Poultry Air inlet for poultry house

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Our Ventilation & Cooling equipment Poultry Air inlet for poultry house are widely used in Poultry house, Greenhouse, Workshop,Textile industry,Chemical industry,Supermarket, Storage,etc. Where need Fresh air ventilation.

Advantage of air inlet:

1.Made of excellent quality engineering plastic by injection molding, higher density and more firmly.

2.With UV resistant additive, air inlet has stronger anti-aging ability, longer service life, better sealing, flexible opening, with anti-bird nets.

3. With two pulleys design, easy opening, reduce friction, strengthen rope service life.

4. Air inlet door uses the pulley device firstly to reduce friction and strengthen the rope’s service life.

5. Air guide plate for option which efficiently control the air direction. If need it, please notice.

Brief Introduction Poultry Air inlet for poultry house:

1) Material: Excellent engineering plastic+UV resistent additive;

2)Equipment: With Bird protection net, Air giude plate;

3) Stainless steel spring,and other stainless steel parts can be customized as per clients' request.

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