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Layer: 2
Material: FR4
Board thickness: 1.6mm
Surface finish: lead free HAL
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Q:What kind of PCB board is called HDI board?
1) .pcb. The most common suffix, a lot of PCB design files are the suffix, one of the most common is Protel99, PADS, in addition to including ZUKEN company Cadstar, CR5000, Altimum P-CAD,
Q:How to judge the use of double-sided ok ok ah
Plate surface should be smooth, no burr groove marks and planer marks, no glue phenomenon, the board without local yellow, black and other pollution.
Q:What is the most important difference between the PCB board and the second floor?
Speak, is the four-layer board has the inner layer, in terms of the process will be through the inner layer of some of the etching, after pressing to suppress.
Q:What does the double-sided panel mean?
Because the earliest, the most difficult is the hole in the copper (how in the copper wall of copper without copper), this is the distinction between the double-sided, single-sided the most important basis.But the double double-sided, but both sides of the copper, but the hole
Q:My PCB in the power supply should be a single panel or a double panel
Of course, would like to use a single panel can also be encountered in the place where the hook does not work like a jumper.
Q:Do you have a double - panel wardrobe environmental protection?
If this plate is useless, wardrobe is no paint is good, otherwise, the new wardrobe or cause pollution.
Q:Is it the same material for the double panel and the cabinet door?
the veneer has good wear resistance, scratch resistance and other physical properties, the surface is flat, easy to deformation, easy to clean and easy to wipe and so on. (EGGER board for the representative of such plates) is therefore more suitable as a kitchen furniture requirements, color suitable for all age groups of consumer groups, and have a good resistance to fire performance, and excellent chemical properties.
Q:Pcb double panel if there is a simulated ground and digital to the two to be split?
they and digital ground will be used inductors or 0 ohm resistance or other means connected to a single location. Some of the analog and digital ground of the PCB is divided into copper,
Q:PCB double-sided board on both sides of the components how wiring ah
The general is the top cloth red line, the bottom of the cloth blue line. The middle plus the hole, and then copper, it is recommended to automatically wiring, a lot of words, then it is difficult to manually wiring, as long as the cloth after their own good changes to look good
Q:What is the difference between a single panel and a double panel?
Double board is ultra-thin circuit boards, ultra-thin circuit boards, printed circuit boards, printed circuit boards, Kunshan circuit boards, special circuit boards, special circuit boards, circuit mills, circuit boards, soft circuit boards, Flexible board, flexible circuit boards, flexible circuit boards, aluminum-based circuit boards, PCB board, circuit boards, circuit boards, PCB board, aluminum plate, high-frequency board, PCB

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