100% Viscose Yarn for Knitting and Weaving

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100MT/Month m.t./month

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Specification Of 100% Viscose Yarn For Knitting And Weaving From China


1 Yarn Count: NE30-NE50

2 Color: raw white 

3 Material: 100% Viscose 

4 Technics : Spin 

5 Yarn Type: Spun

6 Package: usually pp bags packing , 25kgs per bag , 320 bags / one 20' container (8tons)


Features Of 100% Viscose Yarn For Knitting And Weaving From China


1 Well strength for knitting and weaving

2 Below 330 for knitting , above 380 for weaving


Application Of 100% Viscose Yarn For Knitting And Weaving From China


Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Pilling, Eco-Friendly, Moisture-Absorbent


Usage Of 100% Viscose Yarn For Knitting And Weaving From China


Sewing, Knitting, Hand Knitting, Weaving


Pictures Of 100% Viscose Yarn For Knitting And Weaving From China


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Q:What is the yarn?
Yarn involved in a wide range, if the clothing for the yarn processing out of the textile (such as: spinning sweater), in the cleaning process, the following points need to pay attention to:
Q:What is the yarn inside the textile industry is what kind of yarn?
Touch and see only the consumer's method, the textile industry is not by touch and it seems to distinguish the type of yarn, it is to use the test means.
Q:What is Artex and Artex Products?
According to statistics, Japan, the United States, Germany, Canada and so are the generous consumption of yarn products, but also China's exports of major markets
Q:Will the following kind of yarn which fine? A32 support, B21 support
32 branch is relatively small. "Count" is used to indicate the degree of textile fiber thickness of the unit, the higher the number that the fiber, the count is divided into the number of imperial and metric number
Q:Textile class 21 yarn, 32 shares of what is the meaning of goods ah
Such as the yarn, 21 is a single yarn, 32 shares, equivalent to 16 yarn. So 32 shares more than 21 single yarn to be thick. The yarn is also more expensive than the single yarn.
Q:What is the process of towel in the textile?
Determine the yarn count, warp and weft density, the number of warp yarns and weft yarns (especially yarn-dyed), with a number of pieces, wearing a reed method, jacquard to determine the installation of wear method (in layman's terms, , Wear, mix wear method), reed width, shaft width, yarn consumption, hair times, under the specifications and weight, and so on
Q:Textile spinning workshop car car summary and plan
Summary must have a brief overview of the situation and narrative, some relatively simple, some more detailed. Achievements and shortcomings. This is the main content of the summary. The purpose of the summary is to be sure to score and find out the shortcomings. What are the results, how big, what aspects of performance, how to obtain; the number of shortcomings, in what areas, how to produce, should be written clearly.
Q:What is the diameter of a yarn of 40 yarns?
583.1 is the number of cotton yarns and special Tex conversion factor, such as pure fiber yarn coefficient of 590.54, according to some textile manual query, a 40 British cotton yarn diameter of about 0.14 mm.
Q:What are the types of textile yarns?
Artificial fiber: rayon (RAYON) also known as artificial cotton rayon (VISCOSE), blended fiber: long / short fiber blended yarn, there are T / RT / C two, with brightness: semi-light yarn / Triangular light yarn to processing points:
Q:Forming Principle of Yarn of Textile Industry
But the formation of the mechanism is the same, are controlled by the ladle up and down, spinning the speed of Rao Rao is generally the same.
In recent years the company continue to grow stronger, now has 10 worsted imports, domestic production lines, domestic brand half worsted, worsted 5000 ingot, equipped with computer Mao Dou, synchronization and electronic yarn clearer and air splicing equipment, make product quality grade, more competitive

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