PCB fab 2-20 layers

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name: OEM

  • Model Number: customized

  • Number of Layers: 1-32

  • Base Material: FR4 CEM-9 Rogers HF

  • Copper Thickness: 0.5-5 OZ

  • Board Thickness: 0.2-6.0mm

  • Min. Hole Size: 0.2mm

  • Min. Line Width: 4mil

  • Min. Line Spacing: 4mil

  • Surface Finishing: hal immersion gold immersion silver OSP

  • color: red ,green ,yellow, black, white

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:vaccum / anti-static in carton or as your requirement
Delivery Detail:within 20 days after getting your payment


electronic test PCB
b. PCB Clone/Copy,Design
d. Turnkey service
e. UL,SGS,RoSH,TS certificate

 PCB Manufacturer

OurPCB Technical capabilities



Technical capabilities



2-20 layers


Max. Board size



Min. board Thickness

2-layer  0.15mm

4-layer  0.38mm

6-layer  0.55mm

8-layer  0.80mm

10-layer  1.0mm


Min. line Width/Space



Max. Copper thickness



Min. S/M Pitch



Min. hole size



Hole dia. Tolerance (PTH)



Hole dia. Tolerance (NPTH)



Hole position deviation



Outline tolerance



Twist & Bent



Insulation Resistance

>1012 Ω Normal


Electric strength



S/M abrasion



Thermal stress

288°C 20Sec


Test Voltage



Min. blind/buried via

0.15mm  (6mil)


Surface Finished

HAL, ENIG, ImAg, Imsn OSP, Plating AG, Plating gold



FR4,H-TG,Teflon,Rogers,Ceramics,Aluminium, Copper base

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Q:PCB how long is the single and double sided storage cycle?
It depends on the surface treatment process. In addition to OSP surface treatment for a period of 3 months, other surface processes can be stored for six months.
Q:How to distinguish the circuit board is a single-sided or double-sided or multilayer board?
The difference between a multilayer board and a double sided board, as well as a single layer board, is the number of faces of a circuit board
Q:Circuit board production process is what?
After the formation of the interlayer conducting hole, the metal copper layer is needed to be arranged on the interlayer to complete the conduction of the interlayer circuit. In severe and high pressure washing brush grinding way to clean dust and lint holes on the then Potassium Permanganate solution for removing rubber residue on the surface of the hole wall copper. Soak up the tin and palladium colloid layer on the clean hole wall, and then restore it to palladium. The circuit board is immersed in a chemical copper solution, and the copper ions in the solution are reduced and deposited on the hole wall by the catalysis of palladium metal to form a through hole circuit. The copper layer in the through hole is thickened to resist the thickness of the subsequent processing and the impact of the environment in the way of the copper plating bath.
Q:Single sided PCB circuit board how to apply the LED lamp PCB board?
Since its inception in 2001, the rapid development of the scale, with more than 5000 square meters of factory buildings, more than 200 employees. The introduction of a complete set of advanced production equipment
Q:What kind of circuit board according to plate classification?
The first is a single panel, in the most basic PCB, the parts are concentrated in one side, the conductor is concentrated on the other side. Because the wire only appears on one side, it is called the PCB. Single panel is usually simple, low cost, but the drawback is that it can not be applied to complex products. Double panel is an extension of a single panel, when the single layer wiring can not meet the needs of electronic products, it is necessary to use a double-sided board. Both sides of the copper covered with a line, and through the hole to pass through the two layers of the line, so that the formation of the required network connection.
Q:What are the dimensions of a single circuit board?
The level of a single circuit board is usually made up of the following 5 aspects: 1. The TOP layer. The top copper thin wire layer, referred to as: the top line or the top, the system default is red. This level in the double-sided printed board that is the top of the copper thin wire, in a single-sided printed board, said the jumper. 2, BOT layer. The bottom layer of copper thin line, referred to as: the bottom line or the bottom layer, the system default for the blue. This layer represents a thin copper strip that connects the pads and vias of the circuit board, but does not include the pads and vias.
Q:After the circuit board is a double - coated copper or a single side of the copper cover good?
The so-called copper cover, is on the PCB idle space as the reference surface, and then filled with solid copper, copper is also known as copper. The significance of copper coating is to reduce the ground resistance and improve the anti-jamming ability
Q:What is the use of circuit boards?
The circuit board makes the circuit miniaturization and intuitive, and plays an important role in the mass production and optimization of the electrical layout of the fixed circuit.
Q:What is the processing of waste printed circuit boards?
Non metal powder as a filler is a very good method, but need to consider the depth of grinding, cost, dosage, dust pollution and other issues, if you can find a good solution, will have broad prospects for development.
Q:What circuit board belongs to difficulty board? Why?
Because of its complex process, the process, equipment requirements are very high.

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