Prefabricated shipping containers 20ft and 40ft, family luxury holiday house

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Product Description:


1low cost modular house
. low cost
2. easy installation
3 Green and environmental material
4. Power-Saved


1. Firm structure and multiple use.
2. Lost cost and convenient in shippment.


Product description

1.     Container house is a unit house with the size of 6055mm*2435mm*2740mm.

2.     The container house adopts EPS, glass wool or rock wool as heat insulation material.

3.     All the components are standard and prefabricated with the advantage of assembling and disassembling easily. Six skilled workers can finish three modular units in 8 hours.

4.     4sets of standard container house can be packed together to replace the shipping space of one 20ft container.

5.     The container house can be linked freely at length, width and height through the linking kits for bigger structure and different layout.

6.     Waterproof design of galvanized structure, fireproof and heat insulation of material ensure the house to resist heavy wind load of 0.6KN/m2and 8 degree seismic intensity.

7.     The life span of the house is 20-25 years.


1.        Cost Effectiveness

2.        Chemical free, and lower waste

3.        Easy to erect

4.        Safety

5.        Fireproof, termite free

6.        Strong and durable – weatherproof, anti-seismic

7.        Materials will not shrink, rot or warp

8.        Pre-galvanized for rot and corrosion prevention

Benefits of factory built prefabricated houses and villas

Very little maintenance

Reduce environmental pollution and save water

Ease and speed of erection

Easily transportable

Aesthetically pleasing

Buildings can be relocated
  with ease

Priced more economically than brick
and mortar buildings

Buildings can be designed by your choice

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Q:What is the length, width and height of a standard container?
(2) if 40 feet long 1189CM, the carton side is just 41CM long. Can this be a 1189/41=20 case?. In this case, the actual packing will be the actual situation can not be installed?. Please help to talk about the view.
Q:Container knowledgeFirst, container signs, TCNU916745, 45G1. What does 45G1 mean?
A "TCNU916745" is the number "45" 40ft box "G1" ordinary dry cargo box.Two, "T54", "T", "tank", "54" should refer to size and equipment, specifically unclear
Q:Is this a description of the container type? Please be able to help explain
40`GP is a container with 40 feet of dry containers40`RF is a container with a 40 ft refrigerated cabinet
Q:What kind of license do you need to open a container truck
The A2 driver's license can be other models driving: B1 (medium bus), B2 (large trucks), C1 (small car), C2 (small automatic car), C3 (low speed truck), C4 (three cars), M (wheel mechanical vehicle).
Q:Does anyone know the size of the container 40 feet higher?
The content is 11.8M * 2.13M * 2.72M. This is also equipped with light cargo container,
Q:Do I need a container inspection to buy containers?
This is the national accreditation application qualification, so to find the company to help test box proof, need to see clearly the other company qualification, have national accreditation testing qualification.
Q:Generally, when the 20'GP container is in the trailer, how much is the height of the bottom of the cabinet?
Height of container trailer plane (distance from ground) 1.45-1.6 meters. (due to different models)
Q:How much is the high aspect TEU Container Size
20 feet of cabinets: product is 5.69x2.13x2.18 meters, distribution is generally 17.5 tons gross weight, the volume of 24-26 cubic meters. 40 feet of cabinets: product is 11.8x2.13x2.18 meters, distribution is generally 22 tons gross weight, volume of 54 cubic meters.
Q:How many tons of cargo can a container normally hold
Containers have different volumes, so how many goods are loaded?.The container of the same size is slightly different because of the difference of structure and manufacturing materials. The internal volume of containers is an important technical document that must be grasped by the materials department or other packing personnel.
Q:What is the size of the largest cargo container?
Now there are four main types of box type: 20 foot container (20GP): product of 5.69M * 2.13M * 2.18M distribution is generally 17.5 tons gross weight, the volume of 24-26 cubic meters

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