PU Bed with Footboard

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Product Description:

Black Leather Bed

1. size :





2.Material :  PU and wood

3. UKFR  and CA117  pu,sponge and fabric is available

Package of PU bed:

Export standard packing or according to customer's requirement

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Q:California King or Regular King bed.?
Not enough to worry about.......maybe 4'', my calf. king is just about square, In fact, we rotate the mattress sometimes the other way...and it hangs over the box about 2''........good luck.......either is nice. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Q:bedding? for teens please.?
It comes with all of the bedding! Paint your walls the blue color in the quilt! Hope I Helped!
Q:hamter bedding?
You okorder.com/
Q:When moving you child out of the crib which is better a toddler bed or a full siz bed?
The funny thing today is the rush to get kids out of the crib. Did you know that they were originally called 6-year cribs? Well, anyways...so it is...today kids go from crib to bed earlier. IF you're ready to have your daughter go from crib to bed, the usual pro of doing it to a full sized bed is to save money and not have to get a youth bed at all. Obviously that's not an issue for you. Advantages to the youth bed would be to conserve play space in the room, possibly even fitting another child's bed in the room. Also, youth beds often fit in the parent's room. Advantages of the full size (twin) is that the child is less likely to fall off if there are no rails. My personal opinion is that children would do best and be safer in a crib until YOU want them in a bed, since the needs and protection of the child is less the reason for a crib anymore. My favorite child's bed after that is a very low bed...boxsprings and mattress...or just a mattress. It's completely child friendly, and you'd use it more like a lounger during the day. A harmless place to jump, play, and sleep. As the child gets to be a bit bigger and doesn't roll of the mattress as much, they're ready to go up onto a regular bed. Since you do have the youth bed...one good reason I can see for using it is that it's cute...lol. My HUGE advice for the day is to not not not allow your child to begin sleeping with you. Good luck!
Q:What are the main strains of cultured letinous edodes?
Timely sowing according to the climatic characteristics of the temperature requirements of letinous edodes at different growth stages and the North was confirmed, the purpose is to turn color and hair fungus, mushroom three stages of control under the suitable conditions, to ensure the high quality of letinous edodes, has high market efficiency. In the north of the Great Wall area such as Chengde, Zhangjiakou and other places, the climate is characterized by winter cold, summer is cool and can be planted in the spring, in the selection of varieties, high temperature, from 2 to March with low temperature bacteria, letinous edodes robust mycelium bacteria contamination rate is very low. In June, the mycelium was mature and turned out to be mushroom at the right time. 7~9 months coincided with the production of letinous edodes in the southern part of the country. However, the fresh letinous edodes supplied the domestic and overseas markets and made a lot of profit. Letinous edodes of North China plain area cultivation, can be planted in autumn, the temperature variety, in August with natural temperature strain, October turned edge of fruiting, year long autumn mushroom. Winter preservation of bacteria, spring to continue to grow mushrooms, there is a long fruiting period, higher yield.
Q:Hamster bedding question??
kaytee( shaved wood) is one cool bedding brand out there, but sand is for chinchillas.
Q:Are bed bugs attracted by heat or cold temperature?
haha, everyone has bed bugs. i hate to break it to yah, but like everyone when they sleep have millions of really tiny bugs on their skin. true chiz :) but hey, thay dont do anythang. im sure the bugs under your bed are jus a qua~ink~a~dink. :)
Q:How Big is a Queen Size Bed?
Double/Full 54×75 in (137×203 cm) Queen 60×80 in (152x203 cm) King 76×80 in (193×203 cm) Doubles are shorter and not as wide. The difference between a queen and king is the king is wider.
Q:Cute, unique college bedding?
Try okorder.com That's where I usually purchase my bedding from. Hope this helps and good luck =)
Q:How many of you have a water bed?
I wouldn't say that one would need a water bed to have a happy marriage. I don't have one and have been married for 31 years.

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