20FT Cement Tank Container for Transporting Oil and Gas

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Product Description:

Our 20FT Cement Tank Container for Transporting Oil and Gas is ideal for:

Tank containers series mainly used for transportation and storage of chemical liquid products and oil products, because it can be stack up placced, so that, widely used in ware house, and other industries.

Tank container is a pressure vessel mounted in a frame. Frame dimensions comply with the recommendations of the International Standards Organization (ISO). The unit is designed and constructed in accordance with strict international codes for the worldwide carriage of bulk liquids on land, rail and water.

Tank containers are made of stainless steel AISI 316. Tanks are classified according to the specifications of tank shell and fittings. It is this classification that determines what type of product may be carried.

Technical Characteristis:

1. In accordance with ISO standard, international shipping import/export standard.

2. Light weight, multiple liquid carry kinds, long service life, easy clean and maintenance.

3. The 3-5 floor height stacking storage is a great space saver in warehouse.

Tank Container:

Tank: insulation tank/ non-insulation tank/ plastic tank/ pressured vessel

Size: 20ft tank container/ 20ft tank container (C3 pressure vesell)/ 30ft tank container/ 40ft tank container

Item Overall dimensionFull capacityTank material
20ft round or square6058*2438*2591mm20-26m3Carbon-steel,SUS
20ft LPG6058*2438*2591mm24m316MnDR


Product Pinctures:

20FT Cement Tank Container for Transporting Oil and Gas

20FT Cement Tank Container for Transporting Oil and Gas

20FT Cement Tank Container for Transporting Oil and Gas


Q1:What is MOQ of the tank container?

A: 1 set.

Q2: How may types of the tank contaciner?

A: Tank: insulation tank/ non-insulation tank/ plastic tank/ pressured vessel

Size: 20ft tank container/ 20ft tank container (C3 pressure vesell)/ 30ft tank container/ 40ft tank container

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Q:What method of packing can ensure the quantity of packing in assembly line?
Bulk grain with such devices can be used to quickly packing machine, we have a private letter to contact
Q:What day is the free container period from? Please be more specific, thanks
(high box, freezer, open top, garmentainers free of charge for a period of seven days, oil tank, frame box for four days, individual hateful ship company free period is shorter; such as Maersk container demurrage is particularly high)
Q:What is the import port in the container?
In the early stage of container transportation, the structure and specifications of containers are different,ContainerAffected the international circulation of containers, it is urgent to establish international standards for container to facilitate the development of container transportation
Q:What are the sizes of the ordinary containers 20GP, 40GP, 40HC and 45GP?
The 40 foot high cabinets: product is 11.8x2.13x2.72 meters. Distribution is generally 22 tons gross weight, volume of 68 cubic meters.There may be minor errors, but it is inevitable
Q:How much cargo can a 0 foot container hold?
20 feet container with inner diameter =5.90, X, 2.34X 2.38Your carton corresponds to the container's length, width and heightLong: 0.375x15 box =5.63 is smaller than container lengthWidth: 0.21x11 case =2.31 is less than the width of the containerHeight: 0.31x7 layer =2.17 is smaller than container heightThe three directions are all rightTotal: 15x11x7=1155 boxGood luck!
Q:The size of standard containers?
Accurate external dimensions of standard dry cases.20GP: long, 6058* wide, 2438* tall, 2591mm,40GP: long, 12192* wide, 2438* tall, 2591mm,40HC: long, 12192* wide, 2438* tall, 2896mm.
Q:What does "40 ft container TC" mean? The customer sent me the solution
Yes, it doesn't have a top. But it can be covered with canvas. These are special goods. They are made of such cabinets. Are your lamps very large?! Need to go down from the top of the cupboard???
Q:How many models are there in the high cabinets of containers. What are the other models?
Size of a container:Types of containers (also called containers, cabinets):There are usually three kinds20 foot container (20 feet container): the product is 5.69 meters X2.13 meters X2.18 meters, distribution is generally 17.5 tons gross weight, the volume of 24-26 cubic meters.
Q:What is an air container?
First, the quality of the air container must be reduced as much as possible, so the material of the box body is mainly made of aluminum alloy, and conforms to the GB / T15140 regulations;Under the premise of meeting the requirements of strength and stiffness, the quality of the products should be reduced as much as possible;The box itself and its internal structure shall be considered as a limiting device, including the restriction of the cargo in the box and the limitation of the case in the cabin;
Q:How to determine the amount of container loading?
First of all, calculate whether the goods are the carrying capacity of the super box or the carrying capacity of the box. Compare the volume / weight of the container with the volume / weight of the goods. If the goods are smaller than the case, then the calculation of the safe is done. On the contrary, according to the calculation of goods

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