ASME Refrigerating Fluid Tank Container

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Size: 20ft Standard: ASME/GB150

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ASME Refrigerating Fluid Tank Container 

China National Building Materials Group Corporation (hereinafter call CNBM Group) is one the state-owned enterprises. It is mainly in the business of building materials and equipments production. Last year, it ranks 270 in “Global Fortune 500”.


CNBM International Corporation is one of the most important export platform belongs to CNBM Group. It has more than 15 overseas offices all over the world and one logistic part in Dubai. We provide full service to make your cross border business easier and safer.

Being with our trading platform, we would like to make you have a one-stop purchase. All the products listed in our website are strictly selected. You could chose some of them and then put them into on container. Thus will save cost for you.


Refrigerating Fluid Tank Container is manufactured according to GB150 AND ASME. It is light weight with rational and elegant structure, be suitable for transportation by sea, train and truck.




Design Pressure: 0.7~3.45Mpa




Loading medium: R22,R32,R125,R134a,R410 and other refrigerating fluid.

ASME Refrigerating Fluid Tank Container

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Q:How many cargo can 20 feet container hold? How to calculate?
The volume of a 20 foot container is 33.1 cubic meters, and the volume is 28 cubic metersThe actual size of the 20 foot container is: 5.96*2.34*2.38mSuggest you see with packing master software
Q:What is a container?Container, English name container
Container refers to a large load container with a certain strength, stiffness and specifications for turnaround use. Transhipment of goods by container can be carried out directly in the warehouse of the consignor and shipped to the warehouse of the consignee, and the goods shall not be taken out of the container and replaced when the vehicle or vessel is replaced on the way. Therefore, the container is a great invention. The container's greatest success lies in the standardization of its products and the complete set of transportation systems it has built. To make a huge monster truck dozens of tons of standard, and on the basis of the progressive realization of logistics system of ships, ports, routes, roads, bridges, tunnels, transit stations, intermodal matching worldwide, it is one of the great wonders of mankind has ever created. According to the international organization for Standardization (International Organization for Standardization, ISO) 104th provisions of the technical committee shall meet the following conditions: container, container (1) to long-term use repeatedly, with sufficient strength. (2) transferring goods on the way without moving the goods in the container can be changed directly. (3) it can be quickly loaded and loaded, and can be easily changed from one kind of conveyance to another. (4) facilitate the filling and unloading of the goods. (5) a volume of 1 cubic meters (35.32 cubic feet) or more. A large load container that meets the above 5 conditions is called a container.
Q:How do you distinguish the container from the container?
Another way is to look at the container's nameplate with the name and address of the box owner.
Q:Do I need a container inspection to buy containers?
This is the national accreditation application qualification, so to find the company to help test box proof, need to see clearly the other company qualification, have national accreditation testing qualification.
Q:What is the height, width and height of a high cabinet?
Inside diameter: length 12.03M, width 2.35M, height 2.69MOutside diameter: length 12.19M, width 2.44M, high 2.90M
Q:What are the markings for containers?
Hide container is a specially designed for shipment with the nature of the leakage of juice raw goods, a double bottom, can leak out of the liquid storage container.
Q:What's the cube of a container?
The 45 foot high cabinets: Product: 13.58 m X2.34 m X2.71 m, distribution is generally 29 tons gross weight, volume of 86 cubic meters.20 feet of open top cabinets: product of 5.89 meters X2.32 meters X2.31 meters, picking 20 tons gross weight, volume 31.5 cubic meters.40 feet of open top cabinets: product of 12.01 meters X2.33 meters X2.15 meters, picking 30.4 tons gross weight, Volume 65 cubic meters.
Q:What do the English symbols on the container door mean?
1.GROSS WT 71650 LB. 32500 KG, what does this mean?The maximum gross weight of the case (cargo weight + container tare weight) LB is lbs KG is kg1 pounds =0.4536 kg
Q:How many tons can a 20 foot container not exceed?
Simply speaking, 20 feet a general bearing in 23~24 tons, 20 feet maximum load of 27 tons heavier cabinet.Most of the owners for the overweight fees of more than 18 tons of cargo compartment will add the corresponding standard.
Q:Can the two doors of the container be open?
There is a door at the end of the container, which is composed of left and right two, and can be opened, so it can be loaded into goods with a width of less than the width of the door.

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