MINIX NT-1 High Quality Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Subwoofer Headset Headphone With NFC White

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Product Description:MINIX NT-1 High Quality Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Subwoofer Headset Headphone With NFC White, Bluetooch Version : Bluetooth V3.0+EDR ; Support: HSP, HFP,A2DP and AVRCP

Driver Unit : 40mm

Speaker Impedance : 32 +15%

Speaker Frequency Range : 20 - 20KHz

Output S.P.I : 93+/- 3db

Mic. Dimension : 6mm

Mic. Impedance : 2.2 K

Buttons : Volume (+/-); Song (Previous/Next); MFB pair/ answer call/ reject call/ end call/ redial

Operating Range : 10 meters (33 feet)

Operating Time: Music : Up to 10 hours; Talk Time : Up to 11 hours

Standby Time: Up to 250 hours

Input: DC: 5V/160mA

Charging time: Approx - 2 hours

Microphone: Built-in 360 Directional

Rechargeable : Micro USB cable

Polymer-Li battery : 320 mAh

Product dimensions : 140 x 170 x 53 mm (W x H x D)

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If you set the right thing, it will bring back the spirits of the whole family cinema sound system. The main speakers, the general height of the first three should be flat. Side surround sound, the vertical height of the installation can be about 2 meters.
Q:How do you control home theater systems in general?
Some speakers brand production chamber of Commerce to provide the appropriate APP procedures, and some are through the smart control panel to control, this depends on the specific circumstances
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Made by myself, unless it is a professional fan level users, for the performance of the theater equipment are well understood, and have some sound and acoustic knowledge,Otherwise, do not recommend their own DIY, rather than to the professional home theater company to do, the company livable intelligent video audio and video technology consultant young, users throughout the Changsha the villa development, such as water Ying California, world grand Mingdi, can visit the nearest site, very convenient,
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The home theater sound is refers to the specially for the movie broadcast configuration acoustics, as the name suggests, in the sound effect, its style should be close to the movie theater style. Home theater audio involves a lot of aspects, power amplifier, speakers, speakers layout, sound field environment will affect the sound quality.Continuous innovation to electronic products, more and more people will enjoy life, the design of home theater sound formed a popular trend, and now the LCD TV meet most home theater vision needs to perfect fusion in visual and audio, home theater sound will be an essential part of.And now popular use of projectors to watch high-definition large wave, then add cost-effective home theater stereo to match, more extraordinary cinema audio and video effects. However, the choice of home theater audio equipment and cost performance has become the core issue! According to the feedback of many users, sets of treasure audio network is a very cost-effective home theater sound, very suitable for novice reference.As the home theater audio in the sound style and theater style close, so in general, the minimum configuration should be 5.1, decoding Dolby, DTS realize surround sound. Dolby is also known as the digital amplifier AC-3 amplifier with a Dolby digital decoding function of the AV power amplifier, AV power amplifier is designed for home theater amplifier design, generally have more than 4 of the number of channels and surround sound decoding function.These are some personal views on the home theater audio, and I hope to help you!
Q:What else is there in the home theater now besides using DVD?
Blue light (Blu-ray DVD) is the best choice for you, there are sales in many stores now, and the price is not expensive, the Blu ray DVD and Blu ray discs, can reach the standard of 1080i, Blu ray discs are available in the professional video store.
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My new house was wired for home cinema, and then I gave up. But overall, without projection, mostly from behind the TV cabinet position to the sofa wall around the buried an audio line, for the left back and right back surround speakers,
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Blu ray or HD HD player and ordinary power amplifier connectionIf you have a blu ray player or HD DVD player, so they must have been with HDMI interface (general new products with HDMI 1.3, before the product is likely to be 1.1 or 1.2), and they also have coaxial digital output and optical digital output interface, it and the general power amplifier (said here the common amplifier is non HDMI port 1.3, Dolby BTrueHD and DTS-HD do not support MA decoding amplifier) there are three kinds of access methods, and the three methods were suitable for all kinds of HDMI interface with the HD player, including HD player, HD set-top box, HD DV.(1) if your Blu ray player or HD DVD player with a HDMI output interface, HDMI interface and power amplifier not only, or coaxial optical fiber interface (general power amplifier has these two interfaces or one of them), then you will play is the connection method for the HDMI through the HDMI interface (TV input mentioned here are the TV with HDMI interface, if the TV does not have the HDMI interface by DVI, color line or S video input terminal, and below said here is the same, no special instructions), audio signal through the optical fiber and coaxial input amplifier.(2) if your Blu ray player or HD DVD player with a HDMI output interface, and amplifier with 2 HDMI interface (HDMI interface with the power amplifier is the most basic configuration of 1 HDMI input and 1 HDMI output), HDMI input interface then you is the output interface of HDMI player insert the power amplifier through the HDMI line, and HDMI output amplifier connected tv.(3) if your Blu ray player or HD DVD player with two or more HDMI output interface, and amplifier with HDMI interface, then you is the two HDMI player interface one input amplifier, a TV input. You can also use the method of (2) points.
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You that amplifier and CD-ROM is one, you change the CD-ROM is not over, and DVD itself does not support 5.1 output!
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First of all, give the landlord a definite answer: it's a good choice to use Amie's invisible stereo as a home theater sound system.Then talk about the features of this stealth audio product:1., embedded walls and walls are integrated, saving space, decoration will not occupy any use of space, this from the appearance, completely can not see the sound box clues.2., sound quality effect is good, without the sound field environment transformation (this is a very BUG, traditional sound should do sound absorption, sound insulation and other sound field transformation processing).
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Sound is an important part of it. A good speaker, the sound is certainly more complete and true, can hear different musical instruments to play the sound, and the sound is smooth, there is no obvious distortion, make people feel uncomfortable. When we use the stereo, we should pay attention to distinguish the small differences between some sounds. If you think there is no other big difference, this stereo equipment is good
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Location Shenzhen,China
Year Established 2008
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Eastern and Western Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East.
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Nearest Port Shenzhen
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 30 People
Language Spoken: Chinese
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Factory Size: Above 5,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines About 4
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Professional