 5 means diameter 100mm, and 5 sides are placed side by side.

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