Galvanized Steel Wire Strand for Optical Fiber Cable

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Product Description:

Galvanized Wire, Wire Galvanized

1.Material: 45,65,70, 72A, 72B, 82B, 65Mn

2. Surface Coating: Galvanized

3. Characteristic: High tensile strength,small tolerance

                            Shiny surface, good corrosion prevention
4. Packing type:Spool; Coil

5. Application: Being used for stranded conductors in overhead power circuitry
6. Remarks during use and handling:

a. During transportation, handle softly and carefully, avoid bumping and damaging the steel wires. Moisture and rain prohibited. Steel wires must be stored in dry and well ventilated indoors
b. Pay attention to the direction of steel wires when paying-off. Be sure the spools or coilis rotationg freely as to achieve identical tension of all the steel wires

c.  In case of batch usage, the remaining should be repacked to avoid oxidizing of the surface to guarantee coating  

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Q:How to do the decoration of the ceiling when the lines are done
From the intersection between the use of pipelines or directly laying into the center of each partition, the district by the partition of the center of the cable through the wall or column lead to the communication leads, but also in the center set the adapter, the large capacity cable is divided into several small Cable to the communication terminal
Q:How sticky gypsum line? What is the best material to do sticky material?
Gypsum line to use the gas nail gun shot on the wall, with the wall of the junction of the gap, with gypsum mud to add. If only choose the glue method, the most effective plastic push the glass glue, easy to get. First with high-quality gypsum powder add gypsum line special adhesive glue, stir well, in the use of blade paste, according to the meridians of the gypsum line on its "carving", and so a little bit of hardness, and then water brush Water, but for the decoration of the gypsum wall repair is not everyone can do. Secondly, if the color of gypsum line is not satisfied, we can use paint to refresh. Gypsum line: is the decoration of the building materials, the main interior decoration. Can bring a variety of patterns practical and beautiful. With fire, moisture, insulation, noise, heat insulation, and can play a luxurious decorative effect. Poor plaster relief products cheaper prices 1/3 to 1/2. This low price is attractive to the user, but often after installation and use of obvious defects (such as yellowing, cracks), resulting in regret.
Q:The first time to open building materials gypsum lines should have what ability
Ybmabvnbxn if it is a d on behalf of the open e, need:
Q:2013 to build a regulation Article 77: special requirements of the building materials, special equipment, production lines, etc. can be designated by the design unit. This sentence is
The answer you are wrong is wrong
Q:My job is to do the building materials test, the work will often encounter painting soil real report of the curve, I would like to ask if there is no software input figures can be automatically generated?
You can create a curve graph with arrows
Q:Lightning mine in the design of the mine what is the best use of materials?
It is best to use galvanized flat iron. But there is a requirement to ground resistance must be considered 4 ohm qualified.
Q:Why many people decorate the house when you like to use PU lines, PU wall panels and other top European decorative materials? What are their characteristics?
Mainly because of light, easy installation, no cracking, not mold, easy to do all kinds of dyed, because it is relatively sophisticated mold production, so the surface is much better than the plaster, pattern more three-dimensional, good texture. Insulation. Can guarantee decades of quality, you can scrub. But also non-top building materials, foreign countries have been very popular, the price is not high, but in the country the same price here will appear higher. Modern people pay more and more attention is not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly. PU building materials just have this advantage. Naturally slowly developed into a mainstream material. If the price of PU raw materials can fall, PU decorative materials will develop more rapid.
Q:Ask the master who, the following picture of the background wall is what material to do? What side of the line with what, then the wall of the black bars how to do ah?
Black lines on the wall is wallpaper, gray frame is also wallpaper, white border is gypsum board to do
Q:Many people say that online building materials can not touch, not particularly Kaopu, do you think?
I think like B2B building materials platform on the line, but the levy on the enterprise, the natural consumer groups themselves understand building materials, do not need to touch what ah, was about to ensure genuine, price concessions, naturally is Kaopu.
Q:What is the new way to buy building materials? How can we avoid rebate?
You buy a more famous brand of ordinary goods on the line

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