PCB fab 2-20 layers

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: OEM

  • Model Number: customized

  • Number of Layers: 1-32

  • Base Material: FR4 CEM-9 Rogers HF

  • Copper Thickness: 0.5-5 OZ

  • Board Thickness: 0.2-6.0mm

  • Min. Hole Size: 0.2mm

  • Min. Line Width: 4mil

  • Min. Line Spacing: 4mil

  • Surface Finishing: hal immersion gold immersion silver OSP

  • color: red ,green ,yellow, black, white

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:vaccum / anti-static in carton or as your requirement
Delivery Detail:within 20 days after getting your payment


electronic test PCB
b. PCB Clone/Copy,Design
d. Turnkey service
e. UL,SGS,RoSH,TS certificate

 PCB Manufacturer

OurPCB Technical capabilities



Technical capabilities



2-20 layers


Max. Board size



Min. board Thickness

2-layer  0.15mm

4-layer  0.38mm

6-layer  0.55mm

8-layer  0.80mm

10-layer  1.0mm


Min. line Width/Space



Max. Copper thickness



Min. S/M Pitch



Min. hole size



Hole dia. Tolerance (PTH)



Hole dia. Tolerance (NPTH)



Hole position deviation



Outline tolerance



Twist & Bent



Insulation Resistance

>1012 Ω Normal


Electric strength



S/M abrasion



Thermal stress

288°C 20Sec


Test Voltage



Min. blind/buried via

0.15mm  (6mil)


Surface Finished

HAL, ENIG, ImAg, Imsn OSP, Plating AG, Plating gold



FR4,H-TG,Teflon,Rogers,Ceramics,Aluminium, Copper base

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Q:PCB often see that there are several layers of what is the meaning of the circuit board is not only one layer?
The board of the circuit board is not the board itself, is a layer of copper, is the conductor layer, usually one or two layers, multi-layer, then there is a conductive layer in the middle of the board
Q:What kind of circuit board according to plate classification?
FR-4:1) flame retardant copper clad epoxy E glass cloth laminate and adhesive sheet material thereof. Detail specification for IPC4101 number is 21; Tg = 100 DEG C; 2) flame retardant copper clad modified or unmodified epoxy E glass cloth laminate and adhesive sheet material. IPC4101 detailed specification No. 24; Tg 150 DEG C ~200 C; 3) flame retardant copper clad epoxy /PPO glass cloth laminate and adhesive sheet material thereof. IPC4101 detailed specification number 25; Tg150 ~200. 4) flame retardant copper clad modified or unmodified epoxy glass cloth laminated sheet and adhesive sheet material. Detail specification for IPC4101 number is 26; Tg170 ~220 DEG C; 5) flame retardant copper clad E epoxy glass cloth laminate (for catalytic additive). IPC4101 detailed specification No. 82; Tg N/A; 94vo-cem-1
Q:Why PCB circuit board components should be placed on one side
PCB circuit board chip components can be placed on both sides, but the discrete components are generally placed on one side
Q:Circuit board (two panel) IC how to use electric iron to remove it?
The circuit board is mainly composed of the pad, the hole, the mounting hole, the wire, the components, the connector, the filling, the electrical boundary and so on. Common board structure includes single layer board (Single Layer PCB), double deck (Double Layer PCB) and multilayer board (Multi Layer PCB).
Q:What are the dimensions of a single circuit board?
5, Multi layer. Composite layer, the system default gray. Single-sided and double-sided printed on the board, including the level of vias and pads and the level of the line drawing and graphics, because the printed board only bottom pads and vias, double-sided, multilayer printed circuit board in each layer has pads and vias, so called composite layer, single-sided printing in a composite layer, double-sided printed board has the same two composite layer, and multilayer printed circuit board connected via different levels because of the thin copper wire, so the composite layer of multilayer printed circuit board is not the same
Q:What are the circuit board technology?
The 1 circuit board technology: high precision impedance circuit board circuit board circuit board finger buried blind hole circuit board circuit board circuit board plating tin spraying thick copper circuit board with flexible circuit board flexible circuit board single-sided PCB double-sided circuit board multi-layer circuit board
Q:What is the PCB circuit board?
It includes a rigid, flexible and rigid flex single-sided, double-sided and multilayer printed circuit board.x0d printed circuit and printed circuit is a difference between the two, according to GB2036-94, on the insulating base, according to the predetermined design form electric graphic guide printed components or printed wiring and the combination of the two, called printed circuit;
Q:What are the abnormal quality of circuit board development?
A multilayer board is a printed circuit board with three or more layers of conductive pattern layer and insulating material between them, and the conductive patterns are interconnected. Multilayer PCB is a product of high speed, multi-function, large capacity, small volume, thin and lightweight. According to the characteristics of the circuit board if divide into soft board (FPC), and (PCB), flex board (FPCB).
Q:Single sided PCB circuit board how to apply the LED lamp PCB board?
Cultivate a professional engaged in the processing of printed circuit board, a sound from the market development, engineering design, processing and production of one-stop service.
Q:What are the single panel needs to be tested?
Cutting, cutting board, drilling, a copper - Copper - line (dry film, single production) - two copper - plating etch (because it is a single panel, so when the electroplating hanging plate is the best way and the pros and cons of hanging plate, to ensure that the current average)

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