china 20ft and 40ft shipping containers, family luxury holiday house

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1.Resist sink
2.Fire prevention
3.Damp proof
4.100% free asbestos
5.Special sizes available upon requests

Our company which was established in 1993, is creating the high-quality building and decorative materials constantly through technological innovation, have changed the habits that used the materials in the commercial and residential space. The goals of these changes are to make people get the much higher-quality, healthier building space.

For becoming the leader in the field of environmental protection decorative panels,our company makes a long-term commercial strategy in the industry of modified magnesia cement board. Through the technical research and development, we have 24 patents, including 12 invention patents, and have passed ISO-9001, ISO-14001 certification system.Our company business mainly concentrate in partition system, suspension system, senior decorated system, and the thermal insulation system.

Since 1994 so far, the sale business of our company products are all of the world. Export business has occupied more than 80% of the sales volume of the company.

Our company INSISTS on the idea which is to create calues for customers, sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.

And in order to do the best service for foreign customers, improve the quality of the service, offer more merchandise and commercial opportunities. We founded our company to provide better professional services.

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Shipping container home floor plans

Shipping container home floor plans

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Q:What is the size of the standard container?
At present, the international commonly used dry container (DRYCONTAINER) has:The outer dimensions are 20x8x8 ft 6 inches, referred to as 20 foot containers;40x8x8 feet 6 inches, referred to as 40 feet container;
Q:40F what does the container mean?
40F containers refer to the first letter in English (foot) with a container size of 40 feet and F feet. The container's specifications are 40x8x8 ft 6 inches, referred to as "40 foot container" (inside diameter: 12024*2352*2390mm).International commonly used dry container (DRYCONTAINER) has:
Q:What is the size of the 20 foot container and the size of the 40 foot container?
Width: 2350mm door frame dimension width: 2350mm height: 2154mm40 foot container size: external size is long: 12192mm width: 3438mm height:
Q:What exactly is the weight of a marine container?
The 45 foot high cabinets: Product: 13.58x2.34x2.71 meters, distribution is generally 29 tons gross weight, volume of 86 cubic meters.The 20 foot open top cabinets: product 5.89x2.32x2.31 meters, picking 20 tons gross weight, volume 31.5 cubic meters.The 40 foot open top cabinets: product 12.01x2.33x2.15 meters, picking 30.4 tons gross weight, Volume 65 cubic meters.
Q:What does container container box mean?
Some specifications of products or goods, a fixed size, is expected to put in a container, the space utilization rate as possible as possible, which requires the goods in the container before the need to pre estimate stacking
Q:How many tons can each container hold?
International commonly used dry container (DRYCONTAINER) has:The outer dimensions are 20 feet, X8 feet, X8 feet, 6 inches, referred to as "20 feet container";40 feet, X8 feet, X8 feet, 6 inches, referred to as "40 feet container"; and 40 feet X8 feet, X9 feet 6 inches used in recent years, referred to as "40 feet high cabinet".
Q:40GP container. What are the sizes of the following three sizes?
The internal dimensions of the container are x x long and wide20 feet: 590x234x238cm40 feet: 1203x234x238cm40 feet tall: 1203x234x268cm45 feet: 1355x234x268cmBecause each container production process is different, about all have less than 1cm difference.
Q:Legal issues: land leasing, container housing
Can be counted as temporary construction, but it is best to go to the land and resources department to deal with a temporary construction land procedures, so that in the future will not be punished, involving the demolition will not cause sequelae.
Q:Do I need a container inspection to buy containers?
Question: the case proved that what is generally issued, and whether he has authority? Answer: formal container companies have qualified container inspection and other related qualifications,
Q:What do you mean by "DC", "GD" and "HQ"?
20 '20 foot container40 '40 foot containerHC (HQ) HIGH CUBE large capacity ultra high box, generally 9 higher. 6. "DC DRY CARGO dry containerDG DANGEROUR CARGO dangerous case

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