Auto oil-burning heating machine for Greenhouse Heating air heater for poultry/chicken house

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Product Description:

Features Auto oil-burning heating machine for Greenhouse Heating

air heater for poultry/chicken house :

1. Heating area: 300/600/1200 square meters.

2. The combustion chamber is made of stainless steel.

3. Its thermal conversion reaches as high as 90%.

4. Equipped with Riello brand burner, when needed temperature is set, it will automatically start on, fire up, heat up, supply air and stop to keep constant temperature.

5. The heat exchanger uses the three-pass design.

6. Our unique furnace thermal protection and insulation system can minimize heat loss.

7. Pro-environment, cost saving.

Technical Parameter Auto Oil-burning Heating Machine/Hot Blast Stove :

Technical Parameters




Heat output power    kcal/h

50000 kcal/h

100000 kcal/h

200000 kcal/h

Heat efficiency  ≥%





Diesel oil

Diesel oil

Diesel oil

Consumption     kg/h

2-4.9 L/h

5-9.8 L/h

12-19.6 L/h

Way of control




Air flow   m³/h

5000 m³/h

5500 m³/h

7000 m³/h

Temperature rise °C

80-120 °C

80-120 °C

80-120 °C

Power Source  V/Hz




Electric power   kw




Diameter of air outlet mm




Weight     kg








length×width×height  mm

Material of frame

Galvanized +spray paint

Galvanized +spray paint

Galvanized +spray paint

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