Outdoor Aluminum LED Tunnel Light Housing

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Product Description:

Detailed Product Description

1)aluminum LED tunnel light housing

2)made by die casting proces

3)long life,good heat-radiation

4)surface silver coating


1)outdoor used aluminum tunnel LED light housing

2)good heat-radiation with long ribs

3)made by die casting process in bulk order

4)accurate dimension by drilling,threading

5)100% theading inspection before shipping

6)fast delivery for big quantity

7)used outdoor intunnel or in workshop

Service: Designing and Manufacturing, welcome OEM drawing.

Existing exported: to ITALY andUSA.


13 cold chamber high pressure die casting machines from 160-1600metric ton

11 precise CNC machines

more than 50 drilling and milling machines

Weight range: 20g~20000g Processing: die casting, drilling, threading,CNC machining, lathe turning.

Surface finish: anodizing, tervalent chromate, painting, powder coating,etc.

3-5 dedicated people work on your parts to assure the quality.

Contact us today to know more. All your inquiries will be answered in 24 hours.

The photo on the web is only for your reference,not for sale.

Existing Machines Technical Data:
Die-Casting Machine Tonne Suitable Part Weight (kg) Part Projection Area (sqcm) Max.Mould Size(mm)
160t 0.5-1.0 72.5-175 460*460
280t 0.8-1.5 170-335 560*560
400t 1.4-2.4 275-490 620*620
500t 2.58-4.26 405-680 760*760
630t 2.58-4.32 395-655 750*750
800t 4.32-6.72 600-940 910*910
1000t 5.7-10.14 730-1305 1030*1030
1600t 10.2-19.2 1165-2190 1180*1180

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