Polyester Dope Dyed ATY Yarn

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1000 m²
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10000 m²/month

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100% Polyester





Yarn Type:

Texturized,air textured yarn






S twist or Z twist



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1. 100D-1000D 
2. dope dyed 
3. over 500 colors


Polyester  Dyed ATY Yarn


1.All Kinds of Polyester Air Textured Yarn (ATY): Dope-dyed,Dull, Semi dull and Bright

2. It can be used for  apparel, office furniture decorating fabrics, atuo decorating fabrics, curtain etc.


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We can produce

POY-100 tons per day

FDY-70 tonds per day

DTY-30 tons per day


Our Other Products


Polyester Yarn(black and other color yarn 500 colors):

Products ListSpecification
POY(semi dull and bright):

125D/36F, 165D/48F, 250D/36F,

250D/48F, 500D/96F, 750D/144F,

750D/216F, 1000D/192F

 DTY( semi dull and bright, N-IM and IM):

75D/36F, 100D/36F, 150D/36F,
150D/48F, 200D/96F, 300D/96F,

450/144F, 450D/216F, 600D/192F

  FDY(trilobal bright):150D/48F,150D/72F 300D/96F,
300D/144F, 450D/144F,600D/192F
Polyester Embroidery Thread(180-600TPM,300 colors)150D/2,150D/3

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Q:Calculation formula of yarn twist
⑴. Twist the definition of: yarn around its axis rotation 360 degrees is a twist back. Compositions.s.aints.s.aints.s.aint Rhithers. Rhomenigma L. Rhithers. Rhueigma3232 Uss Rhuexomens. Rhomenicals.s.aints.ithers.
Q:From the yarn to the finished textile fabric production process
Is the famous American chemist Carothers and his research team invented. The main varieties of nylon are nylon 6 and nylon 66, accounting for the absolute dominant, followed by nylon 11, nylon 12, nylon 610, nylon 612, in addition to nylon 1010, nylon 46, nylon 7, nylon 9, nylon 13, Varieties are nylon 6I, nylon 9T and special nylon MXD6 (barrier resin) and so on
Q:What is the textile fancy yarn theory?
4, circle line, decorated line to form a closed circle, wrapped in solid yarn. 5, knot line, decorated yarn to spiral around the core line, but the interval to throw the ring shape. 6, chenille line, in the core dumb sandwiched horizontal yarn. The yarn ends of the yarn are loose. 7, diamond-shaped metal wire, in the metal core (from aluminum foil or sprayed metal material jacket with a transparent protective film made) the outer winding of another color, fine decorative lines and fixed line, with a diamond pattern effect.
Q:What is the reason for the low strength of cotton yarn
Feedback yarn sample feel, the middle part of the local strong is very low, there is no law. 36s yarn broken strong 9.6-10.9cn / tex, 40s yarn broken strength 8.2--10.4cn / tex.
Q:Cotton cotton yarn consumption of cotton how much?
Cotton combed cotton consumption quota: 1.3 tons / ton yarn; yarn per ton of finished yarn 0.77 tons. Polyester cotton carded cotton (cotton 35% polyester 65%) cotton consumption quota: 0.45 tons / ton yarn; (polyester 0.67 tons / ton yarn).
Q:How does the textile shake the knot?
2, the right hand will be the yarn frame on the twisted yarn head to find, put the right hand thumb food fingers pinch the yarn, the two yarn into a cross shape. 3, the right hand thumb fingers pinch the top of the hammer head, along the left hand around the thumb, and then pressure in the cheese under the yarn head.
Q:What is the process of towel in the textile?
Electronic jacquard machine without the need to design a good program, including the flower and auxiliary needle control, dobby machine to design the program, if it is the most original machine to design a spike and shuttle steel plate, Organize the design of the pattern of the organization.
Q:Cotton yarn from the process and use is how to divide
Knitting yarn requires yarn twist small, even dry, to ensure that the knitted sweater of the villi thick, good elasticity, warm and strong. Woven yarn requirements of light, weft knot less, even dry.
Q:What is the diameter of a yarn of 40 yarns?
Where 0.040 is the common diameter coefficient of the medium cotton yarn; if the high diameter cotton yarn (fine cotton yarn) is the common diameter coefficient is 0.037; this coefficient can be based on the yarn volume specific gravity (g / C㎡) formula.
Q:What is the meaning of the yarn?
The process includes the yarn being withdrawn from the bobbin or the bobbin and wound onto the rotating gauze by means of a yarn guide bar and a broken head

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