Military Camouflage Rain Coat Polyester 100% Waterproof Men's Rain Suits

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Product Description:

Quick Details

·         Type: Raincoats

·         Material: Polyester

·         Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

·         Brand Name: CNBM

·         Model Number: CNBM RC-002

·         type: raincoat

·         material: waterproof material

·         color: camouflage

·         size: 210*150CM

·         carton size: 46x32x675px

·         N.W: 20KG

·         G.W: 21kg

·         40HQ pcs: 24990




Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

PR/CTN:20sets/ctn Carton size :46x32x675px G.W.:21KG   N.W.:20KG

Delivery Detail:

30 days or depends on your order


 Rubberized Camouflage Rain Coat   Polyester 100% Waterproof Men's Rain Suits










  CE EN388


 1.100%Water proof,high quality

 2.Thickness: 0.18mm, other thickness also   available .

 3.Have much experirnce in safety pruducts

 4.Can provide best price to custom

 5.Have mass clients from all over the world.


1.One set per polybag,

2. Provide packing mode of sliding card

Quantity Per Carton

 20 sets per carton or as your request

Carton Size(CM)

   L*W*H:     46x32x27

Weight Of A Carton(kgs)

  G.W.:21KG      N.W.:20KG

Military Camouflage  Rain Coat Polyester 100% Waterproof Men's Rain Suits

Military Camouflage  Rain Coat Polyester 100% Waterproof Men's Rain Suits

Military Camouflage  Rain Coat Polyester 100% Waterproof Men's Rain Suits


Military camouflage raincoat

1.        This product is double Anti-close breathable design, hidden-style hat. Separate the upper and lower sets, anti-theft waterproof pockets, casual style camouflage raincoat

2.        The company's products in strict accordance with industry standards SB/T10284-1997 implementation.Technology has reached the commissure 2Kpa one hour impermeable,  material 30Kpa one hour impermeable, with color film is greater than 3.0; commissure tensile strength greater than 3.8KNm.

3.        The models support a variety of fabrics:nylon taffeta series, POLYESTER , PONGEE series. Peach skin  series, oxford series, glue series, pure PVC series, square, diamond lattice, a small box, floral patterns, Ming flowers, such as transfer printing, coating can be made: PVC series, PU series, transparent plastic Series, rubber series, EVA series!

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Q:Thousands of years making Bailian raincoat problem
Specific look at your SF settings, but less than a grade to do things on the failure rate of a high level. Because God making things success rate is the highest
Q:How to look good raincoat
In accordance with the raincoat when buying so fold
Q:Just need the theoretical process, urgent ah
Arc edge body and shirt sleeve forming one weld, two pieces have upper and lower body separation sheet welded into the arc shaped light raincoat; 5 finished cutting separation, in the light raincoat molding, cutting knife cut into a light raincoat and shirt sleeve with finished product the edge of the arc type; 6 classification of stacked packaging.
Q:Buy a raincoat rubber boots spending from union funds can do
Yes, our company also buy oil every year to buy Rice
Q:What's the name of that coat like a raincoat? Also waterproof
It is with a tarpaulin (waterproof agent made of ordinary cotton). Water proofing agent is a kind of paraffin emulsion containing aluminum salt. After emulsification, it turns into fine particles and is evenly distributed on cotton fabric. Paraffin and water met water incompatible and paraffin wax on the formation of oval beads in paraffin top roll.
Q:How to buy children raincoat
Plastic raincoat wrinkle methodSlight wrinkle on the raincoat, it can be hung on the hanger, so that it naturally restore smooth. If the wrinkles are tight, the raincoat can be soaked in 70 degrees Celsius in the hot water for about 2 minutes, after taking out on the flat plate, and then dry the water mark, you can restore the formation, do not pay attention to pull.
Q:How to wash the hair on the raincoat
How to wash the hair on the raincoat? Put the raincoat in the rice washing water to soak overnight, then according to the conventional scrub, can be removed.(2) with soft brush to clean, wipe with alcohol, can be removed.(3) wash repeatedly with hot soapy water.
Q:Raincoat is lined with good, or double-sided adhesive good
The inner lining of the raincoat has good air permeability, so it will not be too hot on the hot rainy day. The double layer because of poor permeability will be more hot.
Q:What kind of fabric is used for raincoats
A raincoat is a rain proof garment made of waterproof cloth. The application of waterproof cloth raincoat cloth, tarpaulin and plastic film etc.. Modern raincoat waterproof fabrics focus on permeability, commonly used such as special nylon and Gore-Tex, etc.. Breathable raincoat to wear in the rain when the heat dissipated from water vapor in the raincoat, increase comfort.
Q:Is the cloth of the raincoat poisonous? If the smell of the smelly rubber is released, it will be dizzy
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC): is often seen outside the jelly translucent plastic raincoat, this raincoat is cheap, but easy to damageNylon and polyvinyl chloride: nylon cloth is coated with a layer of PVC waterproof layer, the price is moderate, not easy to damage, is now the main raw material for raincoatsCommon raincoat, building materials, plastic film, plastic boxes are useful to PVC PVC. The plasticity is good, the price is cheap, it is commonly used, only 81 degrees Celsius. High temperature heat to have bad substance, is rarely used for food packaging. Easy cleaning residue do not circulate if the drinks do not. Buy.PVC PVC raincoat will have an impact on the baby's health, it is recommended not to wear

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