Precise Metal Machining Hardware Parts

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Product Description:

Detailed Product Description

1)precise metal machining parts

2)aluminum machining parts

3)small order availbale

4)material:aluminum,steel,stainless steel

Detailed Parts Description:

*precise metal machining hardware parts

*metal hardware parts in auto,hydralic,medical,vessel,general machinery industries.

*kinds of material available: aluminum alloy, carbon steel,stainless steel,copper,brass,etc

*process available: die casting, gravity casting,stamping,punching,drilling,threading,CNC lathe and machining,turning,etc.

*welcome OEM drawings in pdf,jpeg,tiff,dwg,dxf, igs,step,stp

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Q:What is the difference between hysteresis loops of hard and magnetic materials and soft magnetic materials?
Magnetic material according to the material coercivity to distinguish whether the material belongs to permanent magnet material or soft magnetic material, the general distinction between the standard: 1-10KA / m between.
Q:Special requirements of the building materials for special equipment, process lines, etc. can be designated by the design unit What is the description of the wrong?
Article 22 of the Regulations on Quality Management of Construction Projects stipulates that the construction materials, building fittings and equipment used in the design documents shall specify the technical specifications such as specifications, models and performance, and the quality requirements must meet the standards stipulated by the State The In addition to special requirements of the building materials, special equipment, production lines, the design unit shall not specify the production plant, suppliers. It should be expressed as: the special requirements of the building materials for equipment, production lines and other manufacturers, suppliers can be designated by the design unit.
Q:Will the CAD used to note the material line how to draw? Is the beginning with a small dotted line, there are shortcuts What is the hope you prawn help brother Thank you
In the lead to set, the arrow type to "point" can be, and you use the CAD which version of it, find a matching version of the Tsinghua Tianhe plug-in, installed, it is very easy
Q:How do you install and how to do the louvers on the bathroom door?
Bathroom doors below the blinds are woody and steel, and if it is the need for wooden shutters recommended to the local building materials market sales of wooden lines of the store made
Q:Gypsum lines, plaster skirt, gypsum board pressure side and other issues
In addition, you said the price that is because the local differences, I can not tell, you can go to the building materials market to ask, take a few more about it
Q:What material to do the sound line no matter how good
The second is gold, but too expensive
Q:Simple modern decoration TV back wall with what material is good
The background wall can be travertine, tiles, sandstone, relief, wood carving, gold foil, wallpaper, soft package, the side of the silver mirror mirror mirror can also be gypsum board pumping tank latex paint, edge can be used stone lines, , Gypsum lines, titanium, stainless steel. You can search the Internet under the "interior decoration map Daquan" can find a lot about the decoration effect map information, of course, more interior decoration information suggest you to the professional home network reference to understand, hope to help you!
Q:What is the material for the zebra crossing? Can the cement floor be slippery?
Zebra is a common white paint brush, the zebra line is divided into three kinds of materials, one Road paint, the service life is relatively short, generally three or four months to brush a paint, because it is reflective, and may rain and snow There will be some slippery, the current use of the city is the most road paint; the second is the line with the line, had to trace the history of the United States and the United States is not slippery, but with the use of the surface of the reflective surface will wear , Pedestrians will feel more slippery, but the road with a long life, usually two years, the construction of the most convenient, the price is also the cheapest; Third, hot melt material, that is, netizens said non-slip material, the surface Not very flat, the largest coefficient of friction is the best material, life is two years, but the laying of the need to spend a lot of manpower, and hot melt material prices are relatively high.
Q:What is the pattern of rubber in the profile in CAD?
With a 45-degree oblique grid line, in addition to the provisions of the section has been a symbol of the metal material is a 45-degree oblique grid line according to GB / T4457.5-2013 mechanical drawing profile area of the representation of non-metal profile line should be Meet the following requirements. In CAD, the general use of ANSI37 material uniform material of non-metallic materials, materials, uneven material mixture, then in the "other predefined" to select a similar pattern
Q:Does anyone know where to get the model of building materials?
Go to a special place to buy materials, say your decoration company, and then take some samples
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