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Product Description:

Detailed Product Description

-cnc turning parts

-precise hardware components

-cnc machining parts

-material:aluminum,steel,stainless steel,copper

Detailed Parts Description:

*CNC lathe turning aluminum parts

*service industry: auto,hydralic,medical,vessel,general machinery industries.

*kinds of material available: aluminum alloy, carbon steel,stainless steel,copper,brass,etc

*process available: die casting, gravity casting, low pressure casting,stamping,punching,drilling,threading,CNC lathe and machining,turning,etc.

*welcome OEM drawings in pdf,jpeg,tiff,dwg,dxf, igs,step,stp

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Q:What is the difference between hysteresis loops of hard and magnetic materials and soft magnetic materials?
Soft magnetic material is characterized by large magnetic permeability, coercive force is small (Hc is about 1A / m), so hysteresis loop was elongated; hard magnetic material is characterized by large coercivity (Hc> 100A / m ), So hysteresis loop is wide, the area surrounded by a larger.
Q:Will the basketball surface there are a few lines of basketball is what made
In fact, each of the lines of basketball are not the same `, are generally 6 or 8 role is: increase friction, adsorption of basketball production materials are: liner: the ball, the heart of basketball, basketball in the innermost , With black rubber and t
Q:VAT general taxpayer, the construction of a production line with the use of raw materials for production inventory and construction of raw materials used in the accounting entries.
. by: construction in progress loans: raw materials tax payable - should pay VAT (entry), by: construction in progress: credit: raw materials: tax payable - payable VAT (sales) 1700
Q:SWP-B What is the material SWP-B piano wire where to buy?
The company mainly engaged in imported steel, imported metal materials, sales of more than 000 kinds of steel materials: die steel, tool steel, structural steel, carbon steel, powder steel, high speed steel, tungsten steel (carbide steel) Chrome molybdenum alloy steel, heat-resistant steel, stainless steel, tensile steel, bearing steel, spring steel, alloy tool steel, hot plate, cold rolling double light board Grey cast iron Metal: red copper, brass, bronze, phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, tungsten copper, cup copper, tin bronze, phosphor bronze, tin tungsten copper, tin zinc copper, foreign copper, chromium zirconium copper, zirconium bronze Aluminum alloy aluminum alloy aluminum alloy aluminum alloy aluminum alloy aluminum alloy high temperature alloy zinc alloy titanium alloy magnesium alloy soft magnetic alloy
Q:Can the tile wall and the roof be made of gypsum wire
If the tiles have been affixed to the really does not fit in the tiles posted gypsum line stickers are not strong, a long time may be out if you really want to paste plaster line try to choose a little narrow (light) with other materials can also be compared to wood, And so the most critical is to and tiles in the color to coordinate the market to find may be able to find
Q:What is the process flow of the refractory press machine production line?
Hello there! Refractory pressure ball machine production line mainly has the following equipment composition: refractory material feeder, refractory biaxial mixer, refractory liquid mixing bucket, refractory drying machine, refractory pressure ball machine refractory pressure ball machine production line process Supply> Refractory material: Supply of refractory material Supply of refractory material Information Name: Supply of refractory material Published: 2012-03-17 Validity: 30 Specifications: Quantity: 0.00 Price Description: Negotiable Detailed Product Description: Refractory material: refractory material is a metallurgical industry in a The most important insulation materials, the production of relatively large amount. . refractory material feeder: control the entire production line, to ensure uniform feeding, to ensure that the machine feeding evenly. . refractory liquid mixing bucket: the main principle is: the motor driven spindle - auxiliary bearings - blade rotation, through a professional design, so that the product no dead mix of mixing, so as to achieve the actual mixing effect. Equipment certain shape can be produced according to customer needs. . refractory biaxial mixer: and the adhesive can be fully stirred evenly, control the amount of the entire production line to ensure that the machine feeding evenly. . refractory pressure ball machine: after a good encryption of raw materials, pressed into a ball to ensure that the powder powder into the ball of the strength and density, that is finished. . refractory dryer: the use of refractory properties and refractory gravity of their own use of low temperature and large amount of air to the refractory pellets drying to the blast furnace smelting the most desirable drying equipment.
Q:Will the decoration of half of the material which needs to be prepared in advance
There are some cabinet hardware, the other you can say hello in advance, did not say hello to sign a half package contract, serve your gas
Q:Does the Trade and Industry Bureau classify the wire and cable into what kind of building materials?
Wire and cable is a building materials, wire and cable use different classification is also different: 1. Wire and cable in the construction process is the installation of materials. 2. Pure material category belongs to the electrical category, the socket used in the cable belongs to the electrician, sub-weak and strong electricity. Figure: Material: Electrical cable:
Q:How do you install and how to do the louvers on the bathroom door?
If it is made of plastic blinds to make steel doors made of shops
Q:Help pc material resistant to ultraviolet light? Online and so on
Ultraviolet rays have a damaging effect on any kind of plastic. Pc material should be better!
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