Outdoor Used High Anti-Corrosion LED Lamp Fixture

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Detailed Product Description of Outdoor Used High Anti-Corrosion LED Lamp Fixture


outdoor used in hard environment aluminum LED lamp fixture,best anti-corrosion,surface anodizing and powder coating



Features of Outdoor Used High Anti-Corrosion LED Lamp Fixture


*outdoor used aluminum LED lamp fixture street light, tunnel lamp,garden light,station light.


*technique to make the fixture: die-casting processing


*strong anti-corrosion to meet IP65 rate


*surface finish available by painting, anodizing,trivalent chromate,powder coating


*years' experience in serving LED Lighting industry for Euro customers.


*customized drawing in stp,step, igs, dwg,pdf,tiff,jpeg files are available

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Q:What kind of material does the general ground wire use? What specifications?
Diameter HPB10mm galvanized round steel to do the grounding network, bridging, with 4 * 40 galvanized steel lead welding connection grounding.
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is a Gothic architectural form, it built all the use of stone, which is characterized by tall and straight, magnificent, the whole building solemn harmony
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Mainly in the firing process, due to uneven temperature or lack of time and other effects, so that the firing is not sufficient, in its long-term use, by high temperature, some physical and chemical changes will continue, so that the refractory The volume of the material expands or shrinks This change has a great damaging effect on the masonry of the thermal kiln, and it is necessary to strengthen the firing control in the production of the product so that the index is controlled within the standard even to a smaller value Commonly used refractory baking line changes in the national standards are provided Rebirth line changes, also known as residual line changes, refers to the firing of refractory material heated to high temperature, the length of the irreversible changes occurred The specific definition is that the refractory sample is heated to the specified temperature The residual expansion or contraction of the length after cooling to room temperature for a certain period of time Heating constant line change rate refers to the firing of the fire-resistant ball again heated to the specified temperature, heat for a certain time, cooled to room temperature after the residual expansion and contraction Positive sign "+" means expansion, negative sign "-" means contraction It is an effective process to increase the firing temperature and prolong the holding time in order to control the change rate of the permanent cooling of the refractory ball within the standard even lower But it should not be too high, otherwise it will cause the deformation of the fireball, glass vitreous, reduce the thermal shock resistance
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000 households for compensation, claims up to 2
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Different. Polycarbonate is a common material. Because of its colorless transparency and excellent impact resistance, daily common applications are CDs, glasses, water bottles, bulletproof glass, goggles, bank anti-bullet glass, headlights, etc., animal cage pet cage and so on. Polycarbonate PC is also a kind of material used in the notebook computer shell, its raw material is oil, after the polyester chip processing plant has become a polyester chip particles, and then processed by the plastic factory has become a finished product, from a practical point of view , Its thermal performance than ABS plastic is better, more uniform dispersion of heat. The use of this material is more significant is FUJITSU, and in many models are used in this material, but also the whole shell are using this material. Whether from the surface or from the touch of feeling, PC-GF material feels like metal. If the laptop does not identify the words, just look from the outside surface is not careful to observe, may think it is alloy. Polycarbonate is also used to make moonlight astronauts helmets. Apple's iPod music player and ibook laptop shell are also made using polycarbonate. Because of its clarity and toughness, producers and purchasers of food stores like polycarbonate fibers. When compared with silica glass, polycarbonate fibers are as lightweight and highly friable. Polycarbonate fiber is used for disposable plastic water bottles and heavy plastic bottles. Chemical properties of polycarbonate resistant acid, resistant to neutral oil. Polycarbonate is not resistant to ultraviolet light, intolerant alkali.
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